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The Awful Truth About Success in America – Unleashed

There seems to be a lot of ideas that are padded with ‘soft’ words which help to keep us from understanding the underlying meaning of those words.

So, we,

  • Make Money
  • Earn Money
  • Money Trades Hands

In order to get a dollar, someone else has to lose that dollar.

What that means in reality, since success in America is based on how much money you make, is that success in America is based on how much money you can take from others!  And when I say others, I mean your fellow Americans.

That is pretty messed up and this is the description of greed which is what our country actually stands for.  Not a very positive thing to stand for but almost everything in our country is based off of it.

So, for every dollar earned, that dollar must be taken from someone else.  This is a very important concept to remember because it explains what is really going on in our country.

We ooo & ahh at billionaires fore their success but don’t think about the reality behind what has actually happened for them to become billionaires.  A billion dollars is a lot of money and in order to accumulate all that money, it had to be taken from other people.

Here is my question,

“How many people and families were completely destroyed in order for a billionaire to attain that much money?”

This is reality and we are Americans who are rarely in touch with reality because our own government, media, church, corporations, and educational system are all working together to keep the masses ‘out of touch’ with reality.  They do not want you or I to understand the Truth!

When we do start to question something, on a large scale, they will find a way to distract us until most of us forget about it!  In order for this to work right, what they are distracting us with HAS to be much bigger than what they are distracting us from.

Anyways, so you understand that in order to earn a dollar, someone else must lose that dollar!

—-With That Understanding—-

Now I am going to tell you what is going on in America and you will be SHOCKED!

In America we have,

  • The Lower Class
  • The Middle Class
  • The Upper Class

Small and family owned businesses are mostly in the Middle Class and they are the ones that built this country!

-Remember, to earn a dollar, someone else must lose that dollar.

  • This is being proven right now on a massive scale!

Let me explain!

There are more billionaires in America today than there ever has been in the past!

–Our government has allowed us to learn this information.

–Our government does not want Americans to understand the other half of this story.

So, we have more billionaires than ever before, and we have, at the same time, more Poverty & Homeless than we have EVER HAD BEFORE!

These huge corporations are either monopolies or are soon to become one when they merge with another huge corporation!

Our government is allowing and participating with these corporations in tearing apart our country and this is because our government wants more control over Americans!  These corporations are wiping out almost all of the small and family owned businesses, the businesses that are keeping our government from having more control!

So, here is what has happened.

  • The Lower Class is now in extreme poverty or just 1 of the millions of Americans that have been driven into homelessness!
  • The Middle Class has started becoming the lower class!
  • And the Upper Class has become richer than ever at the expense of the rest of Americans!

-The lower class, those making minimum wage, could not any longer afford to live while paying a government 50% of their wages through income and spending taxes!

-Our government never gave them a break from taxes so that they could survive, but our government did save a financially irresponsible car company from going under at the expense of taxpayers!

I hope people are starting to understand why our government needs to be dismantled.

They pass down deceptive information once in awhile saying our economy is improving!  That is total BS because it has been going downhill for a long time and our government is the main force that is driving our economy into oblivion!

Without them and their ridiculous spending habits, Americans would only have to work ½ of the hours they are working now for the same amount of money.  It would be the biggest boost to our economy in our history.

The only thing we would have to replace is the leaders because the infrastructure is already there, and all of that government property is ‘the peoples property’ as we paid for it all.

Something to think about!

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer – This site will be exposing massive amounts of Truths that have been hidden from us. (

-Doug Chandler

What is Indoctrination – Unleashed

Indoctrination is where we are taught along a certain line of thinking so that we can easily be manipulated along a certain line of thought processes!

By indoctrinating someone into a certain line of thought processes, it makes them very predictable and easy to Control!

Since our educational system is built around teaching everyone the exact same thing, it makes this process very simple to accomplish!

This is why our government is so adamant about keeping tabs on who is teaching what because they are trying to Control the output of education so that they can maintain Control of the masses!

