Power Poems

The Power of Belief within yourself, Will turn you into an emotional wreck, From the challenges that you will have to Overcome, And as you keep overcoming all those you receive, And your days are growing older, Then stop when you want, And return to me my friend, To the child that you once were,Continue reading “Power Poems”

A Long Time Ago (2.0 revised) – Unleashed

(This poem has been updated to remove some inaccurate information and correct wording)(Poems that evolve over time is a Unique idea that was created here) #Nonfiction #Poetry #Poems #EvolvingPoems (A world run by women is an idea you will find at the end of this poem) A long time ago,My government started a game withContinue reading “A Long Time Ago (2.0 revised) – Unleashed”

A Long Time Ago – Unleashed

#Nonfiction #Poetry #Poems A long time ago,My government started a game with me,And since this world is my playground,And they are the biggest bully I know,I’ve decided to start with them first,And play that game they have always wanted. So, I wrote a letter to Mr. Trump,Warned him of his inefficiencies,Told him he’d never sitContinue reading “A Long Time Ago – Unleashed”

Scroll-2 Praise To The Children of God

There are cultures in the world today that consider a mirror to be evil! It’s not actually the mirror that’s evil but what we do when we look into them. Self-focus or Self-loathing is what most people do when they look in a mirror. By focusing on yourself, your mind is limited to just you,Continue reading “Scroll-2 Praise To The Children of God”

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