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Evolution Created by The Church – Unleashed

Thank you, church, for your participation in helping humanity to evolve into a mentally stronger species!

Your own deception and lies are what caused this evolution into a better future that won’t be including the church!

I find it humorous as well as ironic that the one entity that was so much against evolution, was the entity to cause evolution! LOL 😊 (I’ll write on this evolution sometime soon)

So, church, keep looking up while judgement itself is wiping all of you out right here on Earth because as I keep saying, God is right here with us, around us, and within us!  If you have a problem with that church, that is ok.  Feel free to keep it to yourself and on your way out, please close the door behind you!  Because once you are gone, I can guarantee you that you WON’T be missed!

So, have fun with my little Virus buddy as it wants to play, and you are its main target!  You avoid taking responsibility for your own actions while following an idea of a god that is actually enabling you to be irresponsible.  You are, by definition, your own fool!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

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“Let’s laugh at life,

While we live to laugh,

So that each day,

Will bring a funnier tomorrow!” – Doug Chandler

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Autistics Enhancements Over the Rest of Humanity Explained – Part-2 – Unleashed

–Continued…. From – Autistics Enhancements Over the Rest of Humanity Explained – Part-1 – Unleashed  https://truth715870163.wordpress.com/2020/12/31/autistics-enhancements-over-the-rest-of-humanity-explained-part-1-unleashed/(opens in a new tab)

-In my last writeup on this subject I listed 2 of the strengths that nature has enhanced Autistic Individuals with!  1 of those enhancements was one of the first things that Jesus Christ had taught to get closer to the God of nature.  For Autistics that great attribute is simply built into them!

3. A very large part of the Autistic community writes about their own thoughts as well as their own experiences in life!

This is a huge step in Autistics becoming even stronger because when you write like this you will uncover indoctrinating ideas that made their way into your mind without you even realizing it!

(This is how I originally became ‘honest with myself’.  After growing up for 47 years in America, I found that roughly 80% of my life was built on lies and finding out this much Truth in such a short period of time made me feel like I was going crazy!)

And so, the Autistic writer can review their own writings to identify any self-deceptions or contradictions that they put down in writing!

Then they can easily wipe those indoctrinations out of their minds!

This will result in them becoming very True or Honest to themselves and at this point their own minds will start exploding with creative ideas and solutions to problems!  (The bigger you think, the more you will find solutions to some of the major problems in our world!)

Autistics are going to very quickly solve all of the problems that the church, governments, and their affiliates have created!

4. Autistics have an increased awareness of seeing the Truth in people around them which causes them to not want to associate with regular people because they have accepted these indoctrinating ideas that the Autistic individual is not so quick to accept into their life!

Most Autistics don’t even realize yet that this is why they want to avoid other people!  It is simply their increased connection with the God of nature that is helping to protect them from going in the same direction that the rest of society has been going in for almost 2,000 years!

While the rest of humanity is becoming slaves to their own governments, and becoming even dumber in the process, Autistics will start connecting with other intelligent life like themselves and by connecting with other Autistics, their intelligence will sky-rocket even further!

(Since I actually put myself into an Autistic state on purpose, I am able to write on the various ways that I did it so if anyone else wants to expand their mind that isn’t Autistic already, can use my writeups and do the same thing I did! I just need to finish them and get a little more organized.)

To Be Continued in Part-3….

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“Let’s laugh at life,

While we live to laugh,

So that each day,

Will bring a funnier tomorrow!” – Doug Chandler

#ActuallyAutistic #Unleashed #Evolution #God #Truth #Church #Indoctrination #Inspirational #Motivational #Intelligence #Honesty #Autism

Autistics Enhancements Over the Rest of Humanity Explained – Part-1 – Unleashed

  1. This is why Autistics emotions are suppressed!

Indoctrinations in the world today have gotten to be so intense that no one has had the mental strength to ignore those indoctrinations that use your own emotions against you!  Advertisers and others are now in households putting unnatural thoughts and ideas into children before they have even learned how to speak!

Autistics won’t just simply accept these indoctrinations because they were told to do so!

Since they are not blindly accepting this corruption into their own minds, they are maintaining a clearer thought process that makes them more intelligent than the rest that did accept those indoctrinations without question!

(Notice something about this trait?  The first thing Christ taught was to question everything and to not accept anything in ignorance!  So, one of the first things built into Autistics is a ‘Christ’ like attribute!  Whether you believe in Jesus Christ as a man who did the best that he could to bring awareness to the people of his time or not, it really doesn’t matter because what we believe never changes the Truth!  Someone should have told the church that a long time ago… lol)

2. Autistics think for themselves and use logic to determine if something is True or not!

They have an enhanced strength of using logic on everything which is Great in today’s world of illogical ideas.  The only way you can get an Autistic believing in a religion is by convincing them to blindly trust someone and to stop using their ‘logical thinking’ they have been gifted with. 

