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Masks – When To Wear Them – Unleashed

I’ve always found the above picture of a guy wearing a mask in front of a wall that says ‘No Fear’, all over it, completely hilarious! 😛

In each of the following cases it might benefit you to wear a mask:
  • When you are robbing a bank!
  • When you are Streaking through your neighborhood and don’t want your neighbors to recognize you!
  • For Halloween!
  • When you don’t want to have a voice anymore! If referring to Politics, well, you never really did so why start now?
  • During extremely heavy sandstorms!
  • To be Zorro!
  • There are many cultures that wear them for entertainment purposes!
  • Many cultures use them for Ceremonial purposes!
  • In America we believe, for some weird illogical reason, that masks will protect us from Nature when Nature is simply leveling the playing field on humanity! It is even Biblical, but the church, that has given it a different description, can’t seem to figure out the obvious! Why is Nature (God) only killing humans and not any other of Nature, or very many children for that matter! Hmm, it’s right there in that book you rely on so much!

Oh Well, Most of you are only human! 😛

Have a Maskless Day!