Becoming Honest with Yourself – Unleashed

You hear of this concept ‘Becoming honest with yourself’, but then there is no description or clear explanation on what that really means! It doesn’t mean that you go look in the mirror and quote a couple of facts to yourself. Today, people are just running around repeating things they have heard, without any realContinue reading “Becoming Honest with Yourself – Unleashed”

The Use of Our Memory – Unleashed

We use our memory to memorize things that don’t make sense to us and often those ideas are illogical which causes us to bog down our own memory with thoughts that we don’t really need! Once we understand something to be True, we no longer need to memorize it because it will become a partContinue reading “The Use of Our Memory – Unleashed”

The Evolution of Our Minds – Unleashed

My name is Doug Chandler and a couple of years ago I discovered a way to expand my mind beyond the normal level of genius!  My mind keeps expanding at an exponential rate helping me to come up very quickly with solutions to most problems I experience within my own life! It is not aboutContinue reading “The Evolution of Our Minds – Unleashed”

My name is Doug Chandler

I have been Autistic for 30+ years!  I recently came out of my shell and started writing on many different subjects that I believe are extremely important for the people of today.  Most of my writings are on bringing awareness to my fellow Americans on a ton of injustices against them through manipulation of themContinue reading “My name is Doug Chandler”

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