Thanks Guys

Thanks for putting up with me you guys! 🙂 I realize that my blog is pretty much a disaster because I post on too many different things and well, I also realize that I’m pretty much going to offend everyone at some point or another with some kind of Truth that people don’t want toContinue reading “Thanks Guys”

Who Was Jesus Really – Unleashed

There is something that Jesus said on many occasions, recorded in and out of the Bible, that proves Jesus was not who the church said he was! Jesus said, “Anyone can be greater than me!” The whole ‘died on the cross for our sins’ campaign doesn’t even make sense! If the churches God is perfectContinue reading “Who Was Jesus Really – Unleashed”

Jesus Christ’s True Teachings in Todays Wording Lesson-2 – Unleashed

From the ‘Gospel of Thomas’. Last Jesus had questioned everything he had been raised on and this is when he came to the point of this next saying. (101) “He who does not hate his father and his mother as I do cannot become a disciple to Me. And he who does not love hisContinue reading “Jesus Christ’s True Teachings in Todays Wording Lesson-2 – Unleashed”

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