“Our own government doesn’t trust us; therefore we should NOT trust our government because trust is a ‘two way street’ and by them NOT trusting us means that they themselves are not worth trusting!”

“I myself trust individuals far more so than some entity that has no face!”  This is the logic behind politicians, because it gives a face that is representing the government, but then it uses that face in order to keep us constantly bickering among each other so we just waste our time accomplishing nothing!

This is where it is a good idea to just start ignoring what they are saying and start paying attention to what they are doing!  The truth is in their actions, NOT in their words!  And their actions are always contradicting what they are saying!

“No Politician EVER made significant Positive changes in society because they are NOT paid to do so!”  They are actually PAID to do the exact opposite!

This is not some secret; this is actually something we ALL understand once we start ‘thinking for ourselves’!

They use emotions against us in order to accomplish anything they want, and a perfect example is this:

Recently the president had a rally in El Paso Texas to Control people’s thoughts into giving 7 Billion dollars of their hard-earned money into the building of around 200-300 miles of a wall, at roughly $4,000-$5,000 per foot!  This makes absolutely NO SENSE, yet they were able to Control around 15,000 peoples thought process through emotions alone!

They then even had them wear all kinds of clothing that was saying “Make America Great Again” which in itself makes absolutely no sense for what they were doing!

Because if you think that building a wall to hide behind from your nearest neighbors is ‘Greatness’ then you are an absolute ‘Great Pansy’ indeed!

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

The Truth about Fear – Unleashed

Society has been driving fear into us from almost every angle!

And oftentimes we don’t even know why we fear something!

Society does NOT want us to ask questions about these fears because usually that is a great way to get over them, as asking questions leads to logical thinking, and when we start thinking logically, we start overcoming our own fears by getting them out of our minds so that we can start thinking about things that REALLY matter!

If Fear controls our minds, then these fears actually keep us from thinking creatively and logically!

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

Political Debates – Unleashed

Here is a far more constructive idea for political debates!

How about rather than debating over stupid sh!t, politicians compete on constructive ideas that can be put immediately into motion by the people themselves rather than depending on the politicians themselves to get it done?

The one with the most constructive ideas that are for The People, not the government, gets the opportunity to move on towards the goal of whatever title he is shooting for!

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

Letter to The President – Unleashed

(This letter was publicized and released about 6 months ago. This and a couple of other things I did that went viral, assured that Mr. Trump would never sit in that chair again! The letter I had meant to be anonymous, but the first people I sent it to knew where it came from. Within hours of its release, it went global and over the following 24 hours I received over 1,000 friend requests from more than 20 different countries. Calling President Trump out on his hypocrisy is what finished him off because a lot of honest people didn’t want anything to do with him after he showed plainly that he didn’t care about being dishonest while running for presidency. )

I was walking down this road about a year ago when I saw a horrific site, baby skunks were all over the road around a larger one, all as lifeless as can be.

I realized that they had all been run over by vehicles, so I blocked this horrific site from my mind and moved on.

A year later I pulled into this RV park, next to a marina, after being driven out of the nearby city of Stamford, TX, because they told me I couldn’t camp in my trailer, for the night, on city property, for free.

So, I drove down to this public boat launch next to a building called ‘The Backyard’ which looked like it was slowly going out of business because of corporate greed, or maybe it was just because of this virus.  It was a Great name though, I thought, for a place out here in nature.

So, I talked to the owner, Vance, an elderly gentleman, and I started to explain to him that I had no money and that I would do any work for him to earn off an RV spot.

Before I had even finished that sentence, he was pointing to a spot where I could park my trailer for the night, for free.

He then told me he didn’t have any work for me.  In his honesty I saw that the reason he didn’t have any work for me was because he was slowly going out of business.  Yet he was still willing to help a total stranger in need!

This man’s values are 10 times the values of any man I’ve seen run our country!  This man was a dying breed!

Our countries current leadership literally stands for what is putting this man out of business!  This isn’t about Trump himself; it is about what he is representing.

