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The Truth is a Virus – Unleashed

Written 6-9-19

To those that want to Control the world and everyone on it, the Truth is a Virus that simply CANNOT be stopped!

As people worldwide start realizing the Truths about themselves and those who have enslaved their minds for so long, their own anger will have those in Power running for their lives!

This will be a worldwide event that won’t stop until those who are responsible for these atrocities against humanity are dealt with!

By sharing this sites content (The Truth) with others, you are helping to exterminate these very corrupt individuals from the face of this planet!

This will help to create a much more Honest world in which the rest of us can live to our potential without the negativity that has held us down for so long!

“Because in Truth, I’d rather die Free doing something worthwhile than sitting around on my ass doing nothing!” – Doug Chandler

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“I am a steppingstone in life,

So, let me guide your feet,

Onto the path of truth,

To get to the next level,

Of existence!” – Doug Chandler

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Banned from The Internet for Telling the Truth About Autistics – Unleashed

This news outlet that has been telling the Truth about Autistics in the workforce appears to have been banned from the internet by their own ISP.  I had copied the below news article just a couple days before they disappeared.

In this article they were talking about the benefits of having Autistic people in the workforce which is going completely against what my worthless piece of sh!t government wants people to think.  Yea, this government, that I am just 1 of 300,000,000 slaves to it, wants everything to be diseases whether it is True or not, and usually it is not!

This should be shown plainly in that group ‘Autism Speaks’ that is derogatory against Autistics and comes out of America!  One of the ways to identify groups or companies like this is they will often have names that are oxy-morons or contradictive to themselves.  How many Autistics do you know that tend to be chatterboxes?  Yea, because Autism doesn’t really speak much!

Autistics say more in their silence than this group ever could with all of their BS!

Anyways, the below article I had originally copied because I wanted to reword some of it, so it was more straightforward or direct!

The RED Parts are the ones that

I reworded in BLUE directly below it!


Neurodiversity at work benefits everyone – why companies are hiring autistic people

A few of my favorite fictional characters embody Spock and Seven of 9 from Star Trek, Dr Martin Ellingham from Doc Martin and Shaun Murphy from The Good Physician. Aside from being good at their jobs, they’re all thought of to be autistic by the autism neighborhood.

It’s no coincidence that what makes these characters so good at their jobs are traits related to autistic or non-neurotypical folks. Leaving apart The Good Physician’s and Seven’s savant talents, they’re all logical thinkers, curious, evidence-based choice makers, tenacious, persistent at fixing issues and centered. They provide totally different views and don’t succumb to the form of groupthink or non-evidence primarily based choice making that lands many firms in hassle. (Reworded Below in Blue)

They’re all logical thinkers (higher intelligence than illogical thinkers), curious, realistic, tenacious, perfectionist and centered.

Autistics provide realistic views and don’t give in to fantasy-based choice making that has been indoctrinated into our society by the church itself.  (The church has over time taught people to make decisions, based on the church’s own fantasy, that completely lacks any evidence.)

Their tendency to be direct and trustworthy in social interactions can typically get these characters into sizzling water. But it surely additionally stops them getting slowed down in workplace politics. And it’s for all these causes that, in the actual world, a rising variety of firms are seeing the worth of hiring autistic folks. (Reworded Below in Blue)

Autistics tend to be honest and trustworthy in social interactions, something not common in the typical workplace.  Because of their own honesty and trustworthiness, they don’t get caught up in or waste their time with useless politics.  And because of their honesty and efficiency in the workplace that, in the real world, greedy companies are wanting to hire them.

Expertise firms similar to Microsoft and Dell have autism hiring programmes. The hiring course of tends to concentrate on the technical talents of candidate and consists of observing team-building workouts.

Different organizations are going additional, aiming to alter perceptions and spotlight the advantages that hiring folks with alternative ways of pondering can deliver. German software program firm SAP launched an initiative in 2013 to recruit extra folks on the autism spectrum and showcase the advantages they convey to the corporate. Their chief govt, Christian Klein, says:

Organizations are additionally

SAP groups who’ve colleagues with autism report an increase in patent purposes, improvements in merchandise, and a rise in administration expertise and empathy.

That is because of the curiosity of autistic folks, a capability to memorise massive quantities of knowledge (Reworded Below in Blue), see patterns in addition to element and a dedication to get the job executed. New methods of seeing issues have led to improvements for the corporate. These successes have thrilled managers and inspired them to look past the neurotypical ability set.

They have the capability to memorize massive amounts of knowledge because of their ‘clarity of mind’ they maintain by not accepting indoctrinating or corrupt ideas into their mind like most other people do, which then slows down their thought processes.

Room for enchancment

Regardless of these clear advantages, participation charges of autistic folks within the workforce is low. It’s 32% within the UK (16% full-time) and 38% in Australia, regardless of the overwhelming majority of unemployed autistic adults wanting employment and having expertise to supply. In lots of different nations, there is no such thing as a knowledge – autistic folks of working age are invisible.

Choice processes for jobs typically emphasises eye contact, small discuss and rapport, which may result in employers lacking out on autistic candidates. So-called comfortable expertise could also be sought and judged when they don’t seem to be required or not an integral a part of the job, even the place they’re trumped by work ethic, technical and notion expertise.

Autistic folks don’t at all times match into current workplace dynamics.
fizkes / Shutterstock.com

Some think about folks on the autism spectrum to be refreshingly direct and trustworthy. However autistic folks will be thought of impolite for his or her direct manner of speaking. This isn’t as a result of they don’t care about others, they simply may not reply to folks in the best way that neurotypical folks count on. (Reworded Below in Blue)

Some people think that Autistics are refreshingly honest and trustworthy.  But other people think it’s impolite for Autistics to ‘tell it how it is’ which tends to hurt the neurotypical folks feelings.

Latest analysis by Catherine Crompton and Sue Fletcher-Watson “discovered that autistic analysis individuals communicated extra successfully with each other than combined teams of autistic and non-autistic folks”. This exhibits that autistic and non-autistic folks have totally different expectations about communication and social interactions. (Reworded Below in Blue) They assume, really feel and talk otherwise.

When you put two people together that are at the same intelligence level, they communicate effectively better than mixing up different intelligence levels.  Putting Autistics together in the workplace gets things done quicker and more efficiently because they don’t place any importance on wasting time or their mind on social interactions that typical people like to do.


Did I do ok with my rewording?

There are so many other Autistics out there that are so much better than me at writing that I love to get their critiques and advice! 😊

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler

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