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God speaks to each of us in thoughts that we have to translate on our own into what we believe is being said. We will reason with ourselves within our own mind. The result of doing this can have you hearing voices!

The drugs for this are meant to suppress your reasoning abilities and pretty much God for that matter. Too many people listening to the True God (Power within Nature) can become a problem very quickly!

Some people are very good at this translation process and are quick enough to actually put both sides of this reasoning process into audible phrases and they will walk around talking to themselves and are often committed because people think they are crazy.

These people are simply Amazing at how efficient they are at this! I’ve heard the voices most my life but I never talked about them to anyone. I just keep all my reasoning and translations with in my own head! I have never been fast enough to reason out loud like that anyways!

Having been homeless in Seattle, I watched a couple of these individuals before I completely understood what was going on. These people are more of a danger to themselves than anyone else because they are so focuses within themselves that they will walk right out into traffic without even realizing it!

In the homeless way of life, they tend to protect one another and when someone is doing this, people will just haul them around, wherever they go, while protecting them from hurting themselves. You can actually learn a lot from listening to them, plus by understanding how someone else’s ‘thought process’ works, you might just learn a little psychology!

They make for great teachers than just keep going on and on! Surprisingly they don’t repeat themselves much either!

Whether you are Bipolar or considered to be crazy, they will give you something to take away your reasoning process and probably even put you in a controlled environment where no one else will hear or learn from you!

Just another Truth about our Captors!

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The Truth About Big Pharma – Unleashed

Former DEA Prescription Head Drops a BombShell — Congress Protects Big Pharma & Fuels Opioid Crisis

Written 5-29-19

I don’t think it’s a secret anymore that Big Pharma is the Biggest drug dealer in the world!

They have co-opted with the US Government to attain a level of drug dealings that has exceeded every other drug dealers’ accomplishments in the history of the world!

They’ve even convinced an entire country to allow them to sell their drugs through an educational system to kids as young as the age of 7, and amazingly to do it legally!

So, to celebrate their twisted accomplishments, I have come up with some good mottos for them that they live by on a daily basis!

Big Pharma – We got the drugs, if you got the money!

Big Pharma – Dedicated to getting your kids addicted to the Newest drugs!

Big Pharma – Dedicated to prolonging your agony, but NEVER finding a cure!

Big Pharma – Creating, out of nothing, ‘disorders’ & ‘diseases’ as fast as we can!

Big Pharma – The All-American Pimp, for the people!

“Big Pharma, feel free to use any of my motto’s if you ever decide to become Honest with ‘The People’!”

Do you realize how many different disorders/diseases they have created over the years just so they could then get people on a pill for that ‘problem’?

Then they create an ad that uses very basic and common symptoms, like for the common cold, get you to self-diagnose yourself because you have that very common symptom, and whaaa-laaa, you now have the newest disorder out there!!  Congratulations!

It is absolutely hilarious some of the things people fall for in this country!

Have a Great Day!

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“-We define our own limits! –

If all you see in a reflection is YOU,

Then that is all you can change.

If you see all that is around you,

Then you can change anything!”

-Doug Chandler