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A True Teacher/Leader 7

These teachings are based on Christ’s Original Teachings and Buddha’s Teachings!

I stand on both of their shoulders and am going to lift up others onto my own and Empower them to never limit themselves and help them to understand that just one of them has the ability to change the entire world! They are going to be the future Leaders of this world! Leaders that will never fight among each other but instead will always work together for the benefit of ALL Nature!


Clearing Unimportant Ideas Out of Your Mind – Mind Expansion

I want you to start putting all of your thoughts to a test!

This test is going to be you deciding on how important each of your thoughts are!

I’m going to show you an easy way to put those thoughts into perspective on whether or not they are Truly important!

I want you to ask yourself this on all of your thoughts, especially those thoughts that you are thinking about a lot!

If I was on my deathbed, would I look back at this thought as a defining moment in my life?”


If I was only minutes from death, would I be worrying about this thought I’m currently thinking about?”


Once you determine something isn’t ‘so’ important anymore for you to ‘waste away your life thinking about it’, then get rid of that thought out of your mind and move onto the next one.

At first this is going to be hard for you because your mind is full of ‘useless’ thoughts, just like everyone else’s.  It will work best if there isn’t anyone around you or people you can hear talking because as your trying to clear your head, you’ll be hearing other useless stuff from them that will be going right back into your head.

The best idea for doing this is to get away from all electronics and people so you aren’t being distracted in your thought process.

I recommend just going outside somewhere in nature to do this initial ‘cleansing of your thoughts’!  Because nature will never fill your head full of trash, only people do that.

What you don’t realize at this moment is how much of a difference this will make in your life through your own increased intelligence!  EVERYTIME you get just one more useless thought out of your head, it frees up space so your mind can work faster, and so every thought thrown out, increases your intelligence!

This idea of getting your head cleared is that once you do and other people come and try to fill it back up with useless info., you won’t as easily accept all that back and you will start questioning what people are telling you automatically without even thinking about it and you will simply start to recognize and then can ignore all the stuff you’ve already had to throw out once or twice.  I’m assuming that you have the ability to learn from your mistakes, because accepting all this info. Into your head was a mistake, but now you should be growing out of that and as I like to call it, “Perfecting yourself”.

Don’t ever be afraid or let anyone sway you away from trying to be more Perfect than you were, because that is also called ‘Self-Improvement’.

I spent a lot of time in church in the past and one of the things I heard quite a bit was this, “We are all sinners”, and all the people that said this were never improving in anything they did because they were using that line as an excuse to be completely irresponsible for themselves!  But that is what the church actually teaches, is irresponsibility!  Almost all of society is like that too, just in different ways.

If you are a ‘social junkie’, I will just let you know up front, that if you clear your head and then go right back to all that socializing, your head will just get filled right back up very quickly.

If you really wish to start becoming more intelligent than you currently are, you will need to upgrade your lifestyle a bit by getting away from those you used to hang out with because if you are trying to get away from their level of intelligence by increasing your own, going back to them will only bring you back down to their level again.

Increasing your Intelligence is highly underrated because of those in our society that DON’T WANT YOU to become more intelligent because once you reach a certain point, you will never have to go to an outside source for an education because you will start self-educating yourself BETTER than any school could!  It is extremely amazing once you FREE your mind of societies control!

You will actually start Loving to learn because your mind will just keep processing information faster and faster and it will start getting very exciting for you because you will start finding answers from within of all the problems you have ever had and then you’ll start solving other peoples problems as well and you will do this just to give your mind something to do because once you get that motor in gear and starting to move, it doesn’t want to ever slow down and you’ll be running around with a big Smile on your face because it simply makes you extremely happy!

Your intelligence just keeps skyrocketing up and anytime someone tries to bring you down with negative ideas, you will completely OWN them in that conversation, so much that they may never talk to you again!  I’ve had people start arguments with me that they very quickly regretted because I think at least 10 times as fast as they do, so it is very easy to beat them back down into the hole that they crawled out of with simple Truth!

I don’t lie to people nor do I need to because the Truth is far more powerful than any lie is!

So, anyways, that’s one way to clear your mind!

Have a Great Day!

Things That Didn’t Make Sense to Me While Growing Up Under the Indoctrinations of the Church – Unleashed

As I was growing up, but still very young, I looked around me at how messed up the world was and I made a conscious decision that I would regret for the rest of my life, yet at the same time, it was also the Best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life!

I watched friend’s hook-up, then break-up, or get married and shortly thereafter getting divorced. No commitment it seemed in relationships and no one seemed to even know what they wanted.

My conscious decision was to NOT have kids because I didn’t think it would be fair to them to be raised in a society that has no respect for them or their futures!

In order to accomplish this, I stayed out of relationships my whole life, up until I was 47 and then I discovered something Amazing!

Jesus Christ had talked about ‘being a solitary man’ or ‘leading a solitary life’ and I didn’t understand that until I was 47 years old having led a ‘solitary life’ for other reasons!
Jesus Christ was giving relationship advice as well as trying to help others to reach His level without the distractions.

At the age of 47 I had followed Christ’s teachings and then finished it off by eliminating Greed from my life! Once I did this, I got into the Best relationship that anyone could EVER get in!

A relationship with God and I learned a lot about God from that point on! It is the Perfect first Relationship because God doesn’t do any of the negative thing’s humans do!

• God never talks down to me.
• God always respects me.
• God is never negative to me.
• God is always there to Empower me when I need it.
• God never limits me in any ways.

So, now I understood that Christ meant to lead a solitary life up until you can accomplish this relationship with God, because if you get into people relationships before that, that person can be used against you by the devil (demons) to keep you from ever reaching that relationship with God!

If I would have gotten into a relationship and/or had a kid, I would have focused my life on them and would have never reached the level I’m at now with God!

Have a Great Day!

The God I Know

The God I know leads by example!

The God I know respects us and the rest of
nature equally!

  1. It respects us as if we were equals to it,
    providing an example of how we should
    respect the rest of its creation!
    The God I know doesn’t tell me what to do,
    but instead gives me free choice through
  2. It will never tell me what to do because it
    would expect me to use the intelligence it
    gave me to question it, just as we should question everything.
  3. Whenever I come across situations that require me to make a choice, there will always be good
    choices and bad choices I can make!
    The God I know wants us to evolve and to become more like it!
  4. Some might ask, then why didn’t it just make us like it to begin with? I think that would be because
    we need to get there through our experiences and making the right choices (personal growth), because
    it is out of making the choices themselves that we either become more like it or less like it.
    The God I know doesn’t create Rules for us to live by!
  5. It expects us to Responsibly think for ourselves and do our best in the choices we make because
    Responsible people don’t need to be told how to live.
    The God I know doesn’t try to limit us in any way!

  6. The God I know wants us to enjoy life to its fullest!

  7. The God I know is in ALL living things and is a part of its creation! I believe that creation was limited
    to the life that is on Earth itself.

  8. The God I know wants YOU to Have a Great Day!

  9. The Truth Has Never Been Clearer –

  10. “Answers in life are simpler than most can
    Because it is our own imagination that causes us
    to not understand!” – Doug Chandler

A True Teacher/Leader 6

These teachings are based on Christ’s Original Teachings and Buddha’s Teachings!

I stand on both of their shoulders and am going to lift up others onto my own and Empower them to never limit themselves and help them to understand that just one of them has the ability to change the entire world! They are going to be the future Leaders of this world! Leaders that will never fight among each other but instead will always work together for the benefit of ALL Nature!