Things That Didn’t Make Sense to Me While Growing Up Under the Indoctrinations of the Church (2) – Unleashed

Why would a God, that expects us to be responsible for our actions, send his son to die on a cross for our ‘bad actions’, which takes away from our own responsibility, thereby enabling us to be irresponsible? Is God practicing Hypocrisy? My accumulated questions can be found on this page….

People are funny! – Unleashed

Written 6-21-19 It is amusing that people will say that ‘Anything is possible’ and then when presented with ideas that are against their own beliefs, they will completely disagree! Doesn’t anyone else see the hypocrisy in this? A lot of people in church would say that “anything is possible” and that was my queue toContinue reading “People are funny! – Unleashed”

The Truth about Many Song Writers – Unleashed

written 5-26-19 The church is going to love this reality…. LOL Since God is everywhere, as the church teaches, he is also in everyone!  The church actually stops at the God is everywhere because in Truth this alone destroys the church in its illogical way of thinking! God is Truly in All Living things andContinue reading “The Truth about Many Song Writers – Unleashed”

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