The Truth About Honesty – Unleashed

Written 5-22-19 When you become honest with yourself, You start to eliminate the contradictions in your own mind, Which helps you to think clearer, Which also increases your intelligence. Through honesty you will become more aligned with nature itself, Which causes a state of ‘Heaven’ in your mind. You will become happier than you haveContinue reading “The Truth About Honesty – Unleashed”

Common Characteristics of Those Who Wrote the Bibles Stories – Unleashed

They lived morally good lives and always wrote on their time-frames version of the Truth which is actually very hard to understand in our current time-frame since our own definitions of words, etc. have changed so much in thousands of years! Here is the secret though that the church doesn’t want you to realize: TheContinue reading “Common Characteristics of Those Who Wrote the Bibles Stories – Unleashed”

Your Own Birthday Is A Self-Deception – Unleashed

We’ve been taught that we are born, or came into existence, the day we left the womb!  By telling others when you were born, you are not only lying to them, without knowing it, but you are also being self-deceptive to yourself! The Dictionary gives this definition for ‘Born’ as of Jan. 2, 2021; theyContinue reading “Your Own Birthday Is A Self-Deception – Unleashed”

Why I Am Against Christianity – Unleashed

There are a lot of good people in Christianity but those people in their naiveness are being taken advantage of! One of these ways is through illogical magical stories meant to impress them with fascination! They don’t call them magical though but instead call them miracles to make it sound more divine! One of theContinue reading “Why I Am Against Christianity – Unleashed”

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