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The Church Teaches That God Is Everywhere – Unleashed

The Church teaches that God is Everywhere, but then they stop there!

God is everywhere, AND He is in everyone!  God is a part of ALL of his Creation!

This means that ANYONE can speak with God’s voice and by limiting ourselves to petty beliefs, we only limit our own potential!

Christ himself knew this and often spoke with God’s voice but how come the church isn’t teaching what Christ was teaching?  Because Christ had a very inspirational message and he never placed limits on others but instead told others that they could be even greater than him!

I spent 47 years in the church and most of that time I spent learning and following Christ’s teachings instead of the church’s teachings.  I have followed those teachings to a ‘t’ and a few years ago I completely finished by abolishing greed, hate, fear, and self-loathing (self-focus), etc. out of my life and I started experiencing most of what Christ had experienced which makes it very easy now for me to identify with the wording from 2,000 years ago and understand what he meant!

Today, Scientists are doing simple rewriting of DNA strands!  Back then when Christ, through his connection with God, healed people, they considered it to be a miracle because they had no understanding of being able to restructure cells.  Christ was connected with the God that created all of nature and when he healed people, God was simply rewriting DNA strands back to a healthier state, so in reality, Christ was actually using science to heal people.

I know this for a fact because I have done a very similar form of healing through my connection with God, except this healing has been on a massive scale!  I have already lived completely up to Christ’s teachings and have bypassed where he was at simply because his life got cut short when he pissed off the wrong people.

I had built up strengths to block out indoctrinating ideas that are all through society today and by blocking those out it caused me to get even closer to God, so God seeing these various things I had done in my life to make it far easier for me to get close to him decided to use me as a template for a global rewriting of DNA!

I put myself in an Autistic state long before Autism was even known as Autism and at the same time, I had earned God’s trust through my own sacrifices of doing the right thing regardless of what it cost me.

And so, Autism is becoming more and more common as this rewriting is taking place!  What are some of the common characteristics of Autistic individuals?  They are more Honest than other people because they are more honest with themselves, one of the things Christ was teaching!  They are very logical and ask questions rather than accepting ideas in ignorance, just like Christ was teaching!  They are Kinder than most because they won’t accept hate into their lives like most people are doing nowadays!  They don’t allow themselves to be controlled through Fear like our government uses against us!  All of these things are Christ-like attributes!

God is in everyone of us and he speaks to all of us!  If you believe that God doesn’t speak anymore to people, then it is your own belief that is keeping you from hearing him!

So, once you understand that God is in every one of us, you will understand that much of the songs today are just peoples own interpretation of what God was telling them in their minds!  These are positive messages to the rest of us through artists of all different kinds of music.  I’ve found that the clearer my mind becomes, the more of these messages I start to understand.  God speaks to more people today than He ever has, but if you are too far-off track, you may not hear Him.

I am referring to the God of nature! He is in all living things and gives us guidance when we need it.  He gives us more options, but never chooses for us, as He wants us to be responsible for our own choices in life.

When God helped me to get out of the Autistic state that I had been hiding in for 30 years, I immediately started to re-write the Bible, telling the church that God was inspiring me to do so.  The church told me that God doesn’t inspire people like that anymore, that was just a long time ago when He did that.  I don’t believe that is a choice that the church gets to make!

The church always said what Christ was going to do on his return but did the church ever consider that he has free-choice and isn’t bound by any of the church’s ideas and also since Christ was teaching that any could ascend to his own thought level through simply following his teachings, then that would mean that the return of Christ could be in the 100’s or even 1,000’s of people with his same attributes, or even more, but I kind of doubt much more than that since the church itself hasn’t even taught Christ’s teachings in the past 2,000 years.  Because anyone who Truly wanted to walk in Christ’s shoes would have had to do some digging to get to them! 😊  Christ’s teachings have been hidden for a reason!

STOP LIMITING Yourself to petty beliefs and start BELIEVING in your own UNLIMITED Potential!

By aligning yourself with God who is in every one of us, YOU WILL become Great!

