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America Land of the Free – Unleashed

Written 5-28-19

  1. You have the Freedom to live within the never-ending rules and regulations set out by your government!
  2. You have the Freedom to only think along a certain thought process!
  3. You have the Freedom to be forced into letting your government make all of your choices for you!
  4. You have the Freedom to repeat ONLY what you have been told!
  5. You have the Freedom to NOT question your government!
  6. You have the Freedom to sit around and do nothing about it!
  7. You have the Freedom to easily be manipulated!
  8. You have the Freedom to be an idiot!

Those without any balls will continue to support their America, The Land of Fools!

You have One TRUE Freedom Left!!!

And that is the opportunity to stand up to your government and stop being a coward!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

-We define our own limits! –

If all you see in a reflection is YOU,

Then that is all you can change.

If you see all that is around you,

Then you can change anything!”

-Doug Chandler

Cleaning Up America – Unleashed

I, Doug Chandler, am homeless in America and I understand that the majority of the homeless do not like holding signs because it makes them feel guilty about the ‘getting something for nothing’ idea!

So, here is an idea that can be passed on to other homeless by anyone who reads this!  By working together on this we can make a difference very quickly that will benefit our environment a lot and it is also giving the homeless something constructive to do that they might not have ever thought of.

Other homeless here is something you can do.

Buy some large trash bags and make up some signs that say something like mine do.

“Homeless Clean-up Crew” and “Donations Help Us Survive”

Now go fly your signs while you are picking up trash!  2 or more people make it easier to hold a sign and pick up trash.

You will get a lot of people thanking you as well as more financial support because people will recognize right away that you are helping to clean up the environment.  This also helps to create positive habits.

Please Pass-On this idea to others!  If you are at home reading this, there is a download link at the bottom of this page.  Make some copies and next time you see a homeless guy, give him/her a buck and a copy of this letter.  You just might get a trend started within your own area!

Getting involved and sharing such a simple idea can make a huge impact on a country!

Thank you for your help.

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer


“If you can believe in yourself,

While focusing on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler