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Only in Our Illogical Society Is This Possible – Unleashed

About 5 years ago, living in North Bend, WA, sharing a house with 2 other people, I was walking though the living room and one of my roommates was watching a series that was based on trying to find Bigfoot!

I normally don’t watch this stuff because if they were real, with the fact that almost everyone has a cell phone with good quality picture and video capability, there should be a ton of very clear pictures and videos to support an idea that has been going on my entire lifetime!

And whether it is True or not, it doesn’t change my life any, so I prefer to either watch something that interests me or find something constructive to do!

But something caught my attention, so I stopped to watch it!

They were announcing that they had invited onto the show a 20-year Professional Bigfoot Tracker!

I could just hear in my head all of their viewers ooo’ing and ahh’ing like my roommate, even though there was nothing that had actually been said yet that was impressive!

So, I was waiting for the punchline of him having caught up to Bigfoot, in order for him to have acquired the title as a ‘Professional Bigfoot Tracker’!

The punchline was not what I had expected and the reality of it caused me to have to leave the room because I was laughing so hard!

The ‘Professional Tracker’ admitted that he had never caught up to or personally seen Bigfoot!

Apparently, their viewers weren’t as bright as that cold and shiny piece of coal in the campers firepit!

With millions of viewers, they had to have known something about their viewers before they even attempted to pull that rabbit out of the hat!

I give this guy an A+ for persistence towards a goal for that long, but when a guy fails at something for a full 20 years, then a more appropriate title would have been ‘Professional Failure At Tracking Bigfoot’!

The fact that he has earned this title through 20 years of total failure, is beyond me, because he is tracking something that he can’t even prove exists!

This idea opens up a lot of doors!

I could see them in 20 more years handing out awards to a bunch of ‘Professional Trackers’ that have never caught up to what they were tracking.

..And this 20-year Professional Tracker has been tracking ‘Tribbles’, and this one over here, she’s been tracking ‘Smurfs’, and this one…. OMG, he has been tracking ‘Darth Vader’, and this one over here, oh wait, we’re sorry Bob, but you have only been tracking ‘Alf’ for 19 years!  Just 1 more year, we believe in your ability to fail at this, you can do it, and you will be able to join the ‘Elite Ranks’ of our Internationally known ‘Professional Trackers’ who are all going to get their group photo on the front of ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine entitled, ‘If you ain’t smoking something, your probably not going to get this’ and ‘just turn to the last page of our magazine for this Featured Article’!

Had I known this was even possible, I would have combined 20 careers, failed at everyone for 20 years, while becoming the first man ever to become a ‘Professional’ in so many categories!  Yaye Me!! 😊

Have any of you seen the movie ‘Idiocracy’?

That movie predicted a future like this!

Have a Great Day!

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“Let’s laugh at life,

While we live to laugh,

So that each day,

Will bring a funnier tomorrow!” – Doug Chandler

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