I Love to Create New Sayings – Unleashed

One of the reasons for this is I don’t really see anyone creating sayings that give out a Positive idea while being Truthful or an idea that encourages people to do the right thing, which is something God tries to get us to do all the time when God speaks to each of us onContinue reading “I Love to Create New Sayings – Unleashed”

Taking Things Personally – Unleashed

Written 5-26-19 People who always take things personally are very self-focused which is actually what keeps them from achieving self-success in personal growth! When you focus on yourself, you are in essence saying that you are more important than others in your own mind! This placing yourself above others is very self-destructing because we shouldContinue reading “Taking Things Personally – Unleashed”

Becoming Honest with Yourself – Unleashed

You hear of this concept ‘Becoming honest with yourself’, but then there is no description or clear explanation on what that really means! It doesn’t mean that you go look in the mirror and quote a couple of facts to yourself. Today, people are just running around repeating things they have heard, without any realContinue reading “Becoming Honest with Yourself – Unleashed”

How to Become Honest with Yourself – Unleashed

I became very Honest with myself by first questioning my own beliefs understanding that they might not all be true!  This started me down the road in realizing that almost everything I had been taught was completely illogical! I started this process by writing down all of my personal thoughts each morning and then goingContinue reading “How to Become Honest with Yourself – Unleashed”

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