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All things that are hidden will be revealed to you – Unleashed

One of my Mentor’s said, in many different ways, ‘All things that are hidden will be revealed to you!

I’m pretty sure he wasn’t at the local strip club when he said that 2,000 years ago!

Here are a few meanings of this:

  • In a timeless way this means that lies eventually always lead back to the Truth! Because you can only lie so much before it starts becoming very obvious to everyone else what you are doing and once a liar is tagged as such, then it is very easy to find the Truth in their lies!
  • For people that think of life as a beginning and an end to everything! They are more than likely going to be led down a road that ultimately destroys their entire life! I believe that in your last few breaths of your understanding of a limited life, you will see the Truth! And that Truth will show you how you had been manipulated into a life of fear that caused you to not LIVE LIFE AT ALL! (I had a couple of emotional breakdowns just trying to type out this paragraph because all I could really think of is the Billions of people that each experienced this as individuals.) (The stronger your emotional breakdowns are, the more you are in touch with Reality and the more Honest you are with yourself) (Some are now being given a Gift of being born with this! I WAS NOT ONE OF THEM, BUT I AM NOW! Many of them take this Gift for granted or think it’s a problem! I had to fight AGAINST SOCIETY ITSELF AND LOCK MYSELF IN A ROOM FOR MOST OF MY LIFE TO BECOME WHO I AM TODAY! And tomorrow I will be a better me! And so on.., but I will never be perfect because perfect is a ’10’ when the highest number is a ‘9.99…infinity’! Be careful where you let fantasy and illusion lead you because a god that claims to be ‘perfect’ sure seems to want a lot! I would suggest that you remain aware of that god while you reach out and physically touch the Real one that is a part of us and the rest of Nature. If you want to believe in something you can’t touch over something you can, then that is your personal choice! Tonight I already cried for you and what you are going to realize in those last few seconds!) 100+ generations have already done what you are doing and they have died under the control of fear! It is a proven history of the church that tried to raise me, but I chose to Trust in the physical over Fantasy! This leads into the next reality.
  • He understood that eventually someone would do the same thing he was doing. “All things that are hidden will be revealed to you!”. Now I don’t have to go down this path revealing the hidden, like I have been doing, but I want to because I care about All life on this planet! If I ever stop caring, you will know, because the evil that is extremely focused on me, will start focusing again on the rest of the world! It fears me because I don’t fear it, which means I am a threat to its very survival. It can’t touch me physically which limits it very much! It is constantly trying to deceive me on about everything imaginable and sometimes it causes me to do things that are damaging to who I really am! I have a couple of bad personal habits that I can’t stop at the moment because I think it will put my body and mind into a weakened state where I will be far more susceptible to its deceptions. Because of my own mothers Love for me, it has been trying to use her against me for most of my life, but she believed in me! That belief is more Powerful to me than anything else is! And here I am!

Have a Great Day!

Reality Check for Christians – Unleashed

For those people who have followed the church and their ideas down that very twisted road, like I once did and my family still does, here is some information kind of useful to you.

Roughly 1,800 years ago the church put an order out that all of the writings that had anything to do with Christ were to be burned!  This was done so that the church back then could redefine who Christ was with their own definition of him.  One set of writings escaped them though and they were buried for around 1,700 years and were found in Egypt in 1946.  These are the only writings, known to have survived, that give True insight into who Jesus Christ really was.  And these writings were from his closest disciple Judas which makes them even more relevant.  The ‘Gospel of Thomas’.

Jesus Christ said in ‘The Gospel of Thomas’ that “the kingdom of my father is spread across the earth”, which is exactly where it was created in the first place!  The wording in ‘The Gospel of Thomas’ makes it very hard to understand but I have discovered that as I experienced most of what he was talking about that it is now very easy for me to understand because I can simply relate that wording to my own experiences.  Maybe if someone in the church actually tried to walk in Christ’s shoes, they would gain a clearer understanding of who he really was.  Because the more I learn, the more I am humbled by the very thought of how awesome God really is and what It had shared with us that is so Amazingly generous! 

