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Mostly White and NOT Proud of It – Unleashed

I’m sorry guys! This was a very long post and I had some information in it that I just found out to be incorrect! So, I have removed it until I have the chance to fix it!

The incorrect information had to do with Native Americans as a whole and I respect them very much! So, I removed this so that I am not giving false information regarding them!

Thanks for your understanding! 🙂

America Land of the Free – Unleashed

Written 5-28-19

  1. You have the Freedom to live within the never-ending rules and regulations set out by your government!
  2. You have the Freedom to only think along a certain thought process!
  3. You have the Freedom to be forced into letting your government make all of your choices for you!
  4. You have the Freedom to repeat ONLY what you have been told!
  5. You have the Freedom to NOT question your government!
  6. You have the Freedom to sit around and do nothing about it!
  7. You have the Freedom to easily be manipulated!
  8. You have the Freedom to be an idiot!

Those without any balls will continue to support their America, The Land of Fools!

You have One TRUE Freedom Left!!!

And that is the opportunity to stand up to your government and stop being a coward!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

-We define our own limits! –

If all you see in a reflection is YOU,

Then that is all you can change.

If you see all that is around you,

Then you can change anything!”

-Doug Chandler

Correlations Between Government and Church – Unleashed

Written 6-21-19

Did you know that whenever a government is created, it is created off the main religion of that country?  America was built off Christianity which was originally shown plainly by the fact that the Bible was in schools.

I used to argue all the time about how the Bible should stay in schools, but this was before I started my own mind expansion and started realizing the Truths about Christianity which I was raised on!

Since we ONLY Truly learn from personal experience, I can speak against Christianity and the lies I have discovered within it!

Other religions not so much, but I can tell you that ALL religions have some very basic core values called good morals and then they build off those to breed their own belief system onto other people.

If ALL religions united in those core values and started working together, rather than bickering over who is right and who is wrong in their extended beliefs, then this world would become a far more Honest world to live in!  Because after all, Honesty is one of those core values although it is not shown in the actions of churches today!

Ok, back to the topic at hand!

Lies, as we all know, when built upon, become even greater lies!

When you lie about something, in order to support that lie you must lie even more!

Since Christianity is built mostly on lies, then the government that was created from Christianity had to compound those lies to continue to support them.  Over time it has become worse and worse as those lies keep building up in everything the government does and is indoctrinated into young minds through our own educational system.  Therefore, they don’t want people teaching their kids independently because then they have NO Control over what is being taught.  Which means that those kids could be getting taught the Truth which is very dangerous for a corrupt government!

You see, I am an extreme danger to those who are trying to Control the masses because if I was to teach, let’s say a dozen people, to start thinking logically, and taught them how to duplicate those teachings, then all we know today would begin crumbling away very quickly like what started to happen a couple of thousands years ago.

Accept today I have technology on my side, so it will happen even that much faster!

The amount of lies and BS within our own government has become so extreme that many are starting now to see through it which is opening people’s minds to explore a better way of doing things!

People’s minds are starting to open to the Truth, and I am that Truth!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

  • “If you can believe in yourself,
  • But focus on helping others,
  • Then you have the ability,
  • To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler

Conquering Personal Fears – Unleashed

Written 6-21-19

There are so many ways to conquer personal fears it is ridiculous!

But we need to start putting things into a REALISTIC PERSPECTIVE!

Often our own fears are used against us using ‘what if’ scenarios, with the ‘what if’ scenario being something that produces an undesirable outcome, or in case of taking advantage of our dreams, it will be a very exaggerated outcome!

The Lottery is a GREAT example:

It is a form of tax that we are manipulated into paying by emotionally making an unrealistic choice on our part!  If we complain about over-taxation and then offer up more money in taxes through the lottery, then we are simply living the lies.  We are contradicting ourselves in this action!

Becoming Honest with yourself means standing up for something without contradictions such as this!

We are Controlled by advertisements and manipulated by our own government into this idea that we are going to be the 1 in 5,000,000 that is going to win, or some ridiculous odds like that!

In truth, we could much easily become a millionaire by starting a lemonade stand!


–My government shows their True values when it comes to the lotteries they are constantly running!—

Only the government can run lotteries!  It’s illegal for anyone else to run one!  Why?  Because other people might just be honest about their lottery and it would completely outdo the governments deceitful lotteries!

But How Deceitful are they really?

–Here is an example of winning a 1-Million-dollar lottery in the USA!—

You win 1 Million dollars! $1,000,000

You have to pay taxes on that of roughly $300,000

The $700,000 that is left they will hold onto and pay you ‘interest payments’ off of that (typically monthly but possibly weekly) for the rest of your life!

(What that meant so far is that they actually get to keep the entire 1,000,000 that you won and they just pay you interest off of it!)

If you want a full Payout of the remaining money $700,000, rather than payments, it will cost you about $200,000 to get it in 1 lump sum!  So, now you are down to $500,000! ——(This part here is a total scam)——

They just collected ALL this money last week for this lottery and now they are going to charge you $200,000 to give you the money they JUST collected!

(With the last half of this example, they still get to keep half of your winnings or $500,000)



Fears are how we are so well Controlled, but I have turned the tables on these fear mongers!  I no longer fear them, but they certainly fear me and this is where life starts getting fun because I am far more creative than they are!

But for those who choose to fear them, that is ok, because they always need someone they can trample over whenever they want!

Try overcoming one of your worst fears and you’ll discover that the rest will be easy to overcome after that!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“Answers in life are simpler than most can imagine,

Because it is our own imagination that causes us to not understand!”

-Doug Chandler

Billion Dollar Lawsuits That Would Benefit Americans, Just Waiting to Be Started Part-2 – Unleashed

(In each of the possible lawsuits being suggested, the corporations COULD NOT have done it alone!  They would have had to get help from the government itself for it to work out correctly.  There is always the possibility though that the corporations were coerced by our government into participation!  Something that wouldn’t surprise me at all.  The biggest problem with any lawsuit that involves the government is that they would take the money from taxpayers in order to pay for the court costs as well as any type of fines.)

Privatization of properties bought with the Americans Tax Dollars.  Then maximizing profits off of those properties as if they had bought those properties themselves.


Marble Falls, TX!  There is a river there that has been dammed up into a lake. The dam was under government control, which means that dam was either built or bought with taxpayers’ dollars.

There is also a lot of land along the lower river that had been made into fee-accessible parks.

The government then decided to privatize this land by selling it to a buddy or some associate of theirs.  Now it is private land that the taxpayers’ have no control or ownership over.  This privatized government seems to be an off-shoot of actual law-enforcement in that they can kick people off of or fine them if they want for those people even setting foot on that land.

This privatized government has also maximized profits on this land, as I found out when they wanted to charge me $25.00 per night just to pitch a tent.  Now I’m sure that if that dam is still providing power to surrounding communities, that they are now maximizing profits on that also.

What this means is that this ‘Privatization’ idea is simply stealing from the American people.

They are doing this ALL-OVER AMERICA!  Grabbing up all the land that they can at the taxpayers expense!


To be continued…

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

  • “Answers in life are simpler than most can imagine,
  • Because it is our own imagination that causes us to not understand!” – Doug Chandler