God is Natural and doesn’t seek to Control us in anyway and as we align ourselves with Him and natural ways of thinking, then we will start living life the way it was meant to be lived!

Align yourself with God or just accept the limitations projected on you by others!


The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

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Autistics Enhancements Over the Rest of Humanity Explained – Part-2 – Unleashed

–Continued…. From – Autistics Enhancements Over the Rest of Humanity Explained – Part-1 – Unleashed  https://truth715870163.wordpress.com/2020/12/31/autistics-enhancements-over-the-rest-of-humanity-explained-part-1-unleashed/(opens in a new tab)

-In my last writeup on this subject I listed 2 of the strengths that nature has enhanced Autistic Individuals with!  1 of those enhancements was one of the first things that Jesus Christ had taught to get closer to the God of nature.  For Autistics that great attribute is simply built into them!

3. A very large part of the Autistic community writes about their own thoughts as well as their own experiences in life!

This is a huge step in Autistics becoming even stronger because when you write like this you will uncover indoctrinating ideas that made their way into your mind without you even realizing it!

(This is how I originally became ‘honest with myself’.  After growing up for 47 years in America, I found that roughly 80% of my life was built on lies and finding out this much Truth in such a short period of time made me feel like I was going crazy!)

And so, the Autistic writer can review their own writings to identify any self-deceptions or contradictions that they put down in writing!

Then they can easily wipe those indoctrinations out of their minds!

This will result in them becoming very True or Honest to themselves and at this point their own minds will start exploding with creative ideas and solutions to problems!  (The bigger you think, the more you will find solutions to some of the major problems in our world!)

Autistics are going to very quickly solve all of the problems that the church, governments, and their affiliates have created!

4. Autistics have an increased awareness of seeing the Truth in people around them which causes them to not want to associate with regular people because they have accepted these indoctrinating ideas that the Autistic individual is not so quick to accept into their life!

Most Autistics don’t even realize yet that this is why they want to avoid other people!  It is simply their increased connection with the God of nature that is helping to protect them from going in the same direction that the rest of society has been going in for almost 2,000 years!

While the rest of humanity is becoming slaves to their own governments, and becoming even dumber in the process, Autistics will start connecting with other intelligent life like themselves and by connecting with other Autistics, their intelligence will sky-rocket even further!

(Since I actually put myself into an Autistic state on purpose, I am able to write on the various ways that I did it so if anyone else wants to expand their mind that isn’t Autistic already, can use my writeups and do the same thing I did! I just need to finish them and get a little more organized.)

To Be Continued in Part-3….

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“Let’s laugh at life,

While we live to laugh,

So that each day,

Will bring a funnier tomorrow!” – Doug Chandler

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Autistics Enhancements Over the Rest of Humanity Explained – Part-1 – Unleashed

  1. This is why Autistics emotions are suppressed!

Indoctrinations in the world today have gotten to be so intense that no one has had the mental strength to ignore those indoctrinations that use your own emotions against you!  Advertisers and others are now in households putting unnatural thoughts and ideas into children before they have even learned how to speak!

Autistics won’t just simply accept these indoctrinations because they were told to do so!

Since they are not blindly accepting this corruption into their own minds, they are maintaining a clearer thought process that makes them more intelligent than the rest that did accept those indoctrinations without question!

(Notice something about this trait?  The first thing Christ taught was to question everything and to not accept anything in ignorance!  So, one of the first things built into Autistics is a ‘Christ’ like attribute!  Whether you believe in Jesus Christ as a man who did the best that he could to bring awareness to the people of his time or not, it really doesn’t matter because what we believe never changes the Truth!  Someone should have told the church that a long time ago… lol)

2. Autistics think for themselves and use logic to determine if something is True or not!

They have an enhanced strength of using logic on everything which is Great in today’s world of illogical ideas.  The only way you can get an Autistic believing in a religion is by convincing them to blindly trust someone and to stop using their ‘logical thinking’ they have been gifted with. 

God gave them a stronger sense of logic for a reason and once they stop using it their own intelligence will start going downhill because they aren’t meant to just accept unproven or illogical ideas.