So, I walked out on the pier and sat down.  I sat there for a while, in total silence, while being surrounded by God Himself.  I quietly reflected on things that had happened ‘to me’ that day.

And then that picture of those skunks came back into my mind and I suddenly realized the Truth!

The mama skunk had probably gotten hit by a car and her babies, not knowing what to do, had gotten hit one by one as they tried to stay near their mother for her protection!

I just started crying as this realization hit me!

There is over 4 Million miles of roadways in America alone!  On those roadways over 1,000,000 (1 Million) animals are Run Over EACH DAY!  That is 1 animal per 4 miles!  On that day I witnessed 6 or 7 within 30 feet of each other.

This total ads up to over 1 Billion animals killed by vehicles every 3 years!  That equals about 1 dollar per animal run over if you consider the value of our president in one term alone!

I believe Trump doesn’t understand this because he was raised around lots of money, so he never saw the consequences of his actions because he was never required to take accountability for those actions.

He has become almost heartless, but I don’t believe it is by choice.  I think it is simply from the life he was raised in.  I believe there is hope for even someone like him.

America is, by far, the #1 killer of nature in the world through greed!

Are we sure we want to be Greater than we already are?

This message was sponsored by nature itself!  Please stop the pointless killing!

Here is something amazing!  I was guided to this man Vance on his birthday!  I don’t think that was a coincidence at all!  So Happy Birthday Vance! (4-3-20)

Your Friend,

The Truth

Ps. …LOL… I know, who uses that anymore? Hehe

Can someone please get this message to Trump himself?

But do him a big favor and do not give this to him in a crowded room.  Please just get him into a private room and leave that room and give him time to process that information.  No man should be humiliated in front of a heartless press or others that would take advantage of him.  Thank you!

Mr. Trump,

At the age of 25 my hero hadn’t even been born yet!  He is not a fictional character but is a real live boy who was born a very unique birth where he had to have surgery done on him.  This surgery affected his ability to walk but he came out fighting like no other.  At the age of around 10 he started making his own videos.  These videos were built around saving the planet and humanity by helping people to enjoy the outdoors.  His actions match his words just as his words match his actions.  He is a very honest kid and in the past 10+ years he has remained true to himself as well as the rest of nature.  He now produces his own films and he is an absolute genius and he is self-educated.  ‘Alec in Wilderland’ is the name of his first series.  When you get some free time go check out his videos.  They are very well made and funny as well.  Great for a little stress relief.

There is another man I respect very much because he has built a community that is completely self-sufficient from government control!  When sh!t really hits the fan in this country, his community will not be affected.  They grow their own food without chemicals and when you look at them you will notice that they are some of the healthiest people in this country.  About 10 years ago a bunch of government goons broke into their home and trashed the place, placing them in handcuffs while their children were left alone in a dark place.  The only thing they got from this horrible raid was some tomatoes.  But I know that it was to discourage them from sharing their much better lifestyle with the public because that lifestyle didn’t include the government.  That man is Quinn of ‘The Garden of Eden’!  And as of this letter he will never have to limit his involvement with the public again.  Because if the government decides to terrorize his community again, there will be a lot more eyes on that atrocity.  This man is also self-educated.

I am unique in another way, I put myself in an autistic state at the age of 17.  What this means is I found a way to block out advertisers and all the corruption that comes with their advertising.  I did this for 30 years and near the end of those 30 years I was becoming suicidal.  Alec, without knowing it, saved my life through his videos and helped me to escape my autistic state by simply getting me to go out into nature and enjoy myself.  Unfortunately for you, my idea of enjoying myself out in nature was learning to write with a clear mind away from advertisers.  Something anyone else can do!  And most could probably do it much better than me.  2 years ago, I was as dumb as a rock and couldn’t complete a whole sentence on my own.  Now I am one of the most intelligent guys in America itself, and I understand that anyone could easily pass me up because I learn kind of slowly.  Yes, I just said that I went from being one of the dumbest people to being one of the most brilliant in only 2 years and I call this slow learning.  That is the POWER of being connected with the TRUE God, the One who created ALL, the One that doesn’t hide in the church!  I am a 10th grade dropout, no college, and I don’t read books for any kind of educational purpose.  I am also self-educated!

