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Humor – The Bar – Unleashed

3 people walk into a bar named ‘Spirits’!

One is Jesus, one is Buddha, and the other is a 10-year-old boy!

All 3 of these people looked out of place, so the bartender asked them why they were there.

Jesus replied, “I thought the Holy Spirit was in here!”

Buddha replied, “I thought this was a place of enlightenment!”

The boy replied, “I thought this was where Casper lived!”

Since they were all here, they decided to make the best of it and party like it was 0 bc!

The boy sat to the side while sipping on his first beer ever!

The other 2 however, bought a 1-gallon pitcher of Tequila!

The boy quietly watched as the other 2 got to know each other and shared their philosophies of life!

The boy realized that both men were almost identical and that both were teaching people on how to get back to the God of nature!  You know, the One who created all of nature.

So, the boy watched these two, laughing at them, as they inspired each other while dancing to the macarena!

After a while, the bar shut down, and as they were all leaving, the boy glanced over and noticed that neither one of the men had taken a single drink out of that pitcher!

The boy realized then that these 2 men had bought that pitcher simply to support a small business and between all 3 men, they came to a silent understanding that they were giving this boy an experience of a lifetime while keeping him in safe company!

These 2 men were teaching the same thing, but they came from 2 completely different cultures which caused them to use different wording.

They were both against greed, pride, etc., and the most important thing they were against was ignorance!

Jesus taught ‘to take it with a grain of salt’.

Buddha taught ‘to not accept anything on authority alone’.

What they both meant by these 2 very different descriptions was this:

Question everything you are told and never accept anything in ignorance!

Anyways, the boy went home and slept off his buzz.  When he got up the next morning, he had a terrible hangover and realized that this was not something he wanted to keep repeating!  Children learn much faster than adults do!

Several years later, this boy accidently put himself in an Autistic state, around the age of 17!  He remained in this state for 30 years and was starting to become suicidal!

About 20 years into his Autistic state, around the age of 37, he discovered another boy about the age of 10 that was putting out his own very creative and inspiring videos on YouTube!

These videos were fun to watch and even sometimes a little gross! LOL

These videos were geared towards getting kids back out into nature as well as respecting nature itself!

The very same thing that Jesus and Buddha were teaching!

It took this Autistic kid nearly 10 years before he took those videos seriously and started getting out into nature, away from technological distractions!

He had concluded that it was either suicide or to try something completely new and it was because he took the advice from these videos that caused him not to commit suicide!

That Autistic kid had walked in Christ’s sandals, Buddha’s sandals, as well as many other very moldy sandals!

That Autistic kid was me and I am going to make this world a better one to live in, whether it likes it or not!

But first I must throw out some rotten tomatoes so that I can plant New seeds in their place!

That boy that saved my life and helped me to escape my 30-year Autistic state is Alec J. Fischer from the ‘Alec in Wilderland’ series!

This kid is a born Leader and I think he should just keep doing what he is doing because he is sharing a better way of living life with the world!

                Thank You Alec For All You Have Done!

                Doug Chandler

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler