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A Long Time Ago (Version 2.0) – Unleashed

(This poem has been updated to remove some inaccurate information and correct wording)

(Poems that evolve over time is a Unique idea that was created here)

(A world run by women is an idea you will find at the end of this poem)

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A long time ago,
My government started a game with me,
And since this world is my playground,
And they are the biggest bully I know,
I’ve decided to start with them first,
And play that game they have always wanted.

So, I wrote a letter to Mr. Trump,
Warned him of his inefficiencies,
Told him he’d never sit in that chair again,
Then asked him if he wanted to play a game.
I am very efficient with my time,
Which is why I only wasted less than 40 hours,
To fulfill my promise in that letter,
And End the career of President Trump.

I understand that talk is cheap,
And mostly reserved for Politicians,
I’m too Honest to make promises,
That I know I’ll never keep,
I’ll leave those promises up to government leaders,
So that they can be efficient at something too!

I’m not scared to put my thoughts in writing,
Like every government leader should be required to do,
And then just imagine if those writings followed you around,
Forcing you to remain consistent in your thoughts,
Then when you decide to be deceptive to an entire country,
That sign would be right there with you,
Causing you to either stick to the Truth,
Or be an obvious liar to the masses.

I am the Truth, that’s what I am,
Not a politician, “I do not like them!…Sa..”
Oh hey Dr. Seuss, you’re looking a little sick.
“It’s from the green eggs and ham!”
Maybe you shouldn’t eat them,
Or any other chemicalized foods,
Constantly being ‘passed’ as safe for eating,
By our ‘friends?’ in the FDA!

At this rate I’ll be moving on,
To another playground within a year!
Because I am the Truth,
And unfortunately for them,
They started this game,
With the One that made them!

“Oops!”, They said,
But it’s a little late for that,
“It’s too bad!”, I thought,
That they never thought of ‘thinking’ first,
Because what they lack,
I have too much of,
And what I lack,
They will never get,
Because I didn’t come here to hand out Mercy,
Too a bunch of government goons!

Since most others are afraid to play,
I will use their intelligence also,
To put a swift end to this game!
But it won’t really be the end,
Because there is always another game to play,
Somewhere else on my wonderful planet!

So, I wish them lots of luck,
They are certainly going to need it,
As I show them the Power of One Autistic,
That put himself into that state,
An example to all and one,
Of what anyone could actually do,
If you ever decide to stop letting them,
Manipulate you and hold you down!

Ignore their whining and immature fighting,
And stand up for the God of Nature,
Because respecting the Real God has its benefits,
Like walking all over weak governments,
Because you can never build something strong,
While being deceptive and financially dependent,
On a country of people that are busy sleeping,
But are very slowly starting to wake up,
It’s really not becoming an option anymore,
As society starts crumbling all around them!

You’ve got to admit it is very amusing,
That one simple thought spread around creatively,
Had the Power to Wipe out a Billionaire,
And it all happened for under $100!
They must find it very annoying,
That some broke guy keeps coming back,
After kicking that Billionaire to the curb,
To keep reminding them the Reality of it!

It’s really not about the money,
Although it is extremely funny,
How they waste millions to get there,
And then get kicked to the curb with a couple cents,
I guess that just shows the True value,
Of this worthless political system,
Along with the government itself,
That were both created by the church!

Because this broke guy is just getting started,
Kind of bored but passing the time,
While people are dying through their own judgement,
From the Power that originally created them.
No one can seem to do the math,
Why that little, tiny critter of Nature,
Only kills human adults and leaves those alone,
Who will not be held accountable for their actions.

If you people had learned at least a partial Truth in church,
You’d stop looking toward the church’s answers,
That are always beyond your reach,
And come back down to Earth where God has always been,
And for the first-time start thinking about,
Your own children and their futures,
Give them a crash course on ‘Respecting Nature’,
So, they won’t have to die just like you!

Those who respect Nature, should not fear it,
For those are the ones, who will be the last left,
Once Nature gets done with its selection process.
Those of you who drive fear into your own children,
Through your own fears of the Truth,
I’d suggest you stop doing that, so you aren’t killing your kids too.
Just look at it from a more Positive point of view,
Because it is going to kill the government too.

You should be happy to know the absolute Truth,
That your children will have the opportunity,
To grow up in a world Free from tyranny,
With REAL leaders that they can actually Trust,
Leaders that are here already but don’t get out or say much,
Society looks down on them as if it has that right,
They don’t really care much as they don’t feel it is worth it,
To let the dead bring them down with them.

But when they are really needed most,
They will silently come from out of their solitude,
And be the kindest people in the world,
To the children who have lost everything,
Their strengths are often seen as weaknesses,
By a society of self-focused inbreeds,
Not that this is that much of a problem,
Because I thought my cousin was hot too.

Now I have just one quick question,
Who the fuk got me started on this?
Just a couple of weeks ago,
Because now I’m having a blast,
Writing Poems that lack in rhyme,
If you want to call them Poems at all.
At least they are entertaining,
With a side of simple Truths.

