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The Truth About Potential – Unleashed

Written 5-22-19

We all have the potential to be brighter than Newton, Einstein, or even Tesla!

The question is…

Are you ready to STOP limiting your own potential?

I stopped limiting my own potential and am now coming up with solutions for all the problems I allow into my life!

What this means is this….

Since it is virtually impossible for me to come up with solutions to the massive amounts of problems that society throws at me, then it makes much more sense for me to help others clear their minds so that they can become problem solvers also!

THE TRUTH – Unleashed – https://truth715870163.wordpress.com/2020/10/24/the-truth-unleashed/

–Here is a way to start clearing your mind!

Have a Great Day!

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The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“I am a steppingstone in life,

So, let me guide your feet,

Onto the path of truth,

To get to the next level,

Of existence!” – Doug Chandler

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The Difference Between Myself and Other Autistic Individuals

One of the differences though between me and other Autistic individuals is that I purposely put myself into an Autistic state around the age of 17, not knowing at the time what Autism even was.

Over time I started to realize that Autistic individuals and myself seemed to have a lot in common.  I looked into Autism and realized that those trying to describe Autism were very vague in their thoughts of it and seemed to be guessing away at solutions to it without even knowing what the underlying problem was.

Below you will find some of the things I did to get where I am at now in my mind expansion and thinking process.  I can very clearly explain what is going on in other Autistic individuals minds and with this knowledge you will be able to clearly identify some of your own traits (if you are Autistic) or recognize these traits in your loved ones who might be Autistic.  You will have a very clear understanding of what is causing them to do certain things.  But best of all, with this information, you will have the opportunity to come up with solutions to a problem that you will now clearly understand.  Autism is nature (which we are a part of) causing children to go into a sort of self-preservation mode to protect their minds from outside influences that are unnatural.

THE TRUTH – Unleashed – This is one of the ways I used to clear my mind!

One of the things I have noticed in our society today is that those in control try to make things sound complicated so that most will simply think that the answers are ‘over their head’ which causes them to not ask questions in the first place.  This keeps people from asking logical questions that they don’t have logical answers for.

This is a more advanced deceptive practice built off of the churches own deceptive practice of telling you what to believe and expecting you to believe it without question.  If the church was honest, they would want you to ask them logical questions so that they could give you logical answers which would help to answer the same questions that may be in others minds in their congregation.  Maybe even create a f.a.q. sheet for all to be able to see the answers to common questions.

The problem here is that the church isn’t really logical in any way so they can’t give logical answers to logical questions.  Many of the things that they preach and do are contradictory to each other.

Sorry, I was raised in the church or off of their indoctrinations for 47 years of my life and one of the things I was guided to do was to constantly ask logical questions of them, none of which I ever got straight answers too.  Most of the time they would simply ramble off into another subject that had nothing to do with the original question.  And if I kept at it, one of their last resorts was to tell me to ‘just have faith’!  Funny thing for them to say to me as they are handing out collection plates to collect money for a God that created everything, maybe they should take their own advice here and stop being so hypocritical.

One of the things that the Bible, Jesus Christ, Buddha, and many others taught was to question everything and not accept anything in ignorance.  To remain True to their own teachings would mean that they first had to question the beliefs they were raised on to find out what was true and what was not, and then once they established the Truth out of that they could question other people’s beliefs while having a little bit of Truth they have discovered from their beliefs to hold onto and build more truth from.  The one thing about the Truth is that it will never contradict itself like lies constantly will.  The Truth is always consistent!  This leads to the expansion of your mind and starts giving you far more clarity of thought with the more truths you discover through logical or deductive reasoning.  The Bible, Jesus Christ, Buddha, and so many others were teaching ‘Mind Expansion’!  The more of the illogical and unnatural ideas we get out of our mind, the more intelligent we become!

All of the above were also against greed, pride, self-loathing (self-focus), hate, etc.  These are all unnatural ways of thinking!  These attributes only exist in the humanity species.  No other species on earth has these bad attributes.  This is how you can tell what is natural and unnatural in our species.

From a Biblical perspective, humanity screwed up while the rest of nature has remained the same as when it was created.  And the Bible, Jesus Christ, Buddha, and others were trying to teach us to get rid of these bad attributes that would obviously cause us to get back to nature itself.

Now I had already questioned the beliefs that I was raised on and I had discovered that roughly 80% of my life was built on lies or twisted truths.  My pride wanted me to ignore that so much of my life had been wasted on ‘living the lies’, but I was more interested in the Truth and I couldn’t conceivably go back to that life knowing what I knew now about it!  I’ve found that the more Truth I build within my own life the easier it is to see through other people’s lies.  I’ve also found that because of my mind becoming continually clearer, that I absorb more and more information from everything around me, to the point that it can sometimes almost become overwhelming, especially when around a lot of people and too much technology.

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler