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The Church Almost Got Wiped Out Recently Part-2 – Unleashed

It would have been a permanent ending to the church in every way possible!  And after people saw what happened to the church, the concept of it would have never again been accepted by people on earth.  Other smaller belief systems would have also crumbled as their followers saw this example and started questioning their beliefs.  All religions on the planet would have been completely wiped out forever and I wouldn’t have had to become a blueprint for the God of Nature to use in the design of the Evolution of humanity to start protecting their minds from the church’s indoctrinations!

The Church Almost Got Wiped Out Recently Part-1 – Unleashed https://truth715870163.wordpress.com/2021/01/07/the-church-almost-got-wiped-out-recently-part-1-unleashed/

Continued…from Part-1

Jesus Christ was born and raised in the largest empire the world had ever seen controlled by the indoctrinations of the church!  He was at the center of the worst country in the world!  It was by being at the center of his opposition that made him stronger and while everyone else was taking the easy road by just accepting their grim reality, he always took the hard road and fought against the tide of ignorance.  Like a diamond he shined among his peers and he taught everyone he could how to think for themselves and ignore the degrading indoctrinations of the church!  He was going in the opposite direction as everyone else.  While everyone else was slowly getting further from the God of nature, he was getting closer to God.  He made a mistake by losing control of his anger, flipping over merchants’ tables, which pretty much signed his death warrant.  His teachings helped to destroy The Roman Empire and almost the church.

I was raised in the current largest Empire the world has ever seen and my entire life I was fighting against the indoctrinations of the church and my country was the most indoctrinated country on the planet.  At the same time, I was also constantly trying to do the right thing, and as a perfectionist, I was always improving how I did things.  When I made a mistake, I tried to improve from it and not do it again.  When I saw others repeating the same mistakes over and over, sometimes I’d say something, and I would get this, “but we’re all sinners’ response and I realized people were just using that idea to simply never improve.

I hated church because I could see how people were being hypocrites within their own lives and not even realizing it.  Too many things about the church just didn’t make any sense and I was often told to just have faith in this perfect God that didn’t make any sense.  So, I avoided church as much as possible but still ended up going for quite a while because my parents were more or less hard-core Christians.  I spent many years in private schools where I got tired of having the Bible shoved down my throat and having to memorize verses from the Bible that many of them, I noticed were easily taken out of context because of the stupid numbering system someone had written into it.

I found it odd that for how much Christianity relies on Christ himself, you’d think that they would be more interested in what Christ was teaching over this other idea that was created by the church!  I guess that’s just the control that the church has over its followers.

Pastors will often say that God doesn’t talk to or inspire us anymore!  Yet today God is inspiring and guiding more people than he has ever done.  He just doesn’t talk much to those in the church because they are so far-off track with all of the lies, they are living.  If he did talk to them, they would only screw up the message by trying to assimilate to into their own lies.

It is too bad because there are a lot of good people in the church.  But it is their choice to accept ideas in ignorance like they have done.  Unfortunately, this is going to lead to most of their deaths.  They are so set on everything happening the way the church has told them that they can’t even recognize the Truth, that is right before them and everyone else in this country.

You see, God spoke of bringing accountability to those who can be held accountable which excludes children.  So, while Christians are looking up, waiting for Peter Pan to come down out of the clouds and scoop them up and take them to safety, they are getting wiped out by God and they don’t even realize it!

Maybe church you shouldn’t be looking up to some god that is kicking it on the moon, instead of paying attention to the God of Nature that is all around you and is serving up accountability on a little tiny platter that you can’t even see!

God is in all of Nature!  The Virus is part of nature!  The Virus does not harm animals, because they are innocent, children, because they are too young to be held accountable, and so they only people left for the Virus to concentrate on are adults!  And you notice how it is hitting the hardest in the worst countries in the world with the US being the leader!  People who align themselves with Nature have nothing to worry about, but the rest of the people I’ll just have to say, “Goodbye!” too.

Have a Great Day!

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“Let’s laugh at life,

While we live to laugh,

So that each day,

Will bring a funnier tomorrow!” – Doug Chandler

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Humanity in Its Purest Form – Unleashed

written 6-1-2019

Intelligence is the speed at which we process information!

Children learn faster than adults because they process information much faster than adults!

It is because of their ability to hang onto a more natural way of thinking that makes this possible!  But as we grow up in society, our thought process is twisted into a mess of unnatural ideas that causes our thought process to slow down and as we grow older and start ‘getting stuck in our ways’ we actually become less intelligent!  Having an open mind means you question all ideas you are presented with to disseminate what the actual Truth is, because if you believe everything you are being told is true, then you are going to be lost in a sea of confusion, which means your intelligence level is just going to keep going downhill!

Thinking for yourself is a requirement in staying intelligent and today that is hard to do with the shear amount of information we are constantly being bombarded with!  Most of this information is unnatural ideas that create confusion in our own minds making it harder and harder to think clearly!

A baby is the Purest form of humanity and uses a natural thought processes that makes that baby more intelligent than the rest of us!

A baby has NO Greed for money!
A Baby has NO Hate for others!
A Baby has NO Discrimination for others!
A Baby does NOT seek power over others!
A Baby ISN’T Self Centered!
UNTIL it is taught into them, much of the time through our own actions!

Think about back when you were a child:
You didn’t care about money!
You didn’t discriminate among your friends!
You Cared about the world around you!
You were Simply curious about everything!
You Learned best through your actions!
You were very Creative!
You had a much clearer thought process!
You wanted to help others and were very compassionate in this venture!
You Enjoyed Having fun and was Happy in everything you did!

And then….

You were told to grow up and all your thoughts started aligning with that of the worlds unnatural ways or you were indoctrinated into unnatural ideas through your education or friends!

Growing up typically was the idea that you need to make money and so you would start to focus on doing just that!  You started to focus more on making money than just enjoying the adventure of life!

Society tells us through everything that we should focus on making money so we can get rich and thereby have power over others through our financial wealth!  Both of these ideas are unnatural!

A more Honest way of doing this would be to just focus on what you love to do and let the money become a bi product of you simply enjoying your life!  If you look at most of the very successful singers, artists, etc. none of them focused on making money as much as they simply focused on doing what they love to do!  Money simply became a biproduct of what they did!

And the Truly Happiest of people get paid in some way or another for doing what they Love to do!

Society teaches us to focus on the money and to do what will pay you the most and if you don’t get an education, then you will not succeed!  Yet all these people who Love what they do have self-educated themselves through their own personal interests and simply Love their own lives and many are very successful financially because they DIDN’T focus on the money but simply let it come as a biproduct of what they loved to do!

Society teaches us that success is in how much money you make when success should be in how Happy you are with your own life!  Someone who does what they ‘Love to do’ doesn’t measure their own success with a financial outcome!  This is proven time and time again and is completely against what society is teaching!

Society teaches us that if you get rich enough eventually you will become happy!  This is absolute BS!  My own parents are millionaires and the more money they have the more miserable they are!  The simple logic behind that is that the more money they have the more they worry about losing it, because it is their main focus in life!  They do however fool others into believing that they are happier than they really are!  One Unnatural idea of Greed has led them into another Unnatural idea of Deceit!  And so they continue to live their lives in Fear with no real happiness!  They are living the lies promoted by society!

I am personally happier than I can ever remember being simply because I’ve started thinking more Naturally and I am completely broke and in Truth want very little to do with my own parents because my intelligence level has sky-rocketed so much, that I simply see through all of the lies they are promoting which then actually depresses me to even be around them!

Because of my more natural way of thinking, all I really want to do is to change the world we live in by helping others to realize their own potential through becoming Honest with themselves!

One year ago, I was completely depressed and suicidal because I was letting society get to me and was focused on money alone!  Today I am Happier, more and more each day, because I threw away all of these Unnatural ideas and fears that society is promoting!

Through my writings, I am trying to show people Truths as well as inspire them to become as Happy as I am in a fraction of the time as I did, which could be in just a couple months for anyone who takes it seriously!

When you consider the ‘butterfly effect’, I am going to make this world a better place to live in whether society likes it or not!

Society is all about keeping people down so that they don’t realize their own potential! My writings are going to ‘stomp out’ societies unnatural and illogical ideas!

If you read through my writings you will most likely come to the conclusion that I am Brilliant, yet I am no more brilliant than YOU could be if you simply started thinking more naturally like I do!  And you could start doing this in weeks or months since I, through trial and error, learned this and am now able to help others start learning how to do this without taking the time to learn through trial and error which obviously takes more time.