This just CLEARLY shows that the people in the world who are making the most positive changes, DON’T need your educational system!  And everyone of them are CONNECTED through a Higher Power and are making positive changes in their own way because God doesn’t seek to control people, he seeks to EMPOWER them.  This was the message Martin Luther King was trying to share with the world before your government crushed him.  Unity was his message!

My own mother has been corrupted by the church and government, so badly that I can barely even talk to her anymore.  You pissed me off so much, that I spent most of my life in silence, trying to find a way to deal with you without violence.  The one thing that my mother did throughout my entire life was BELIEVE in me and she was ALWAYS there for me.  She set a GREAT example for me.  I am the last of her sons left alive.  But she is constantly trying to repeat to me indoctrinating lies and she knows not what she does because she was never taught to ‘Think For Herself’, so I decided to destroy all that has made her this way.  I am going to change the world around her so that hopefully soon she can TRULY be proud of me, before she dies in misery.  This is the POWER of TRUE LOVE!

I believe in Celebrating someone while they are still alive rather than waiting until after they have died!  Thank her for giving birth to a son who is making positive changes in the world we live in!  Do this for her before she dies and do it for me so that my mother can be happy for once in her life, before she dies!  In the words of a very POWERFUL movie I once watched, “Pass It On!”.  You have time now to watch this movie and it will make you cry, because the boy in it was being celebrated for his life… after he died!  Imagine how much he would have been empowered had this celebration came before his death!

They say there is power in being humble in your actions, but how can this work correctly if the world cannot see you?  So, my actions are in my writings instead!  A week ago, I was struggling with writing an effective letter and today I think I have exceeded all expectations.  This is the power of simply doing something rather than sitting around talking about it.

–An End to Part 1 of the audio File–

Stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about what you can do for others instead.  This is something I live by on a daily basis, I am not perfect, and neither is God.  He knows this, because in Truth, his biggest mistake was in creating us, but we can help fix that mistake by becoming better than we have ever been, and I would appreciate the help so he doesn’t have to take drastic actions.  Because in this creation we have become the sole problem and the best way for him to deal with that is to simply resolve that problem so that the rest of his creation can flourish again.  But in getting so close to him, I have convinced him to let me try it my way.  He now has more faith in me because I have proven myself to him.

God has given me challenges through life that I didn’t always pass, but I always stood back up and said “BRING IT ON!”, and that was his cue to “Bring it On!, so I grew up very quickly because I was unwilling to stay down wallowing in a pile of self pity, where flies buzz around me saying in their own language “Get up Stupid!”.  It is so much FUN at the top that all I really want to do is inspire others to join me so we can all just sit around a campfire built out of remnants of the church.  Eventually there will be so many of us, we will have to start adding onto that fire with remnants from the government, remnants from corporations, and remnants from Big Pharma, but at this point we will have to stand back, because we don’t want to inhale what they have been cooking up in their bathtub.  Because this immoral drug dealer is selling their products to 7 year old’s as soon as they enter the ‘educational system’, trying to control their minds and the speed at which they learn.  My advice to you is when school starts back up, DON’T send your kids back to this ‘education of degradation’.  Instead teach them the basics at home, and if your kids say they want to go back to school to see their friends, then simply explain to them that their friends aren’t going back to school either, which means they are in the house next door creating this same argument with their own parents.  So maybe your kids should just go outside and meet their friends in the middle, then they can go play together.

The same goes for jobs, if you have a job, that you haven’t gone to for around a month, chances are that you have found a better way to survive, and if you start following the leaders of tomorrow that are listed above, you will find even better ways to survive without someone trying to control you.  The question you should ask yourself is this… “How long can the government survive without you giving them most of your hard-earned dollars?”  They will go broke very quickly and will have to go get jobs to contribute to their own irresponsible spending.  There are millions of minimum wage jobs out there every day, in the fast food industry alone.  Let’s see how much they will enjoy that work!  By eliminating the countries biggest spender and at the same time filling a bunch of job positions, you are effectively giving our economy the ‘BIGGEST BOOST’ EVER While becoming independent from ever being controlled by a government again!  How Awesome Is That?

