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Choose Your God Wisely – Unleashed

The church looks at the Bible from the perspective of their God, a God that the church always has wrapped around their finger as they are the deciding factor on what their God can and cannot do.  But if you understand that the God Christ was referring too is the God of Nature or Power within Nature and is within all living things, then that causes much of the Bible to mean completely different things than what the church has taught.

Also, the church takes the Bible word for word as if it was originally written in English and they ignore the fact that they themselves have re-written the Bible at least 42 times.  What is the purpose of re-writing a book?  It is so you can improve the language being used and try to make it more precise, otherwise there is no point in re-writing it.  So, the church has been changing wording in the Bible at least 42 times which seems to me like a really good way to screw up a book entirely.

Those who translated the Bible

I did a little research on some of the ones that were translating the Bible from other languages into English and what I found was a common phrase that basically said, “while translating they would often come to parts, they didn’t understand so they just did the best they could converting it into what they thought it meant.”.  Also, when you translate from one language to another, you can’t do it word for word because very few words have the exact same meaning.  Plus, with all the parables, that were meant for the time frame in which they were written, they had to try and figure out or guess the meaning to re-write it.

And yet the church will preach from it often focusing on the exact wording itself which should show the obvious that they really aren’t that bright, because when you blindly accept ideas without questioning them for generations on end, you will get dumber as time progresses.  If any of them actually paid attention to Christs teachings, then they would be questioning everything just as Christ taught.

Just recently I saw where someone had taken 3 consecutive versions of the Bible and the word ‘slave’ turned into the word ‘savior’.  Now that is a pretty significant change.

Example: “Having faith in God” doesn’t mean to have faith in some entity that you have only heard about from the church, but in truth it is actually an Inspirational saying that means to “Have faith in yourself” or “Believe in yourself” because God is within and part of each of us.

Another Example; “You will be judged by God” doesn’t mean that some mystical figure will come floating down out of the sky like he’s Peter Pan with lightning shooting from his fingers killing all of those He claims to love so much simply to get even because they didn’t follow his commands to the ‘t’, or some kind of weird sh!t like that.

Judgement on The Church.

What it really means is that “You will be judged by the people” because God is part of each one of us.  This is a True form of justice that hasn’t been used in over 1,000 years and those who created the church understood that this judgement would be on the church itself and all of their own creations for all of their deceptive practices on the people themselves.  They understood that the more hate and misery they have created in peoples lives the worse that judgement would be for them and that the judgement itself would be very unpredictable because each person is a little different than the next.

Realizing the Truth

But as humanity as a whole starts to realize that almost their entire lives are based on the church and its lies, then humanity, many of whom are not forgiving at all because of the church’s indoctrinations, are going to very quickly end the church for good.  On this day you will see churches burning from sea to shining sea as beacons of hope for a better future without the church, who hasn’t been invited anyways into the new world!

This will cause a cascade effect into governments, etc. that were created by the church.

Have a Great Day!

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