I believe in everyone’s ability to become Great through their own personal experiences, which means we would all become Great in our own way!  An indoctrinating educational system that teaches everyone to think the same way is actually against thinking freely like I do!  So, it will never agree with my teachings of self-education because at some point you are going to realize that our educational system is only meant to Control people’s thoughts and hold them down!

And so, an Honest form of education or learning through our own experiences, is one of my main goals in changing the World for the better!

And so, I am going to create an educational system that is Positive and teaches people to think for themselves!  This is what responsibility is all about!  If you simply ignore the negativity in life and stay positive in everything you do, YOU will become Brilliant!

Start thinking more like you did as a child and start ignoring society’s twisted ideas!  With this You will become more intelligent than you have ever been because now you have experiences in life to determine Truths from!

I Believe in You, Now You Should Start Believing in You and Your Ability to Change the World for the Better!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“Let’s laugh at life,

While we live to laugh,

So that each day,

Will bring a funnier tomorrow!” – Doug Chandler

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The True God Stands for Equality Among All Living Things – Unleashed

I spent 47 years indoctrinated by the church, but I never completely gave into their ideas and I always questioned them, questions that they didn’t like to be asked.

Throughout my life I was always being guided by something and just a few years ago I finally figured out what it was, it is a power within all of nature that Christ referred to as God, for the lack of a better name.  (Although he didn’t actually use the word God, that is just what someone translated his wording into.)

I’ve also been Autistic for 30+ years and just about 3 years ago I was guided to do one last thing which was by far the hardest choice of all.  I was being guided to give up everything I had and completely start over.  So, I gave everything I had, that was useful to them, to the homeless and then did a lot of goodwill trips until I was down to a daypack and the clothes on my back.  I was then guided into the woods where I spent 2 weeks living off of berries alone because I hadn’t thought about saving some of that food for myself lol.  I did lose 20 lbs. 😊 During those two weeks I discovered how much more complex nature is than we had ever imagined and I was guided to places, I never would have found on my own, and shown behind the scenes various types of destruction that the church has led humanity in a completely destructive mind-frame without any consequences whatsoever for their actions.

I hadn’t realized until just recently that my entire life was an almost exact duplicate of Christs life and by that final step I took, I managed to lose all of the remaining bad attributes that Christ was teaching against.  I was at about the same level of thought process as Christ had been but I had decided to go further than that so I could understand nature itself and the power within that connects all of it.

As I get closer to it I believe that it is very logical and doesn’t have emotions of it’s own, yet it has had a lot of patience or forgiveness with humanity for their reign of destruction,  or maybe it just didn’t see it as a necessity yet to intervene, but now it has, and it is doing It, in many different ways, some of which I understand very clearly.

Autism is one of nature’s evolutionary ways of self-preserving young minds from the indoctrinations of society while getting them out of an educational system that is unethically and immorally feeding little children mind-altering drugs in the name of that educational system itself!  Anyone who allows this on their child doesn’t deserve to be a parent!  This will also force anyone who ever wishes to truly connect with their own child to start fighting back against their own indoctrination so that they can have a purer mindset like their child.

Each species of animals has been created with a purpose and many of those purposes had to do with working with humanity in one way or another.  But humanity has decided that it is above all other species and that animals have been created for their own entertainment of hunting them down and killing them for sport.

Humanity has become so dumb that they can’t even figure out that music artist, movie and series writers and many more have been guided in their writing, by the god in nature, to not only write in thoughts that help others to become aware of reality, but that they are also writing in, not prophecies, but warnings, of what is going to happen if humanity doesn’t start cleaning up its act.  The majority of movies and series today have messages within them from God as well as others that are almost being explicit and to the point of what is going to happen.

Humanity has been killing animals for sport, killing small creatures simply because they find them annoying, destroying massive amounts of life in the name of greed, and raising animals to slaughter just so that they may have the convenience of always having meat on the shelves, much of which goes to waste meaning many of those animals are being slaughtered for no purpose. Most of humanity has not shown any sympathy or emotion for their actions against nature.

All around the world animals are breeding at a much faster rate than they ever had.  At some point they will be given a directive to enjoy their next meal and I believe much of humanity deserves far worse than this so I will not show any emotions against fairness being served.

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer – This site will be exposing massive amounts of Truths that have been hidden from us. (wordpress.com)  https://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

– Doug Chandler #ActuallyAutistic