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Logical Religious Quiz – Unleashed

How long do you think the church would last if they Responsibly taught people to ‘Think for themselves’ before indoctrinating them into accepting their own beliefs in Ignorance?

Yes that is a ‘LOADED’ question! It’s loaded with a couple of very logical Truths!

Have a Logical Day!

Truth About Intelligence – Unleashed


We all know that children learn fast and there is a good reason for this, although it is Not commonly known!


Intelligence is the speed at which we process information!


This speed of processing information is slowed down though as conflicts arise in the person’s mind!


You see, the more society feeds lies and deception into children’s minds, the less intelligent they become because they need to navigate around all the BS in order to solve problems!


Essentially what this means is that we lose our intelligence as we get older and allow more conflicts into our minds!


As we get older, we try to attain knowledge through books, etc., but if we can’t process this information clearly, then how are we to know if the knowledge we are gaining is True or not?


And when you assume something is True that isn’t, then that creates another conflict in your mind lowering your intelligence just a little more.


Assuming that a book is entirely true without questioning its contents based on our personal life’s experiences, is like assuming that everything you are taught online is True also.


And if you believe nowadays that everything online is true, then you are just as big a fool as someone who assumes that a single book is entirely true without the logicality of the ideas in the book itself!


So, just because somebody said so, doesn’t mean jack-sh!t!


At least in real life it doesn’t!


Have a Great Day!


The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/


“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

Things That Didn’t Make Sense to Me While Growing Up Under the Indoctrinations of the Church (5) – Unleashed

In ALL other aspects of life, when someone has an Honest idea or business, they want to be asked Honest Questions, because in answering those questions straight forward, they strengthen that idea or business!

The Church is the only exception to this! They talk about how ‘Honest’ they are but then can’t back-up their own ideas with ‘Honest Answers’!

When you ask Honest or Logical questions of the church, they just seem to get really confused!

My accumulated questions can be found on this page…. https://truth715870163.wordpress.com/home/church/

Christ-Like Strengths Built into Autistics Part-1 – Unleashed

Logical: – Christ taught to question everything, that you are being told, and to never accept ideas in ignorance, like most today have done!  When you question ideas to determine if they are True or not, you are being Logical!  Never accept illogical ideas as Truth because that simply doesn’t make any sense.  Consider all illogical ideas to be lies until the person/entity with that idea can prove it with logic.

Autistics are extremely logical, and logic is how we determine absolute Truths!  If an Autistic sticks to only ideas that they have determined is completely logical and doesn’t waste any of their mind-space on illogical thoughts, then their intelligence will just keep skyrocketing and they will keep setting New standards for intelligence itself!

Christ was very logical, something that the church didn’t realize about him because they don’t teach from his most advanced teachings because they are not in the Bible.  Christ’s ‘secret’ teachings were written down by the one disciple that Christ actually trusted, and Christ saw in Judas a man that was following the best he could in Christ’s teachings while the other disciples couldn’t seem to keep up.

Christ saw an earlier version of himself in Judas and so he gave Judas a private education that the others wouldn’t have been able to comprehend.  The ‘Gospel of Thomas’ was where these teachings were written down by Judas, but the church has completely ignored those teachings because just like the other disciples, the church lacks the ability to understand those teachings.

Christ was not religious in any way and he referred to a Power within Nature, that created all of nature, that was also very logical!  In the translation of the Bible, the church placed the name ‘God’ on the power that Christ had spoken of.

Kindness: – Christ was always thinking about others rather than self-focusing (self-loathing) that most people tend to do!  Thinking about yourself causes you to think small while thinking about everyone else will cause you to think Big!

Autistics are extremely Kind and thoughtful of others, just like Christ was!

Our current educational system is NOT for Autistics and by submitting their minds to that system, it will cause irreparable damage to their higher functioning brains!  The current educational system will cause Autistics to lose their intelligence!

To be continued…..

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“Answers in life are simpler than most can imagine,

Because it is our own imagination that causes us to not understand!”

Doug Chandler

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God is Logical – Unleashed

This ‘Power’ (God) within Nature itself is very logical and doesn’t consider the species of human to be any more important than another species for instance the squirrel species.  It treats all species as equals when it comes to maintaining a balance that humanity has been throwing off by their own lack of respect for the rest of nature.

This Power (God) does not have emotions like humanity does, but when a human truly connects and understands this Power within nature, then that human becomes the emotional side of that Power and that person’s knowledge and intelligence will start to expand far beyond those who lack that connection.

This is where you start to understand that we (humanity) are all born back into this world, not necessarily as the same species, and what we are reborn as is dependent upon our own level of participation in creating a better world for nature to live in.  The idea behind this is not only the most sophisticated justice system in existence, because your next life is dependent upon how you live this one, but it is also, if clearly understood, the reason why most people on this planet would make their best effort to improve the world knowing that they are also improving their own future lives as well as their children’s.

Utopia – 10 Miles ahead

Eventually the world would move back into the utopia it was before an evil started taking advantage of some of humanities weaknesses.  (I will write more on the Truth behind this evil for those I believe are on a level of comprehension (thought process), that they can actually deal with this depth of reality through their own understanding) (This evil accesses each of us at will and tries to convince us into making bad choices in life.  Those who stick to only making choices that are positive and respect the rest of nature will be the ones that start to limit how often those ethereal creatures can gain access to them and eventually they won’t be able to access you at all, except for very fleeting moments, because to remain in someone who is on a path of returning to a purer state of mind, like we were created, is almost certain death for that creature itself.)

Connecting with the God of Nature

Jesus Christ had connected with this Power (God) and had he not been crucified by the church and Roman government; he would have wiped out the entire church also while making sure that it was never able to return to any kind of position of power without it very quickly being recognized by others for what it truly was and ultimately being destroyed very quickly before it got the chance to start doing what it is doing in the world today.

The True History of The Church – Unleashed – This is the True history of the church that Christ was against.https://wordpress.com/post/truth715870163.wordpress.com/347

This is what Jesus Christ meant when he said on multiple occasions that “anyone could be as great as himself’ because he understood that anyone can connect to nature as he had done and go even further than he himself had gone with the connection.

The Core Teachings of Christ Will Blow Your Mind – Unleashed – His teachings were pretty simple and very common teachings among other great figures of history.https://wordpress.com/post/truth715870163.wordpress.com/355

It is not a competition

Everyone today thinks everything is a competition.  Christ was not trying to compete or be better than anyone else.  He simply wanted others to gain the knowledge and insight into the Truth that he was experiencing so that he would have others he could associate with that were on the same level of intelligence and maturity as himself and because he wanted others to be able to see and understand the beauty and complexity of nature itself and thus could share in those experiences with him.

He also wanted others on his same level of intelligence so that he could talk and discuss with them his newfound level of reality so that as a team they could expand their own intelligence and awareness that much quicker, rather than trying to figure everything out for himself like he had been doing this whole time, because nature doesn’t give you the answers, but instead, expects you to think for yourself and attain those answers through your own life’s understanding.  Giving humanity the answers to their problems would simply enable them to become completely useless and would actually cause humanity to become dumber than any other species on the planet, which wasn’t the original intent for creating humanity.

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“Let’s laugh at life,

While we live to laugh,

So that each day,

Will bring a funnier tomorrow!” – Doug Chandler

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