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Common Characteristics of Those Who Wrote the Bibles Stories – Unleashed

They lived morally good lives and always wrote on their time-frames version of the Truth which is actually very hard to understand in our current time-frame since our own definitions of words, etc. have changed so much in thousands of years!

Here is the secret though that the church doesn’t want you to realize:

The Truth Will NEVER Contradict Itself!

So, if you were taking 1,000 people over 10 thousand years and they all wrote stories based on absolute Truths, then they would never contradict each other!

The only contradictions we would find would be in the definitions of wording that constantly changes over time or Truths that had changed based on technological advancement!

The Bible has a LOT of words and phrases in it that have changed in meaning drastically over time!  This is why it is so confusing!

A perfect example of this is the word Gay:

In only 50 years it has gone from meaning a happy person to being someone’s sexual orientation!

This is such a massive change in just a single word in only a fraction of time in which the Bible was written, that it is absolutely ridiculous for us to take our current meanings of words out of the Bible and try to apply those to our everyday lives!

If only a small percentage of words in the Bible have changed meaning like this then this would make the Bible a book of total illogical ideas!  It is our ability to start thinking for ourselves that will eliminate these confusing ideas!

To Think for ourselves is what is going to change the future and YOU are invited by God, who is in everyone of us, to be a part of that change!

“He who limits his own beliefs, is one who limits his own potential!” – Doug Chandler

Have a Great Day!

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“Let’s laugh at life,

While we live to laugh,

So that each day,

Will bring a funnier tomorrow!” – Doug Chandler

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Biblical Confusion – Unleashed

Words change meaning over time!

In only 50 years this word has changed its meaning dramatically:


It used to mean to be happy, but now it is meant as someone’s sexual orientation.

If 1 word can change meaning like this in such a short period of time then imagine thousands of words over 1,000+ years and how much they have changed meaning.

The Bible’s Original Purpose

The Bible was originally intended to be a ‘Book of Morals’ with massive amounts of stories as examples! But since meanings of words have changed so much it is simply now just very confusing stories. They were much better understood during the timeframe in which they were written.

Trying to Find Secrets Within

Many people today waste their entire lives devoted to studying the Bible looking for some kind of secret meanings, meanings that are never found! It is because of the changes in the words meaning that causes them confusion and in their own confusion they think there must be a secret!

What Kind of God Would Do This?

Why would God inspire the writing of a book that would waste people’s lives just trying to study it rather than just understand the simple morals within and then going out and enjoying their lives?

In our own prideful ways of thinking we are all-that and then-some that we don’t even think logically about this!

The Bible Has Been Massively Manipulated

Over thousands of years the Bible has been manipulated on a grand scale to use Control tactics to keep people from understanding their own personal unlimited potential by holding them down in the belief of something so that they don’t actually start believing in their own abilities to create positive change!

Jesus inspired people with the belief in oneself to create positive change and even pointed out that anyone could be even greater than him!

John 14:12 and in the Gospel of Thomas which was removed from the Bible around 325 ad because of its destructive, word for word conversations with Jesus, that was against religious ideologies.

Just 1 of 100’s of Proofs That the Bible Has Been Manipulated

There are so many contradictions in the Bible that it is really very sad!

Romans 13 says that all government employees are sent from God. So, with this illogical idea, then all you must do is get a job with the government and then you to will be sent from God.

Oh, and if all government employees are sent from God, then why are all our governments fighting all the time since they all have believers in the Bible within their own countries, which means that their government employees were sent from God also.

This is absolutely ridiculous!

It is just one part of a massive indoctrination process.

Have you ever noticed how religions and governments NEVER tell you to ‘think for yourselves’?

Because if you did you would start to discover the Truths!

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler