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Difference between NT’s and Autistics – Unleashed

Here is a little bit more understanding on this subject!  (Please understand I am not referring to All)

1. – NT’s are a part of society!  That society has raised them (Indoctrination) to live on a lot of lies and unnatural ways of doing things!  (When you are living on lies and deceptive ideas your mind can’t work very fast because of these conflicts, and the more you have in your mind, the less intelligent you will become!  This is LITERALLY why Autistics should avoid getting to involved with society for now!)  The ‘Power of Association’ will do damage to the Autistics here!

2. – Autistics generally stay away from society which means they aren’t getting indoctrinated into all the lies as much or as quickly! (The less conflicts within your mind the more intelligent and Honest you will become!  We are ALL born with good morals and then society slowly erodes away at those good morals!  Or as I like to say, “We are born sinless and Pure!”  The church says that they have to teach kids good morals when in fact what they are really doing is tearing those children away from the morals they were born with!  The church says, “We are all sinners!” and I asked them, “What sins has a newborn baby committed?”  This is where they STFU!)

 Have a Great Day!

“NT’s can become Honest with themselves and others, just like Autistics, and once they do, then they will be diagnosed with Autism!”  –  Doug Chandler

(There is far more Truth to this statement than you can imagine!)

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