Indoctrinations We Are Living Today – Unleashed

Marriage is an Indoctrinating idea! What it says is that we can only Love one other person! Most people, including myself, would think almost immediately that without marriage it would be one big orgy! Associating Love with sex is also an indoctrination! But I want to talk about Marriage in this writing! It takes twoContinue reading “Indoctrinations We Are Living Today – Unleashed”

Truth About Intelligence – Unleashed

  We all know that children learn fast and there is a good reason for this, although it is Not commonly known!   Intelligence is the speed at which we process information!   This speed of processing information is slowed down though as conflicts arise in the person’s mind!   You see, the more societyContinue reading “Truth About Intelligence – Unleashed”

Writing Truths – Unleashed

Written 5-25-19 I write on Truths Daily, and these Truths are based on my own observations of the lies we are presented with daily through society! I don’t expect you to simply accept whatever I am presenting you with, but to instead ‘Think for Yourself!’.  This is an idea that the church, our government, etc.Continue reading “Writing Truths – Unleashed”

Christ-Like Strengths Built into Autistics Part-1 – Unleashed

Logical: – Christ taught to question everything, that you are being told, and to never accept ideas in ignorance, like most today have done!  When you question ideas to determine if they are True or not, you are being Logical!  Never accept illogical ideas as Truth because that simply doesn’t make any sense.  Consider allContinue reading “Christ-Like Strengths Built into Autistics Part-1 – Unleashed”

I Don’t Consider Myself Better Than Anyone Else – Unleashed

I do however consider myself more intelligent than most when it comes to ‘Life’ itself because that is mostly what my Mentor (Christ) had taught how to live and so I have done just as he said and have passed him up in some of the understandings he had, but not all! I also considerContinue reading “I Don’t Consider Myself Better Than Anyone Else – Unleashed”

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