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Here Is the Ultimate Truth Today – Unleashed

You want the reality that is affecting our entire lives today because of most people’s acceptance into a completely illogical idea?

People today have been raised in a society that believes in a man-made God, the hides in a man-made building from the true God that created all of nature!

The reason the God of nature doesn’t make a lot of noise like the God of the church is because the God of nature isn’t putting himself on a pedestal saying that he is better than everyone else, but instead respects us, there by providing an example for us to live by, so that we will also respect other nature!

The God of the churches example is to lead by hypocrisy, deceit, and lies too con people into worshiping him!

So which God do you think has more power?

The loudmouth one or the silent one?

The one that tries to dominate over everyone or the One that respects us as individuals?

The one that says he loves us then threatens us with an eternal life of agony (Deceptive), or the One that encourages us to think for ourselves and not accept illogical ideas like the other one is putting out (Honesty)?

The one that claims to be perfect yet created humanity who isn’t perfect or the One that claims no such thing?

Who’s hiding from who?

The God of nature understands that it is vastly more intelligent than the God of the church, so I don’t think It even considers that the God of the church is a threat to it!

The think the God of nature just looks at the God of the church as being a bump in the road.

Maybe I should get off God’s bus for a minute and level that bump! 😊

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

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