The reason corporations suck people into the cities is because it is easier for them to control everyone because people who live out in the country, actually have freedom.  They enslave you to a job out of your own greed for more money.  So, maybe if we all stop being greedy together, they will simply go away!  We were created into a world that was a Heaven, but WE have turned it into a virtual hell.  So, let’s stop feeding into the darkside and come out into the light.  Most of us are living in hell right now and it is very depressing, so let’s try something NEW!  Unless of course you enjoy this degrading lifestyle, we have chosen for ourselves.  Because you are a result of the choices you made and if you want to improve then simply start making better choices in life.

I have not only been Autistic for most my life, but I am also Bi-polar and have experienced Alzheimer’s quite frequently.  These are really ‘gifts’ to us and I have never taken their ‘drugs’ to suppress those gifts.  This leaves me being happier than most people can even imagine.  I have been enjoying writing this ‘letter’ so much that I am having a problem with putting an end to it.  I actually laughed my ass off while writing it and even cried a little!  It is not so much that it is from my heart, but that it is a message from God Himself!  This letter has spiraled upward, under my control, very well, don’t you think?

You know, Alec above, has done everything he has done through donations alone, and he has traveled the world because of having such good quality content.  He has already done what most of us have dreamed our entire lifetimes of doing, and he still just wants the best for everyone else.  This says so much about him!  If everyone in America simply donated 1 penny to him, he would never have to rely on donations again and he would come out stronger than ever and would change the world that much faster, for the better of course!  He doesn’t travel the world to hit the tourist spots, he travels the world to get out in nature itself and closer to God!  So, he shares his experiences with other kids by going where no boy has ever gone before!  That is EXTREMELY Powerful content!  And yes, I cried tears of joy myself while writing this because I realize that I am empowering him to keep living and sharing his dreams with others!  This is the POWER of INSPIRATION!  Maybe one of these days I will be able to accompany him on some of these adventures and explore strange new worlds, right here on our own!  And yes guys, I used to be a Star Trek fan lol!

People from the church are probably getting a little annoyed by this letter.  You know, if you want to live by the bible word for word, then maybe you should go get swallowed by a fuking whale.  Jonah did!  I’m pretty sure you will come out cleaner than you went in!  In a whiny voice I hear someone saying “OMG, you just swore and in the Bible, it says, ‘not to swear’!  This was originally written in Hebrew, I think.  Which means not to swear in the language it was written in. duh!  So, I try not to run around swearing in Hebrew!  Been doing pretty good so far!  The church says that no one can rewrite or write a NEW Bible, although the church itself has done it at least 42 times, but we’ll just ignore that fact and pretend we don’t know that.  If we can’t rewrite or write a new bible, then how do we update it to todays standards, including a language that didn’t exist when it was originally written?  The church has caught itself in its own ideocracies by choice in order maintain their own control over their own ideas.  You have the opportunity right now because churches are shut down.  This means that you have some time to think for yourselves without that same thing being beat into your mind week after week.

The church teaches that any music outside of it is ‘secular’ music and that its followers should not listen to it!  So, they form music around ONE thing only.  There are a lot of good messages in ALL forms of music that they don’t want you to hear.  The church tells you what to do and what to believe.  Wouldn’t it be much more honest of them to tell you, or teach you, to ‘think for yourselves’?  But they don’t want you to ‘think for yourselves’ because too many would start coming to the conclusion that the church is not being honest with them.  So, they TELL YOU what to believe!  Many churches will even ban you for asking them HONEST questions.  That should say a whole lot in itself!

I know that Heaven and Hell are not places, but more states of mind, or how we live our lives.  I understand this because I spent 47 years of my life in the church or indoctrinated by the ideas of it.  God doesn’t give me direct answers to anything but instead gives me challenges and ideas so I can formulate my own conclusions.  If he were to give me answers to everything, then he would just enable me to sit around doing nothing and I would then not stand for anything.  Our minds are far more Powerful than you can imagine, but we must first learn how to use them more efficiently.  Reading books for an education can only work if you first learn to ‘think for yourself’ and to ‘think for yourself’ you must first ‘clear your mind’ of all the other crap that has been building up in it.  You must start accepting, just as I did, that much of what you had been taught is BS!  I found out that roughly 90 percent of my life was based on lies.  If you were not raised in the church, then this number will ‘probably’ be significantly less.

So now I am going to throw in the first page of a NEW Re-Educational system of Honesty, that will simply wipe out the competition!  The reason I say ‘Re-Educational system’ is because it is meant mostly for adults who have been indoctrinated into bad ideas.  Kids are already at this level of education, as they were born into it, just like us adults were, before society corrupted us.  A child is NOT born with hate, greed, pride, or the ability to be ignorant because they don’t understand us at first.  These are horrible attributes that only humanity is capable of teaching.  And we have been going downhill for millennium and as of the last few centuries, America has been in the lead by far!  Are we sure we want to be greater than we already are?

Here is the beginning of the ‘New Inspirational Educational System’ that dwarfs all other educational systems on the planet!

New Inspirational Educational System:


Do you know what the Absolute Best Book in the world is?

Here are some clues:

  • It has never actually been published.
  • It is different for each one of us.
  • It is added to on a daily basis.
  • It is the only way to determine Absolute Truth.

That Book is YOU!

Think about it!

We learn best from personal experience as well as from observation of others through their actions, which means that the best book in the world you can learn from is YOURSELF!

What this means is that everyone would be learning something different based on their personal experiences and observations, and they would each be learning it from their own perspective and at their own speed!

This is an Absolute Disaster for those who want us to think the same way so that they can Control us.  A dictatorship is where someone tells you something and expects you to believe it without question!  They submit Control over us in this way!

An efficient way of learning from yourself and creating POSITIVE HABITS!

Learning how to read your book takes a little practice!  You will need to start doing a couple things that you will turn into Good Habits!

  1. You will need to start clearing your mind of useless information!  Society is very good at filling our minds with thoughts and ideas that are absolutely worthless, which clogs up our minds so that we can’t think clearly!
  2. You will need to start becoming more honest with yourself!  What this means is that you have determined, through personal experience, what is True or not!  Rather than just repeating what others have told you!

Here is a question you should start asking yourself about all thoughts and ideas that come into your mind!  Once you start identifying the source of most of the bad ideas coming into your mind, then SIMPLY eliminate that source of destruction from your life!

Asking this question ‘over and over’ again will clear your mind and will also help you to become more honest with yourself!

It is a Simple ‘one-step’ solution to self-improvement!

“If I was on my deathbed, would I look back at this thought as a defining moment in my life?”

This puts your thoughts into a VERY REAL perspective of whether they are REALLY important or not!

Once you have determined something is not important enough for you to worry about, you simply delete that thought from your mind!

This will FREE up a spot in your mind for more productive thoughts!

“If you can believe in yourself, but focus on helping others, then you have the ability, to change the world!”


(Right now while you are stuck at home would be a great time to get started with this)  This is also part of the beginning of, The NEW Bible – A Guide to The Truth, A guide that helps people to think for themselves, not a book to take word for word.  The idea here is to have a great guide to self-improvement as well as a positive educational system within your house.  Combined as one makes it so much easier!  And everything I write is FREE!  I don’t really care about money except when I want to do something that requires money… LOL

You see Mr. President, by the time you get this letter it will have already spread throughout the world and the Truths contained within it are going to keep you from ever having a seat on that chair again, because it is only a chair, not a throne.  And a responsible idea for you would be for you to tell your supporters to quit wasting their money on you and go do something constructive with it.

I am going to give you an ultimatum!  Either you start doing what is right for all of nature, including people, since we are also a part of nature, or I am simply going to write you out of existence.  This is the Power of a $2 – 0.7 Gelocity pen!  Imagine what I could do if I wasn’t so broke because of over-taxation!  You DO NOT have the power of a pen!  This is where journalist and writers around the world start cheering… LOL.  I had to throw that one in for you guys!  Your time is here my friends… You are now FREE, from the oppressors, to write all you want in Truth!

You see Mr. President; I know people much better than you do and I know that everyone simply wants to enjoy life without being beat down by an out-of-control government.  I know that people want to do the right thing, they just haven’t been able to, or didn’t know how to, in the past!  So, I have made it very simple for them to share this letter to everyone they care about, in any form they wish to, to any social media that they like to use.  And by simply sharing it with their friends and loved ones, they will be effectively making the world a better place to live in.  You see how I have placed that POWER within their own hands?

I do find it oddly amusing that a letter that started out with skunks was meant for the President!

If people in this country don’t start standing up in UNITY and start doing what is right, then I am going to share another letter with the world that will destroy this country, literally.  Anyone that doesn’t share this is effectively a traitor to the people of this country because if you can’t start making the right choices in life, then I will be forced to make them for you!  And I don’t think anyone wants to go down that road!  I am giving humanity one last chance, make it a good one!!!

Once I am satisfied with enough people doing the right thing, then I will share the cures for Autism, Bi-Polar ‘disorder’, and Alzheimer’s.  So, the world has a lot to gain if they do the right thing and even more to lose if they don’t.  While you are trying to figure this out, I’m going to slowly play with you, like a yo-yo, and slowly destroy this government and anyone else who stands in my way.

I watched a movie along time ago about a computer that was constantly running a simulation on world domination.  I have run those simulations over and over and the end result is the same if I ever release that last letter.  So, in the words of that movie:

“Do you want.. to play.. a game?”

The Light

I am a homeless guy towing around a 16-foot mansion on wheels in Texas… LOL.  You may see me sometime near a gas station, usually around Walmart, with a sign that says, “Need Gas!”  which means I probably need gas for my truck, propane for my trailer, or food for myself, all of which equal gas!  I gave up on greed when I walked in someone else’s footsteps.  Come up to me and say Hi (That is a code word that means you want to talk to me), if you want.

Feel Free to crucify me for sharing the Truth!

Humor is God’s medicine; you might as well get used to it!

Press on this ‘Share’ word in this text, if that doesn’t work, maybe you can find a more creative way!

I sat on this letter for days because I was afraid of what it might bring to my doorway because all I really want to do is live in a more positive world but I then realized that if I do nothing, then I simply stand for nothing!  So, I am going to take on the anger of the world, for You and Your Loved Ones benefit!  This is what I believe any man should do for the world, if they dare to call themselves a man at all!  As of this letter my peace of mind will probably be destroyed, and I hate to look at it from that negative point of view, but it is probably true.  Help to prove me wrong!

Goodbye cruel world and Welcome ‘New Beginnings’, I saw that about a year ago on a friends timeline that is also in Texas, and I have thought about it this whole past year!  That is what this letter is all about is NEW BEGINNINGS!

There was a VERY POWERFUL message in a short film I recently watched called ‘Will I Have’ from a new series called ‘Humanthem’!  This message is so powerful, that I cried most of the way through it!  I challenge anyone to watch this film and see if you don’t cry somewhere within it!

At the end of it, it said “Let’s all be different together!”


I don’t know what ‘the right thing to do’ in your life would be, so I am passing along a message from a Higher Power!

“I am in each one of you, whether you believe in me or not!  Maybe if you just take the time to be alone, away from distractions, you will find that I will guide you in the right direction!  I am that little voice inside your head that will simply give you guidance and I will never tell you what to do!  You must make your own choices in life!  So why not start making some better ones with my guidance?


– Doug Chandler on YouTube

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler