Cleaning Up America – Unleashed

I, Doug Chandler, am homeless in America and I understand that the majority of the homeless do not like holding signs because it makes them feel guilty about the ‘getting something for nothing’ idea! So, here is an idea that can be passed on to other homeless by anyone who reads this!  By working togetherContinue reading “Cleaning Up America – Unleashed”

Passing on Positivity – Unleashed

A couple of years ago I had made up some business cards that simply said on one side ‘Give Someone a Hug today” and on the other side it said, “Pass It On”! I lived in North Bend, WA at the time and figured this was a good way to bring a little positivity toContinue reading “Passing on Positivity – Unleashed”

A New Positive Educational System – Unleashed

A NEW Positive Educational System Will Start with Intelligence Intelligence is the ability to process information, in your mind, without having to navigate around conflicts in your mind. Most conflicts in our minds are unnatural ideas that are promoted by various aspects of society. This is why children learn faster than adults because these unnaturalContinue reading “A New Positive Educational System – Unleashed”

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