To Be Continued…….

I will continue this with ‘Autistics Enhancements Over the Rest of Humanity Explained – Part-2 – Unleashed’https://truth715870163.wordpress.com/2021/01/03/autistics-enhancements-over-the-rest-of-humanity-explained-part-2-unleashed/

and will explain even more of the enhancements that Autistics have been given.  Although I am Autistic, I am one of the only ones that wasn’t actually born with these Evolutionary Enhancements, as much as I wish I was.

Have a Great Day!

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

  • “Let’s laugh at life,
  • While we live to laugh,
  • So that each day,
  • Will bring a funnier tomorrow!” – Doug Chandler

#ActuallyAutistic #Unleashed #Evolution #God #Truth #Church #Indoctrination #Inspirational #Motivational #Intelligence #Honesty #Autism

The True God Stands for Equality Among All Living Things – Unleashed

I spent 47 years indoctrinated by the church, but I never completely gave into their ideas and I always questioned them, questions that they didn’t like to be asked.

Throughout my life I was always being guided by something and just a few years ago I finally figured out what it was, it is a power within all of nature that Christ referred to as God, for the lack of a better name.  (Although he didn’t actually use the word God, that is just what someone translated his wording into.)

I’ve also been Autistic for 30+ years and just about 3 years ago I was guided to do one last thing which was by far the hardest choice of all.  I was being guided to give up everything I had and completely start over.  So, I gave everything I had, that was useful to them, to the homeless and then did a lot of goodwill trips until I was down to a daypack and the clothes on my back.  I was then guided into the woods where I spent 2 weeks living off of berries alone because I hadn’t thought about saving some of that food for myself lol.  I did lose 20 lbs. 😊 During those two weeks I discovered how much more complex nature is than we had ever imagined and I was guided to places, I never would have found on my own, and shown behind the scenes various types of destruction that the church has led humanity in a completely destructive mind-frame without any consequences whatsoever for their actions.

I hadn’t realized until just recently that my entire life was an almost exact duplicate of Christs life and by that final step I took, I managed to lose all of the remaining bad attributes that Christ was teaching against.  I was at about the same level of thought process as Christ had been but I had decided to go further than that so I could understand nature itself and the power within that connects all of it.

As I get closer to it I believe that it is very logical and doesn’t have emotions of it’s own, yet it has had a lot of patience or forgiveness with humanity for their reign of destruction,  or maybe it just didn’t see it as a necessity yet to intervene, but now it has, and it is doing It, in many different ways, some of which I understand very clearly.

Autism is one of nature’s evolutionary ways of self-preserving young minds from the indoctrinations of society while getting them out of an educational system that is unethically and immorally feeding little children mind-altering drugs in the name of that educational system itself!  Anyone who allows this on their child doesn’t deserve to be a parent!  This will also force anyone who ever wishes to truly connect with their own child to start fighting back against their own indoctrination so that they can have a purer mindset like their child.

Each species of animals has been created with a purpose and many of those purposes had to do with working with humanity in one way or another.  But humanity has decided that it is above all other species and that animals have been created for their own entertainment of hunting them down and killing them for sport.

Humanity has become so dumb that they can’t even figure out that music artist, movie and series writers and many more have been guided in their writing, by the god in nature, to not only write in thoughts that help others to become aware of reality, but that they are also writing in, not prophecies, but warnings, of what is going to happen if humanity doesn’t start cleaning up its act.  The majority of movies and series today have messages within them from God as well as others that are almost being explicit and to the point of what is going to happen.

Humanity has been killing animals for sport, killing small creatures simply because they find them annoying, destroying massive amounts of life in the name of greed, and raising animals to slaughter just so that they may have the convenience of always having meat on the shelves, much of which goes to waste meaning many of those animals are being slaughtered for no purpose. Most of humanity has not shown any sympathy or emotion for their actions against nature.

All around the world animals are breeding at a much faster rate than they ever had.  At some point they will be given a directive to enjoy their next meal and I believe much of humanity deserves far worse than this so I will not show any emotions against fairness being served.

