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Church Teaches Bible is All True – Unleashed

The church teaches that the Bible is completely true and expects you to believe this without question! (This is in direct conflict with Jesus own teachings of ‘Question Everything and Think For Yourself’)

In Romans 13 it says that ALL government officials are sent from God!

You would have to be extremely naïve to believe that all our presidents were sent from God!

This is just one little section of the Bible that proves that it is not all true!

There are so many more!

The church today is the same church that existed before Jesus Christ!  But they were teaching something completely different back then for obvious reasons, i.e. Christ hadn’t been born yet to use him as leverage over the people!

Back then the church was working alongside the Roman government (Empire) to control the people while using them to attain more power and money by conquering other people and expanding the Empire!  These wars were known as Holy Wars because they convinced the people that they were fighting for God!

Then Jesus Christ was born!

He was born in a stable (or manger) and I believe this is probably one of the reasons he was closer to the God that is in all of nature, than most!  He liked to ask questions of the religious leaders but never really accepted the answers he was given as absolute truth!

So, for roughly 30 years he seemed to have disappeared, but he didn’t actually go anywhere, he just started working and kept mostly to himself.  He compared the things he was being told to the actions of those that were telling him these things and he discovered that they were not adding up!  In other words, he was discovering massive amounts of lies that society was living!

He also learned through simply observing others and their actions and re-actions to different situations! (psychology)

If you understand the rest of nature at all because we are also a part of that nature, then you will understand that nature doesn’t hate on itself nor is it greedy in any way!  It doesn’t try to obtain power over others in order to manipulate them like humanity does!

A day in the life of an animal:  Animal wakes up, finds some food, eats, then if it is guided to do so it might collect some food for an upcoming winter or build a nest, then after a while it will start playing until it either gets tired or hungry again, then eats, plays more, and eventually goes to sleep.

Each in their own way, animals spend a majority of their days just having fun.  They don’t worry about tomorrow, they have no fear of death, they don’t hate other animals.  When they find a mate, it is for life and they will never second guess putting their own life on the line for the survival of their mate.  They are the ultimate model on how we could live a life of total peace without stress!

The Bible is about getting rid of greed, hate, and more from our lives!  All of these attributes are NOT a part of the rest of nature!

In other words, the Bible is trying to get us back to our origins of thinking like the rest of nature thinks!

Animals are constantly doing things that they couldn’t possibly have the knowledge to do for the first time and humanity just tags those accomplishments with a label (instinct, or built into their DNA) to try and explain something that we don’t understand and then we provide a very poor description of what we are actually talking about!

If we, as humanity, are so much better than animals, then why don’t we have these amazing attributes built into us?  It is because it has nothing to do with attributes being built into nature!

God speaks to all creatures within that creature’s own level of understanding!

Animals are on a much clearer connection with God because they lack all of these bad attributes that humanity has taken on!

In other words, animals follow God’s guidance because it is so much clearer to them than it is to us!

Based on the Bible, animals are the same they have always been while humanity is the only species that screwed up!

-Doug Chandler