New Thoughts and Poems!

“If you believe in nothing, then I guess you have found your calling. Your name will be written down, In a book where nothing ‘Matters’! Congratulations on becoming something.” – Doug Chandler A god that expects to be worshipped, Can easily be Controlled, Just take away his worshippers, And now he has nothing! – DougContinue reading “New Thoughts and Poems!”

The Truth is a Virus – Unleashed

Written 6-9-19 To those that want to Control the world and everyone on it, the Truth is a Virus that simply CANNOT be stopped! As people worldwide start realizing the Truths about themselves and those who have enslaved their minds for so long, their own anger will have those in Power running for their lives!Continue reading “The Truth is a Virus – Unleashed”

The Power of Belief – Unleashed

Written 5-19-19 The Power of Belief is often used against us in everyday life in order to profit huge corporations and to Control us! A study was done quite a few years back where roughly 50% of the people being admitted into hospitals didn’t actually have anything wrong with them, but it was because ofContinue reading “The Power of Belief – Unleashed”

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