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer – This site will be exposing massive amounts of Truths that have been hidden from us. (wordpress.com)  https://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

– Doug Chandler #ActuallyAutistic

Your Autistic Child Will Be a Genius – Unleashed

I was on the brink of suicide when Nature itself snapped me out of it!  God of nature, who is in all living things, helped me to come out of my shell by simply getting out into nature itself!

Much of what I am about to tell you, is against most of what you have probably been taught!

Many have been attaining power over us, in one form or another like religion, politics, government, and controlled media.  They are all going to have a very Big problem with what I am about to share, because it is against their own Control on society!

You are going to find out very quickly that everything I write about makes a lot of sense!  In the confusing world we live in today, this will be like taking a breath of fresh air!

Your child is an absolute genius of tomorrow, if you allow and help your child to think freely, without trying to Control who they are or what they will be, then they will be Great!

If you Believe in them and show this in your actions, then you will raise a child that will be more Brilliant than I could ever be!

I believe in your child!  You should start believing in him/her too!

Your child is going to be a part of a generation that is going to dramatically change the world we live in!  And they are going to do it with absolutely no regard for those who are trying to Control us!

They are going to make a HUGE positive impact on this world, whether the world likes it or not!  They will make people like Einstein and Newton look like below average everyday geniuses, but only if you raise them in an Honest atmosphere.

Children today are starting to withdraw within themselves on a larger scale than ever before and it’s just going to keep on getting worse until we as a society start coming to terms with reality.

This is a sort of human evolution on children’s minds, a self-preservation on the mind brought on by all of the illogical and unnatural ideas that are being beaten into them from society itself.

Controlling someone’s thought process is NOT Natural and young children today are seeing this on a much larger scale!  Your child is very confused about the massive amount of information being targeted at them that is designed to manipulate them in various ways!

When people put their child in front of a TV or other forms of media control, they are actually causing the child’s natural thought process to be corrupted!  The more corrupt ideas they get in their mind from TV, the less intelligent they will become.

Anyone can teach a basic education to their child!  Educational systems are built to make everyone think in the same thought patterns, Not as individuals!  It is a controlling mechanism to keep our children from thinking outside of the box!

Beyond a very basic education, your child will then become their own teacher by learning from their own life’s experiences!  This is a Natural way of learning and our current educational system is doing everything it can to make sure this doesn’t happen!

I am a great example of this as I am a 10th grade dropout with no further education from any outside sources, yet I’m writing on psychology, mind expansion techniques, am finding massive lies in our society that we have been brought up on and am describing in detail massive amounts of truths that actually make sense.  I have written on an educational system that makes every individual a teacher, builds bonds between all different age groups while giving all involved a sense of accomplishment for being a part of the system.  It builds on family values so much that basically everyone becomes family and it builds responsibility in kids at a very early age.  I am re-defining human intelligence.

We’ve been led to believe that a genius is someone who reads a lot of books and acquires a ton of knowledge from outside sources!  This is a lie!  The only way this can actually work is if the information being taught to them is based on pure honesty and logic!

Genius is actually a way of looking at the world from an honest point of view!  In other words, Every child is born with a genius mind, but there are those out there that want to Control your child’s thoughts!

If we each learn best from our own experiences, then that actually makes us our own best teachers!  When you really think about that, it means that each and every one of us would be learning different things, which would be completely out of the control of our educational system!

THE TRUTH – Unleashed – A simple way to start clearing your mind and increase your intelligence!

Our government understands that if everyone starts thinking in different ways that they will completely lose control on society!  The government wants to control every aspect of what your child is learning.  Quite Honestly, it’s none of their business how or what you teach your child!

If you allow your child to think freely and naturally, and support them in anything they decide to do, then your child will simply amaze you!

Don’t ever expect your child to be something other than what they decide!  In other words, don’t force on your child what You think they should be, because if you do, you are simply trying to Control the outcome of your child’s life!  This is not natural!

