Writing Truths – Unleashed

Written 5-25-19 I write on Truths Daily, and these Truths are based on my own observations of the lies we are presented with daily through society! I don’t expect you to simply accept whatever I am presenting you with, but to instead ‘Think for Yourself!’.  This is an idea that the church, our government, etc.Continue reading “Writing Truths – Unleashed”

Inspiration, Truth, And a Little More About Me – Unleashed

Throughout my life I have almost always tried to ‘keep the peace’ or at least avoid conflict because I had realized that one side was never always right, and so I avoided choosing sides because I didn’t want to stand for the ‘wrong’, or ‘Lies’ on either side, but I certainly wanted to stand forContinue reading “Inspiration, Truth, And a Little More About Me – Unleashed”

Wisdom – Unleashed

Written 6-8-19 “Wisdom is gained thru the understanding of life’s experiences!” The simple Truth here is that if you don’t have a personal story to back up the Wisdom you are imparting onto others, then you are simply repeating what someone else told you, like a parrot would do! How do you know if whatContinue reading “Wisdom – Unleashed”

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