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The Fall of The Church – Unleashed

The fall of the church is inevitable and they can cry and whine all they want since they are so good at that! 🙂

It’s ok, learning from the 2,000 years history of the church and how they have done absolutely nothing but destroy over 100+ generations of people for their own profit, is the sick reality of that history!

Some times you must wonder how stupid people can be, to believe that BS, after that long of a history of absolutely nothing, even though they have ALWAYS taught that God was just around the corner to their believers!

Sorry guys, but God has been ‘window shopping’ on mars for the past 2,000 years! He tried to buy that ‘doggy in the window’ on credit but alas, he has no credit because the church has forgotten for 2,000 years to deposit money into his account that they have been collecting for those 2,000 years!

Damnit Church, maybe if you’d follow through with your money collecting and sent your God some, he could afford a shuttle to Earth!

Then we could all look forward to your God wearing tights and doing his best ‘Peter Pan’ impression, looking like Gandolph, coming down out of the clouds, bitching at us just like the church does!

It should be very entertaining to say the least! 😛

I wouldn’t really expect him to ever show his face though because the church’s god Fears his own judgement! Last time I saw him he was hiding from Nature behind the second pew back! Not only that, if Casper could actually show his face, he already would have!

Just an observation!! LOL 🙂

Have a Righteous Day!


Things That Didn’t Make Sense to Me While Growing Up Under the Indoctrinations of the Church (9) – Unleashed

The Church says that the Bible is completely True!

In Romans 13 it says that ALL government officials are sent from God! (I will explain Romans in another post)

Which would mean that ALL our presidents were sent from God and ALL government officials in other countries are sent from God also!

Too bad All these people ‘sent from God’ can’t ever get along!

My accumulated questions can be found on this page…. https://truth715870163.wordpress.com/home/church/

Why God Doesn’t Speak to The Church Anymore – Unleashed

I often hear Pastors say that God doesn’t speak to us anymore!

And they are partially right!

God doesn’t speak to THEM anymore because of how far they have gotten off track with their own illogical belief system!

The church would say to this, “No, God doesn’t speak to anyone anymore!”

And this is a Perfect example of why God doesn’t speak to them anymore!

-They Practice Greed, not only in collecting money, in God’s name, from all of their followers, but also wanting to ‘be the link to God’ and trying to be the middleman between God and all people, in their own Greed for Power!

-They then Practice Pride very well in the fact that they consider themselves to always be right and then get mad when they are proven wrong!  Anger is derived from pride!  They won’t even consider actually using logic on their own beliefs because that would prove that Christ’s own teachings of ‘Don’t accept anything in ignorance’, he actually taught for a very good reason and by ignoring that teaching, pastors have become who they, and now expect others to become just like them by ignoring that teaching also.  In other words, they expect people to believe what they teach, without question, which is the irresponsible way they got to where they are in the first place.  And their will be very few Responsible pastors that will actually consider that their whole life was indoctrinated into them by someone else they looked up to, who also did the same thing.

-If you insult the church at all they will get all mad about it!  As I mentioned before, anger is derived from Pride, which means, their ‘God of Wrath’ is Practicing what he is against!

-In their hypocrisy they judge everyone while teaching, “judge not lest ye be judged!”  They take advantage of everyone!

God knows that if It spoke to them that they would simply change the message to fit into their own illogical beliefs so that they could continue in taking advantage of mostly children, naïve people, and people that are in hard times who are more open to the church’s illogical ideas!  Even homeless people aren’t safe from the church because the church will feed them and give a place to sleep, but only if you participate in their re-indoctrination program!  Because most people, when they become homeless, they lose greed because all they really are trying to do is survive, they lose pride because they stop caring about what others think of them, etc. so this all needs to be indoctrinated back into them by the same church who started the indoctrination in the first place.

So ya, the last people that God will talk to are the leaders of the church!

After reading that the church will Practice a whole lot of hate on me, rather than forgiving and forgetting like they teach!

So, if you ever wondered what’s wrong with your church, I just listed a few of the things! And that is why

(The reason I refer to the True God of Nature as an ‘It’, is because there is no logical reasoning for It to be male or female, other than that in our minds we would think of god as an individual, which makes it harder to understand that God is in all living things.  So, I do give the creators of this indoctrination a little bit of credit for being somewhat efficient in the process.  The only real problem for them is that bullsh!t is never Truly consistent and that is why the church is going to start crumbling away like it was just a ‘Bad Habit’!)

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“I am a steppingstone in life,

So, let me guide your feet,

Onto the path of truth,

To get to the next level,

Of existence!” – Doug Chandler

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The Church Almost Got Wiped Out Recently Part-2 – Unleashed

It would have been a permanent ending to the church in every way possible!  And after people saw what happened to the church, the concept of it would have never again been accepted by people on earth.  Other smaller belief systems would have also crumbled as their followers saw this example and started questioning their beliefs.  All religions on the planet would have been completely wiped out forever and I wouldn’t have had to become a blueprint for the God of Nature to use in the design of the Evolution of humanity to start protecting their minds from the church’s indoctrinations!

The Church Almost Got Wiped Out Recently Part-1 – Unleashed https://truth715870163.wordpress.com/2021/01/07/the-church-almost-got-wiped-out-recently-part-1-unleashed/

Continued…from Part-1

Jesus Christ was born and raised in the largest empire the world had ever seen controlled by the indoctrinations of the church!  He was at the center of the worst country in the world!  It was by being at the center of his opposition that made him stronger and while everyone else was taking the easy road by just accepting their grim reality, he always took the hard road and fought against the tide of ignorance.  Like a diamond he shined among his peers and he taught everyone he could how to think for themselves and ignore the degrading indoctrinations of the church!  He was going in the opposite direction as everyone else.  While everyone else was slowly getting further from the God of nature, he was getting closer to God.  He made a mistake by losing control of his anger, flipping over merchants’ tables, which pretty much signed his death warrant.  His teachings helped to destroy The Roman Empire and almost the church.

I was raised in the current largest Empire the world has ever seen and my entire life I was fighting against the indoctrinations of the church and my country was the most indoctrinated country on the planet.  At the same time, I was also constantly trying to do the right thing, and as a perfectionist, I was always improving how I did things.  When I made a mistake, I tried to improve from it and not do it again.  When I saw others repeating the same mistakes over and over, sometimes I’d say something, and I would get this, “but we’re all sinners’ response and I realized people were just using that idea to simply never improve.

I hated church because I could see how people were being hypocrites within their own lives and not even realizing it.  Too many things about the church just didn’t make any sense and I was often told to just have faith in this perfect God that didn’t make any sense.  So, I avoided church as much as possible but still ended up going for quite a while because my parents were more or less hard-core Christians.  I spent many years in private schools where I got tired of having the Bible shoved down my throat and having to memorize verses from the Bible that many of them, I noticed were easily taken out of context because of the stupid numbering system someone had written into it.

I found it odd that for how much Christianity relies on Christ himself, you’d think that they would be more interested in what Christ was teaching over this other idea that was created by the church!  I guess that’s just the control that the church has over its followers.

Pastors will often say that God doesn’t talk to or inspire us anymore!  Yet today God is inspiring and guiding more people than he has ever done.  He just doesn’t talk much to those in the church because they are so far-off track with all of the lies, they are living.  If he did talk to them, they would only screw up the message by trying to assimilate to into their own lies.

It is too bad because there are a lot of good people in the church.  But it is their choice to accept ideas in ignorance like they have done.  Unfortunately, this is going to lead to most of their deaths.  They are so set on everything happening the way the church has told them that they can’t even recognize the Truth, that is right before them and everyone else in this country.

You see, God spoke of bringing accountability to those who can be held accountable which excludes children.  So, while Christians are looking up, waiting for Peter Pan to come down out of the clouds and scoop them up and take them to safety, they are getting wiped out by God and they don’t even realize it!

Maybe church you shouldn’t be looking up to some god that is kicking it on the moon, instead of paying attention to the God of Nature that is all around you and is serving up accountability on a little tiny platter that you can’t even see!

God is in all of Nature!  The Virus is part of nature!  The Virus does not harm animals, because they are innocent, children, because they are too young to be held accountable, and so they only people left for the Virus to concentrate on are adults!  And you notice how it is hitting the hardest in the worst countries in the world with the US being the leader!  People who align themselves with Nature have nothing to worry about, but the rest of the people I’ll just have to say, “Goodbye!” too.

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

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“Let’s laugh at life,

While we live to laugh,

So that each day,

Will bring a funnier tomorrow!” – Doug Chandler

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