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Nature Now Has A Voice – Unleashed

And to that voice it gave the Power to wipe out anything that stands in the way of bringing back a balance to nature itself!

To those who wish to follow the leader, that is trying to destroy nature, might I suggest that while you are down on your knees, praying for someone to save you from your own ignorance, that you simply reach around with your own lips, and kiss your ass goodbye!

“Judge not lest ye be judged!”, is a simple mouse trap for the unwise! An entity quickly crawled into that trap and has been stuck running in circles ever since!

Congratulations church on becoming the largest rodent this trap has ever caught!

In your judgement of others, you have provided the grounds for your own judgement by those you have been judging.  You mock my mentor Jesus Christ who would have put an end to you had you not killed him first!  So now I am going to bring the judgement to your doorstep since that is what you have been wanting all these years! 😊

You will not survive your own eradication if you decide to remain on my planet!

Have a Great Day!

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“Let’s laugh at life,

While we live to laugh,

So that each day,

Will bring a funnier tomorrow!” – Doug Chandler

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