Scroll-4 Praise to the children of God

The church likes to call me by many different names, doesn’t really matter to me as I was never into the whole name-calling thing.  There is a positive side to this story though.  This gives the church an opportunity, before they cease to exist, to do something they have never done before, to actually becomeContinue reading “Scroll-4 Praise to the children of God”

Scroll-2 Praise To The Children of God

There are cultures in the world today that consider a mirror to be evil! It’s not actually the mirror that’s evil but what we do when we look into them. Self-focus or Self-loathing is what most people do when they look in a mirror. By focusing on yourself, your mind is limited to just you,Continue reading “Scroll-2 Praise To The Children of God”

Scroll-1 Praise To The Children of God

Can anyone explain this to me? I have gotten over the controlling fear of the government but can’t seem to get over the fear of dancing in public? Is it because I have put one into a real perspective and not the other yet? Because you would think that would be in the opposite order!Continue reading “Scroll-1 Praise To The Children of God”

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