Nutritional Information on Packaging of Foods is Total BS – Unleashed

If you know anyone that buys food based on the nutritional information on the side of it, then you should immediately share this with them so that they aren’t being fooled anymore! There are so many people out there that are trying to live by that nutritional info. and they ALL deserve to know theContinue reading “Nutritional Information on Packaging of Foods is Total BS – Unleashed”

The Truth about Many Song Writers – Unleashed

written 5-26-19 The church is going to love this reality…. LOL Since God is everywhere, as the church teaches, he is also in everyone!  The church actually stops at the God is everywhere because in Truth this alone destroys the church in its illogical way of thinking! God is Truly in All Living things andContinue reading “The Truth about Many Song Writers – Unleashed”

What is Karma – Unleashed

The church not only created our government, but they have also had some control over the English language! Karma is a mislabeled word to help keep us from the Truth!  It sounds like something that is fictitious or made-up! I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Do unto others as you would have them do untoContinue reading “What is Karma – Unleashed”

Becoming Honest with Myself – Unleashed

The more Honest you become with yourself, the more Honest you can be with others!  And as the saying goes, ‘the Truth hurts’, well, so does becoming Honest with yourself because as you do, you will start to discover the massive amounts of lies we are living today!  It is actually mind boggling that weContinue reading “Becoming Honest with Myself – Unleashed”

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