Biblical Confusion – Unleashed

Words change meaning over time! In only 50 years this word has changed its meaning dramatically: Gay: It used to mean to be happy, but now it is meant as someone’s sexual orientation. If 1 word can change meaning like this in such a short period of time then imagine thousands of words over 1,000+Continue reading “Biblical Confusion – Unleashed”

Standing On The Shoulders of Giants – Unleashed

I worked for about 35 years going in that endless circle of insanity we call work, wrapping my entire life around making money! A couple of years ago I lost my job and decided to try something completely New!  I wanted to reset my life and start all over! So I started giving everything IContinue reading “Standing On The Shoulders of Giants – Unleashed”

Natural Thinking – Unleashed

Natural thinking is where you compare your personal experiences in life to new information coming into your mind to logically see if this new information is true or not.  The more personal experiences you have in life, the more personal information that you have at your disposal to compare other information against. So, the moreContinue reading “Natural Thinking – Unleashed”

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