You might have noticed that I often refer to God as ‘it’.  I know in the church some assume that it is a male and others assume it is a female.  So, here is some logic for the church, if God is the only one of its kind in the universe, then why would it be male or female when that would be a completely useless form without the other and it would also limit God to just being another crappy human?  Oh, that’s right, you take things like ‘made in its image’ a little too literally.  And don’t you think that if he made us to look like him and then wanted us to worship him, he would be viewed as a little conceited?  Sorry church, I don’t mean to confuse you with logic!  Also, he is considered by yourselves as being everywhere, which would be kind of impossible in a human form… without a proper explosion! Doh!

The church believes in angels, demons, and a God while at the same time they aren’t sure if there is any other life in the universe.  Really??

Because of my being the first one in 2,000 years to get as close to God as Christ did himself, and have gotten even closer, that I have received a gift from God that is a whole new form of wealth that makes all other kinds of wealth completely obsolete!  I don’t believe it has ever, in the history of our world, been given to anyone, but I think it will soon be available to anyone who will simply do what I’ve done and get close enough to God to earn its trust.  With my knowledge of how to get closer to God through becoming better every day than you were the previous, or as I also call it as becoming purer, I think others will be able to do, what has taken me the better part of 50 years to do, in just a fraction of the amount of time.

As the first to accomplish this in so long, much of it I had to learn through trial and error, because there was no clear set of directions and God doesn’t speak to us in our language as the language itself is too inconsistent in being able to use it to convey complete honesty and it is to slow as God speaks to me through my thoughts in which a single thought could be hard to describe in 1,000 words.  God is far more efficient than we are and also in thoughts we have to think and figure it out for ourselves rather than just following some form of directions which would cause us to stop thinking for ourselves.

Through my entire life I followed Christ’s teachings of solidarity in which case I never got into any relationships nor did I ever have any children which I wanted so badly.  Because both of those would have distracted me probably for the rest of my life in which case, I never would have reached this point or even close to it.

My sacrifices throughout my life hardly seem significant next to the shear immensity of what I have been given!

I will fill you in on this amazing gift sometime later when I feel it is a good time to do so.

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“I am a steppingstone in life,

So, let me guide your feet,

Onto the path of truth,

To get to the next level,

Of existence!”

– Doug Chandler

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Christ-Like Strengths Built into Autistics Part-1 – Unleashed

Logical: – Christ taught to question everything, that you are being told, and to never accept ideas in ignorance, like most today have done!  When you question ideas to determine if they are True or not, you are being Logical!  Never accept illogical ideas as Truth because that simply doesn’t make any sense.  Consider all illogical ideas to be lies until the person/entity with that idea can prove it with logic.

Autistics are extremely logical, and logic is how we determine absolute Truths!  If an Autistic sticks to only ideas that they have determined is completely logical and doesn’t waste any of their mind-space on illogical thoughts, then their intelligence will just keep skyrocketing and they will keep setting New standards for intelligence itself!

Christ was very logical, something that the church didn’t realize about him because they don’t teach from his most advanced teachings because they are not in the Bible.  Christ’s ‘secret’ teachings were written down by the one disciple that Christ actually trusted, and Christ saw in Judas a man that was following the best he could in Christ’s teachings while the other disciples couldn’t seem to keep up.

Christ saw an earlier version of himself in Judas and so he gave Judas a private education that the others wouldn’t have been able to comprehend.  The ‘Gospel of Thomas’ was where these teachings were written down by Judas, but the church has completely ignored those teachings because just like the other disciples, the church lacks the ability to understand those teachings.

Christ was not religious in any way and he referred to a Power within Nature, that created all of nature, that was also very logical!  In the translation of the Bible, the church placed the name ‘God’ on the power that Christ had spoken of.

Kindness: – Christ was always thinking about others rather than self-focusing (self-loathing) that most people tend to do!  Thinking about yourself causes you to think small while thinking about everyone else will cause you to think Big!

Autistics are extremely Kind and thoughtful of others, just like Christ was!

Our current educational system is NOT for Autistics and by submitting their minds to that system, it will cause irreparable damage to their higher functioning brains!  The current educational system will cause Autistics to lose their intelligence!

To be continued…..

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“Answers in life are simpler than most can imagine,

Because it is our own imagination that causes us to not understand!”

Doug Chandler

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I Don’t Consider Myself Better Than Anyone Else – Unleashed

I do however consider myself more intelligent than most when it comes to ‘Life’ itself because that is mostly what my Mentor (Christ) had taught how to live and so I have done just as he said and have passed him up in some of the understandings he had, but not all!