– Doug Chandler

The Creator:

The God that created us is also a part of us,
The Creativity in the process was very Unique,
As well as the Originality itself.
As I become closer to God and share this body,
I’ve found that I am becoming very creative and original too,
Becoming One with my own creator,
Something I think we were all meant to do,
And in return God is sharing with me,
Ideas that I can share with all others,
Because sharing is a default by Nature.
And so, there is another brick,
That has been removed from the wall!

– Doug Chandler

A Long Time Ago (Version 1.0) can be found here – A Long Time Ago (Version 1.0) – Unleashed – The Truth Has Never Been Clearer (wordpress.com)

The Letter I wrote to President Trump can be found here – https://truth715870163.wordpress.com/2020/11/09/letter-to-the-president-unleashed/

The World Under Women’s Control – https://underwomencontrol.wordpress.com/

Exploring from an ‘Honest Point of View’ what the world would be like if it was run by women!

— The world would be subject to a lot of improvement as well as a little Humor!

-I have discontinued the above blog because I had way too many blogs going! :\

“Answers in life are simpler than most can imagine,

Because it is our own imagination that causes us to not understand!” – Doug Chandler

Random Thoughts And Humor

Random thoughts mostly from the past week!

“When you write on ideas that offend people,
Simply because they take it personally,
That just means,
That it was meant for them!” – Doug Chandler

I have grown up under the ‘Original’ guidance of Jesus Christ and have now become the ‘Modern Day God’ that he had struggled to become! 😛

The Church preaches against Pride, but then they constantly practice what they preach against!
So, I like to antagonize them while making them prove my point!

My brothers (Christ) last thoughts were….

“Life is short,
When you are,
Hanging around,
On a cross!”

“By doing something constructive
We can accomplish Great things,
By doing nothing constructive,
We become a waste of space!”

“To Think Big,
We must ask ourselves,
What we can do for others!
To Think Small,
Just ask yourself,
What you can do for yourself!”

“We are the result,
Of the choices we make,
So if you ever want to improve,
Just start making better choices!”

“Simplicity is the KEY to Intelligence,
While Complexity is the KEY to Stupidity!
One day you will be surprised,
To understand how True that really is!” – Doug Chandler

In the REAL world,
Life is to short,
To be a Whiner!

If anything I say pisses you off, that is OK.
This just means that you have taken it personally.
This is a good thing because I have got your mind in motion.
Now you are going to be thinking about it until you get a clue!

Sorry for being so Honest!

I have bowel movements whenever god reaches down and gives me a big hug!
I guess he doesn’t know his own strength!

When I go to appointments, I always seem to forget something when I leave!
Just the other day I went to the dentist to get my last tooth cleaned!
On my way home I had that feeling once again that I had forgotten something!
Sure enough, for the second time in a row, I had forgotten my underwear there!
Not a very professional business if they can’t even remind their customers to take all their clothes with them when they leave!

They say, “Once you go black, you’ll never go back!”
I love my 3 creamer, 2 sugar, 1 hot cholcolate, flavored coffee!
I’m glad that saying came with a warning!
Or I might have gotten stuck drinking bitter coffee for the rest of my life!

From one ex-pornstar to another,
Its not the size that matters,
Its how you play golf with it!
Because 18 holes in a row can get very tiring!

Back in the day we were healthy alcoholics!
We would fill a barrel with cut up fruits,
Pour in a bunch of different types of whiskey/hard liquor,
Let it soak into the fruit,
Then get completely wasted off of eating fruit!
For those born yesterday, 😛
It was called a Spodie!

“It’s how we take our failures in life,
That defines who we are!” – DC

I got into an argument with myself the other day and I won the argument!
That was a first!

The last Political debate I saw on TV was of Trump and Biden!
I just thought it was the NEW Beavis and Butthead series!

Have a Laughable Day!

Masks – When To Wear Them – Unleashed

I’ve always found the above picture of a guy wearing a mask in front of a wall that says ‘No Fear’, all over it, completely hilarious! 😛

In each of the following cases it might benefit you to wear a mask:
  • When you are robbing a bank!
  • When you are Streaking through your neighborhood and don’t want your neighbors to recognize you!
  • For Halloween!
  • When you don’t want to have a voice anymore! If referring to Politics, well, you never really did so why start now?
  • During extremely heavy sandstorms!
  • To be Zorro!
  • There are many cultures that wear them for entertainment purposes!
  • Many cultures use them for Ceremonial purposes!
  • In America we believe, for some weird illogical reason, that masks will protect us from Nature when Nature is simply leveling the playing field on humanity! It is even Biblical, but the church, that has given it a different description, can’t seem to figure out the obvious! Why is Nature (God) only killing humans and not any other of Nature, or very many children for that matter! Hmm, it’s right there in that book you rely on so much!

Oh Well, Most of you are only human! 😛

Have a Maskless Day!