God gave them a stronger sense of logic for a reason and once they stop using it their own intelligence will start going downhill because they aren’t meant to just accept unproven or illogical ideas.

To Be Continued…….

I will continue this with ‘Autistics Enhancements Over the Rest of Humanity Explained – Part-2 – Unleashed’https://truth715870163.wordpress.com/2021/01/03/autistics-enhancements-over-the-rest-of-humanity-explained-part-2-unleashed/

and will explain even more of the enhancements that Autistics have been given.  Although I am Autistic, I am one of the only ones that wasn’t actually born with these Evolutionary Enhancements, as much as I wish I was.

Have a Great Day!

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

  • “Let’s laugh at life,
  • While we live to laugh,
  • So that each day,
  • Will bring a funnier tomorrow!” – Doug Chandler

#ActuallyAutistic #Unleashed #Evolution #God #Truth #Church #Indoctrination #Inspirational #Motivational #Intelligence #Honesty #Autism

The Truth About Evolution and How It Has Never Stopped Part-1– Unleashed

We have the ability, through our connection with God (The Power within nature itself), to create evolutionary changes on this planet and we do every once in a while, although we have almost come to a stand-still because of an entity that doesn’t want to see change, or progress, because that change will ultimately end up wiping out that entity!  (I’ll talk more about this entity later)

Every once in awhile we hear about an animal being taught something and then, all of a sudden, the rest of that species around the world knows what the one animal was taught.  This is evolution, on a very small scale, happening right before us.  This is because a human had connected better with that Power within nature, than most are even capable nowadays, because we have gotten so far away from respecting nature, that nature doesn’t generally trust humanity anymore.  Basically, what is happening here is that someone trained, what nature thought was a good idea, into an animal and then the Power within nature took that training to the next level and passed it out to the rest of that species causing a small part of evolution for that species almost overnight.

Today, Nature does not trust humanity because not only have we been accepting indoctrinations that create irresponsibility that are tearing us away from nature itself, but we have also been evolving technologically while disrespecting and destroying the rest of nature in the process.

Now, for those who believe solely in the standard idea of evolution, that we evolved from monkeys into humans, what do you think was able to rewrite the very building blocks of our DNA strands in order to do that?  It would have had to have been an intelligence within nature itself that made our current level of intelligence completely obsolete 10’s of thousands of years ago, if not more.  In other words, something within nature itself, far more advanced than humanity, has been making changes at a molecular level, from the beginning of life on earth itself.  Some might say that it just happened that way.  Yet for each part of evolution, it kept improving from the previous state it was at, which means that it would have had to have an intelligence, because the shear complexity of something to continue to just happen in a specific order like that is not only astronomically impossible, but it wouldn’t make any sense, unless a higher intelligence was involved.

Let’s say that this argument was finally won over to this side and everyone just agreed with them.  Now what?  Because the perceived knowledge from this doesn’t change anything really which would mean that the argument itself was simply meant to waste peoples time so that they wouldn’t be doing something more beneficial in the current timeframe that might have made some progress.  The only thing it would be doing is proving the other side wrong, but that is it.

And then there is the other side of this argument with their ‘all-powerful’, ‘all-knowing’, and perfect God who’s shrink I recently talked to that confirmed that he had several emotional issues, psychological issues, as well as an abundance of low self-esteem.  This would explain why an all-powerful God would create a species of life that is far less than a flea farm to himself and would then whine about how great he is and that those fleas should all submit to his power and worship him like good little fleas should all do or else he, in his love for them, will send them to an eternal damnation of living out their worst fears for eternity.

And then, in his ultimate ‘Perfection’, he has to have a flea bear a son for him, that son grows up and then starts running around teaching people a bunch of logical ideas that are against the church and their irresponsible ways and then ends up getting crucified on a little flea cross by the government and church that he was pissing off.  A total disaster that was the result of an ‘All-knowing’ God not using his ‘all-knowing’ superpowers when apparently, he needed them most.  And in doing all of this he creates a storyline that is completely illogical, for some reason I’d think that a perfect God could actually make sense, and then relies on some of the fleas, who have proven themselves to be completely unreliable, to go out among the rest of the fleas and save them from the unpredictable mood swings of God himself.  No one ever considered that maybe it was just that time of the millennium and that if he is acting like he has the maturity level of less than a child then maybe this could all be solved by someone simply going out and buying him a flea puppy.