I also consider myself more intelligent in the subjects I talk on because I taught myself on those subjects through my own life experiences and observations of other people!  In other words, my thoughts on these subjects are based on experience in Real Life rather than on theories that are simply there to back someone’s personal belief that they had been indoctrinated into!

The whole indoctrinated idea in our society that if you are ‘First’ in something, that you are better than the rest, is total bullsh!t!  I may have gotten, in my thought process, to where I am now first, but that was eventually going to happen by someone.  I just happen to be that one based on my choices in life!  I guarantee you that doesn’t make me any better than anyone else and everyone has the potential to exceed where I have gotten too, but first people need to stop letting society control them through the ‘limiting of potential’ society is very good at placing on us!

There are so many subjects out there, with categories within each subject, that I Honestly don’t know anything about!  This is one of the reasons I want others to become ‘Honest with Themselves’ because until they do that, they can’t be ‘Honest with Others’!  And once someone else becomes very Honest with Themselves and can then be Honest with Me, that is when it is going to get really exciting because we will be able to teach each other, in absolute Honesty, everything we each know to be True, at a speed of education that has not been seen on this planet for thousands of years!

Here is a little logic, that many people will probably disagree on, because of an unnatural indoctrinating idea that they have been taught, Pride.  Mostly the prideful idea that if they are older, they must then be wiser than anyone younger than them!

Virtually any 10-year-old has at least one experience in life that they could teach anyone else!  And that is based off of Pure logic!  And I know that just about any 10-year-old could teach me something, but our indoctrinating society has said that those kids’ thoughts or ideas have no Real Value which is completely the opposite of the actual Truth!  Because, contrary to the church’s line of BS, those children were born with the ‘best of morals’ which are being trained ‘out of them’ by the society that was created by the church!

OK, so in short, I am trying to get anyone started off on a much quicker personal growth than I have accomplished because I want people to pass me up in as many things as possible so that they can talk down to me, something I will take in stride and learn from, rather than getting mad at them for talking down to me.  I don’t give-a-sh!t about pride because I understand how much it limits peoples logical thought process, that they were born with, but got indoctrinated out of using!

One of the reasons I talk down to a lot of people is because I am trying to destroy another indoctrination practice that is destroying humanity!  That is indoctrination is to just always be nice to everyone!  The absolute best way to get an idea through to someone is to simply piss-them-off and then they will spend a lot more time thinking about it, oftentimes right up to the point that they realize it was True! LOL!

So, I don’t piss off people because I hate them, it is really only so they will start thinking about what I was trying to say!  It is a very effective strategy that most don’t realize is ONLY a strategy to help them understand something about themselves that is lacking in Honesty!

If you understand that then you either already knew that or you just learned it, in which case I can say that you are now learning Psychology, which is something I taught myself!

The Absolute Amazing Beauty in being able to learn like I do now is completely beyond any description I can possibly describe!  It is something I know anyone who took my advice and did it, would thank me for the rest of their life, for convincing them to ‘just do it’!  And I would be thanking them, for the rest of my life, for actually listening to me, while it just flies right over the heads of many others!

I personally hate commercials because they are designed to take advantage of us, but there is one companies ‘Motto’ that is Absolutely True when it comes to doing anything that has Positive Value!

That shoe-makers Motto is “JUST DO IT!”!   Because through this process you will learn more than you EVER could than just studying it in some kind of classroom!  That is the TRUTH our educational system Doesn’t want you to know!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

  • “Answers in life are simpler than most can imagine,
  • Because it is our own imagination that causes us to not understand!” – Doug Chandler

Scroll-5 Praise to the children of Mine

God (The Power within nature) is constantly testing us to see if we will make enough of the right choices that will get us closer to God itself.  Jesus Christ passed most of these tests which got him close enough to the God of nature, that he was able to give God a voice, that we could more clearly understand.  Then Christ started teaching people how to do exactly as he had done so that they could experience the same closeness to God as he was experiencing as he said on many occasions that anyone could do what he has already done.  Unfortunately, the church isn’t able to comprehend Christ’s teachings because of their own self-deceptions that have been causing them to get dumber as time goes on.  The church in its absolute confusion, isn’t the sharpest spoon in a bucket of knives.