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Government Division Tactics 101 – Unleashed

When a government is causing so many problems, mainly from over-taxation (50+% of every dollar earned) then they must keep their citizens divided so that those citizens don’t start uniting and dealing with the REAL problem at hand!

One of the signs of this ever growing problem is the economy itself! When Millions of families are becoming homeless because they can’t afford their own governments irresponsible spending habits, then not only does the economy lose these taxpayers, but it becomes even harder on the now less amount of taxpayers and the government then has to tax even more in order to leech off of those few remaining taxpayers!

This is a constant circle that just keeps getting worse and worse! The government will try and fool its citizens into believing the economy is getting better so that those citizens don’t start doing the simple math involved to realize the Truth!

So, the idea here is to keep the citizens minds preoccupied through division tactics so that they never get to the realization that they are being fukt over! The US Government is currently the world’s #1 Leader in using these tactics against their own citizens!

A recent Presidency used the tagline ‘Make America Great Again’, but are we sure we want our own government to be Greater than it already is?

Before you start defending your own government, as you have been programmed to do, consider this NEW information about OVER-TAXATION that is starting up in Washington State!


In the Seattle area (King County), your trusted government doesn’t believe that 50% in income and spending taxes is enough for them to survive! So, in a couple of months it will become law there that THE GOVERNMENT WILL GET 20% OF ALL PRIVATE LAND SALES!

That is total insanity, yet it is going through because the citizens don’t have the Power they have been lead to believe that they have!

Plus most of those citizens are being distracted by simple division tactics like media causing division through hate and other negative ideas! Politics divide them through their own self-labeling and then arguing endlessly over stupid sh!t! The Truth here is that Both Replublican and Democrat leaders work for the same government and must do what is in the best interest of their employer!

And you can always be distracted by a voting process where you believe you are getting a say in something! Yet, then those leaders claim fraud on each other through corrupt voting that is controlled by the government! So they don’t even have any honor much less can Trust each other! But then the citizens watch all this happening and still Trust their own government! This is what we call in the Autistic world as being completely illogical!

For a month now the media has kept most Americans minds occupied with the whole ‘Afghanistan news’!

Maybe people need to start asking ‘Why’ to themselves and start thinking about what is happening all around them rather than just accepting anything they are told!

Honest Americans would spread this information to help other citizens understand the Truth! Are you an Honest American?

Have a Great Day!

Things That Didn’t Make Sense to Me While Growing Up Under the Indoctrinations of the Church (7) – Unleashed

The church used to teach us to obey our government, you know, the one they created!

I’m not sure if they still do that, but in times of war that would make no sense because there are Christians in every country which means it would be Christians killing Christians!

Not a very thought out plan if ya ask me!

My accumulated questions can be found on this page…. https://truth715870163.wordpress.com/home/church/

Raised in America Means You Were Raised by The Church – Unleashed

A lot of people won’t want to admit this, but the proof is in everything around us and within our own lives!

Everything about America started with the church and the church has put a few thoughts into society to try and be disassociated with the monstrosity that it has created, or it could be the government trying to get away from the church, either way, they both can see that the other one is about to crumble!

“separation of government and church” and “separation of church and state”

So, the only question left to ask here is, “Which one should get their ‘Crumble Cake’ first?”

I was thinking of starting a ‘poll’ for this giving you the Power to make the most influential vote in the history of the world, of who gets their ‘Crumble Cake’ first!  This vote would be the first and last vote that you have ever made that actually mattered, and the funny thing about that is, that it only affects the order in which they get their last meal!

Proof that the church is the entity that created America!

-Every day of our lives is based off of the calendar that the church created out of its illogical beliefs!

-Thousands of years of history are based on a timeframe (b.c. and a.d.) that is centered on the church’s ideas.

-Your own birthday is an illogical idea created by the church. (Your Own Birthday Is A Self-Deception – Unleashed – https://truth715870163.wordpress.com/2021/01/03/your-own-birthday-is-a-self-deception-unleashed/

-Our own government and its judiciary system has you swear on the Bible.

-Our entire monetary system has on every piece ‘In God We Trust’ in reference to the God of the church.  And the church being the richest and most powerful entity on the earth got there for a reason!  Because the church ‘Loves its money’!

-The entire public educational system used to have the Bible in it.

The American Empire, created by the church, is the largest empire this world has ever known!

The U.S. Government, through using its own citizens like ‘cash cows’, has control over most of the planet!

The larger the U.S. Government gets, the harder it is going to fall, and it is not going to affect the rest of the world NEAR as much as it is going to affect The United States of America!

The problem here is that most of the U.S. citizens, who are clearly OWNED by the government, have been hiding for decades, like mice, in their houses afraid to so much as make a squeak!  Some might say, “That it is never too late to squeak!” and I would say to that, “This is how people think who have brains the size of a mouses!”

Some may call me a ‘smart ass’, which is kind of lacking in definition.  Calling me a ‘Honest Smarter Than Average Ass’, would be far more appropriate and to the point! 😊

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“Let’s laugh at life,

While we live to laugh,

So that each day,

Will bring a funnier tomorrow!” – Doug Chandler

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Companies That Suppress Technology Out of Greed – Unleashed

About 5 years ago I went online and bought a $20.00 LED flashlight from China or Japan!

This light came with its own rechargeable battery and the option of being able to replace that battery with 3 AAA batteries.

This light was extremely bright and was of better quality of any flashlight I could find on American shelves for under $80!

They also claimed that you could recharge this battery up to 500 times!

So, having been raised in America, where a claim like this would probably not be true, I decided to test this out!

2 years later I had almost reached 200 recharges when I lost the flashlight!

I hadn’t seen any diminishing quality in that battery with all those recharges!

I’ve bought several rechargeable LED flashlights in America, costing up to around $80.  None of them got over 20-30 charges before they were experiencing some kind of problems with the battery or light itself.

These are low-quality rechargeable products being sold in America on purpose to keep the technology suppressed here!  I will explain this in my next story.

Remember what our country stands for?  Greed.  And to see what companies will resort to for money might just make you a little sick.

About 40 years ago when I was around 10, I remember going into a store to buy some batteries for something.  I remember finding regular batteries and also rechargeable ones that cost about twice the price.

Obviously, that within the past 40 years technology in America hasn’t advanced enough to create a far superior rechargeable battery, like the ones being sold in many other countries in place of disposable batteries!

I guess all those other countries just have far superior technology than we have here in America.

There is actually a couple of reasons why those countries have thrown out disposable batteries for rechargeable ones.

  1. Those countries care more about the environment than we do.
  2. Those countries have far more responsible governments than we do.

So, 2 very unethical battery companies (The bunny b!tches and the copper crappers) and 1 very sleazy US Government had to work together for decades to make this work out right!

None of these 3 cares about the environment whatsoever and all 3 are accomplices in ripping off the American people for decades!

You see, with our government it is always about finding ways to get us to spend more so that they get that much more in taxes.

Using my flashlight as an example:

  • Taxes would have only been collected on the original $20 I spent for the flashlight.
  • Taxes would have been collected on up to $1,500 worth of disposable batteries.

Our government would have had to keep out the competitors, from other countries, off of American shelves because this competition would have crushed these 2 companies with far superior products.

The 2 companies would have had to suppress technology in America for rechargeable batteries so that they could keep selling ‘Mountains’ worth of disposable batteries!

So, for decades our government and these 2 companies have worked together to rip off the American people, year after year, in the name of money!

I’ll tell you this.  This is only a ‘drop in the bucket’ compared to all the other things they have been doing to take advantage of the American people!

I guess the only thing left to say here is, “How long are we going to let them keep trampling all over us before we decide to get up off our asses and do something about it?”

That question has remained unanswered for far too long!

Are we ready to start dismantling our thieving government?


-Doug Chandler

The Awful Truth About Success in America – Unleashed

There seems to be a lot of ideas that are padded with ‘soft’ words which help to keep us from understanding the underlying meaning of those words.

So, we,

  • Make Money
  • Earn Money
  • Money Trades Hands

In order to get a dollar, someone else has to lose that dollar.

What that means in reality, since success in America is based on how much money you make, is that success in America is based on how much money you can take from others!  And when I say others, I mean your fellow Americans.

That is pretty messed up and this is the description of greed which is what our country actually stands for.  Not a very positive thing to stand for but almost everything in our country is based off of it.

So, for every dollar earned, that dollar must be taken from someone else.  This is a very important concept to remember because it explains what is really going on in our country.

We ooo & ahh at billionaires fore their success but don’t think about the reality behind what has actually happened for them to become billionaires.  A billion dollars is a lot of money and in order to accumulate all that money, it had to be taken from other people.

Here is my question,

“How many people and families were completely destroyed in order for a billionaire to attain that much money?”

This is reality and we are Americans who are rarely in touch with reality because our own government, media, church, corporations, and educational system are all working together to keep the masses ‘out of touch’ with reality.  They do not want you or I to understand the Truth!

When we do start to question something, on a large scale, they will find a way to distract us until most of us forget about it!  In order for this to work right, what they are distracting us with HAS to be much bigger than what they are distracting us from.

Anyways, so you understand that in order to earn a dollar, someone else must lose that dollar!

—-With That Understanding—-

Now I am going to tell you what is going on in America and you will be SHOCKED!

In America we have,

  • The Lower Class
  • The Middle Class
  • The Upper Class

Small and family owned businesses are mostly in the Middle Class and they are the ones that built this country!

-Remember, to earn a dollar, someone else must lose that dollar.

  • This is being proven right now on a massive scale!

Let me explain!

There are more billionaires in America today than there ever has been in the past!

–Our government has allowed us to learn this information.

–Our government does not want Americans to understand the other half of this story.

So, we have more billionaires than ever before, and we have, at the same time, more Poverty & Homeless than we have EVER HAD BEFORE!

These huge corporations are either monopolies or are soon to become one when they merge with another huge corporation!

Our government is allowing and participating with these corporations in tearing apart our country and this is because our government wants more control over Americans!  These corporations are wiping out almost all of the small and family owned businesses, the businesses that are keeping our government from having more control!

So, here is what has happened.

  • The Lower Class is now in extreme poverty or just 1 of the millions of Americans that have been driven into homelessness!
  • The Middle Class has started becoming the lower class!
  • And the Upper Class has become richer than ever at the expense of the rest of Americans!

-The lower class, those making minimum wage, could not any longer afford to live while paying a government 50% of their wages through income and spending taxes!

-Our government never gave them a break from taxes so that they could survive, but our government did save a financially irresponsible car company from going under at the expense of taxpayers!

I hope people are starting to understand why our government needs to be dismantled.

They pass down deceptive information once in awhile saying our economy is improving!  That is total BS because it has been going downhill for a long time and our government is the main force that is driving our economy into oblivion!

Without them and their ridiculous spending habits, Americans would only have to work ½ of the hours they are working now for the same amount of money.  It would be the biggest boost to our economy in our history.

The only thing we would have to replace is the leaders because the infrastructure is already there, and all of that government property is ‘the peoples property’ as we paid for it all.

Something to think about!

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer – This site will be exposing massive amounts of Truths that have been hidden from us. (wordpress.com)

-Doug Chandler