Because an all-powerful god that needs to talk about his own greatness and threatens fleas to get them to do his bidding, while hiding in a flea-made building from the True God of nature, seems to have all of the attributes of a wanna-be god.  This god is all talk, nothing more, and he steals content from the God of nature to claim as his own.  His only existence as a god is in his follower’s imaginations that are constantly being spurred on by the church itself.  If he was so perfect, then why didn’t he correct his mistakes a long time ago?  Because imaginations can only do so much with their imaginary powers.

The church uses some common deception practices to gain followers which is reflected in their overall financial values of the richest entity on this planet through collecting money in God’s name!  How convenient for them.

The church has taken a great idea of giving 10% of our food, etc. to those in need which would have kept the entire world fed and changed it into the give 10% of your money to the church in its greed, thereby helping to create worldwide starvation.  As long as the church isn’t starving, it’s all good.

That entity I was referring to earlier is obviously the church.  The church has brought our entire planet to a stand-still with their indoctrinating and illogical ideas being portrayed on governments, educational systems, corporations, etc. and those ideas keep people from thinking freely, from creating progress, and most of all, from creating evolution that would take us into an exciting future that isn’t being held down anymore by the church’s message of degradation and instead of sitting around doing nothing while waiting for their ‘god’ to come save us from our own species irresponsible actions, we would move forward past petty belief systems like this that were designed to hold us down.

God (The Power Within Nature) that Jesus Christ referred to, doesn’t really care what we each believe, as long as we understand that in believing illogical ideas, those ideas themselves will corrupt our thinking process and limit our own intelligence, and that if we are ok with being dumber than the rest, then that is your free-choice, just keep that idea to yourself and die an honorable death by not passing on a belief to others that lacks logic or any sense of reality.

The church has been disrespectfully portraying their beliefs onto other people by telling them what to believe while manipulating them into that belief system with a bunch of fantasy-filled stories made to impress people, even though none of those stories can be proven.  The church also will deceive people by finding a single little element of an idea that may be true and then once they get that through to people, they then build an elaborate and impressive story around that element expecting people to believe the entire story because of that one single truth within it.

Disrespect is one of the first thing missionaries for the church do and they don’t even realize what they are really doing because they actually believe that they are out in the world serving a god that is so illogical, that simply believing in its existence causes them to hardly be able to think logically themselves anymore.  Simply put, when you believe in illogical ideas, you then lose your ability to be logical yourself.

The missionary goes into every conversation assuming that he is right and whatever the others believe is wrong!  By definition, that is disrespect in itself!

That missionary then starts manipulating those people by telling them fantastic stories designed to back-up their original ideas.

There are a few problems with this!

  1. All of these stories are illogical.
  2. None of these stories can be proven.
  3. And they often take things out of context and present them as if they were fact.
  4. Example:  The church will tell you, to impress you, that 500 people saw Jesus alive again after his death, as if they have 500 actual original testimonials of people who saw him alive.  What the church conveniently fails to mention here is that 1 person wrote that in which they are placing that ‘fact’ on the assumption that this writer was incapable of lying!  They themselves believe the Bible is entirely True because of song designed to indoctrinate children into that thought process!  Where Indoctrination Starts in The Church – Unleashed – https://wordpress.com/post/truth715870163.wordpress.com/576

And then there is the exact rounded off number of 500!  Have you ever tried to count even close to that many people wandering around without losing track of your count and having to start over?

Some will say that maybe that person just exaggerated or rounded that number off to 500!

There is now an even bigger problem then!

At some point the word ‘exaggerated’ was built into our language to cover up the Truth of what it really was.  That word means ‘lying’!  It is a softer version of the word so people don’t realize what they are really doing!  It’s not hard to find people that will imply that it is ok to exaggerate, but not to lie.  This is self-deception simply by saying this when the two words aren’t looked at from a logical perspective.  There are a ton of words in the English language that do this very same thing of causing people to be self-deceptive without even knowing it.  This causes peoples intelligence to decrease every time they use words like this because we were never taught to discern common values among words themselves.  These may have purposely been put there or the people who created the words were already dumb enough to have no idea what they were doing.

So, if a Pastor says that the number 500 could just have been an exaggeration, then he is admitting, without even realizing it, that the Bible is not all True!

One of the great things that I find very amusing about lies is that the more you expand on a lie with an explanation, the more obvious it becomes that it is a lie.  The same thing applies to the Truth!  And now you may understand why the church doesn’t like to be asked honest questions.  Honest questions deserve honest answers and in order for them to provide honest answers, they have to deny the very belief system in which they themselves were indoctrinated.  Pastors have to much Pride in order to do that!

Continued soon with Part-2….

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“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler

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