In America we have been indoctrinated into the idea of measuring success on a monetary scale!  We base our success on how much we can take from others which means we have little to no positive impact on the rest of society because we are so self-focused!  All of the successful people in our history actually did the exact opposite.  They focused on an idea or product that would benefit everyone else without even thinking so much about how it would benefit them.  When you ask yourself what you can do to help everyone else out you will find that you will start coming up with some very big answers.  When you ask what you can do for yourself, the answers will always be small.

Success should be measured on the impact we make on other people’s lives rather than just making a few bucks!  If it was, then this would be a completely different world that we would be living in.  Much closer to a Utopia type of world!

Consider this:

I am writing this, started to re-write the Bible, then realized that was just a waste of time since the stories in it were meant for the time frame in which they were written.  The Bible is really just a book of morals with stories we don’t understand today!  I recently discovered a 1 page version of the Bible that was actually written and was being used thousands of years before the Bible was ever written, which makes the Bible NOT exclusive to its own content!  If you like, try looking up the ‘native Americans code of conduct’ or ethics!  You will find it has all the Moral values the Bible is teaching in a single page!  Native Americans history goes back over 10,000 years.

A One-Page Version of The Bible – Unleashed

I have found a way for anyone to expand their mind beyond the scope of any of those genius’s mentioned in our history books and have also written a short summary on how any of those genius’s could have been 10 x what they were had they used a NEW way of focusing that I have developed!

Because I am the founder of this new way of Learning and I actually learned it through trial and error, that makes me the leading source in teaching others to do it much faster than I did!

I did all of that in just 6 months!

Let me repeat something!!!

I KNOW that your child could be far more intelligent than I am, if you allow them to learn freely, without trying to Control their outcome!

I have such a clear thought process because I am the result of what I am teaching and I believe I am only scratching the surface on our potential for using our minds the way they were meant to be used!  I also write tons of original humor, have written 100’s of papers on all different subjects that defies the logic of our educational system because I had discovered that I can give myself a better education than any educational system can give me.

The only thing I really want out of this is too make the world a better place to live in!

I have a very different outlook on the world than most people do!

I consider everyone in the world, regardless of ethnicity, to be my family!  I also consider the rest of nature to be a part of my family, so I don’t look down on animals but instead respect them as equals.  So, I respect all of nature, and if you understand that there is a higher power that connects all of nature, including us, then you will understand where my intelligence is coming from.

The media does a very good job of keeping us divided, so others don’t start to think like I do!  As an Autistic I have spent most of my life suppressing my emotions so that I could not be controlled by advertisers, media, government, and societies bad ideas.

The Absolute Truth is this!

If everyone started thinking like me, then there would be NO NEED for government or educational systems!  And this scares the crap out of those who want to have Control over others’ lives!

Greed for money is Not a natural way of living!  Making money shouldn’t be a main focus in life!  But we have been indoctrinated into this idea by those who are leeching off of our hard-earned dollars.

Throughout my 30+ years of being in an Autistic state, I communicated very little with the outside world.  But since I had so much time on my hands because I only worked, but then went home each day, not to watch TV like most, because I realized that commercials were made to manipulate my thought patterns.  Instead I ended up always having some kind of side business.  Usually these businesses were through mail order or anything that didn’t require me to deal with people personally.

One thing I learned over the years was that if you aren’t doing what you love to do, then the only way, it seemed, to really start profiting was to become dishonest with myself and my customers.

Each time I started doing this, I would start feeling bad about that business, so I would scrap it and start a different one.  The reason was that I wasn’t finding something I loved to do!

But now I have found something that I Love to do!

It is making a positive impact in other people’s lives and doing that on a massive scale!

I am going to make this world a better place to live in whether the world likes it or not!

I use my own recipe on ‘How to Focus’ in order to do this!

And because I change my focus about every 30 minutes or so, I am able to make positive changes on so many different levels that it is almost becoming ridiculous!  There was one drawback to this habit of changing focus regularly, it is hard to get written down completely on what I am focusing on before my mind all of a sudden goes in another direction.  It does make things more interesting though.

All the men and women that have made major positive changes in our history lived by the following motto:

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler