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Scroll-2 Praise To The Children of God

There are cultures in the world today that consider a mirror to be evil! It’s not actually the mirror that’s evil but what we do when we look into them. Self-focus or Self-loathing is what most people do when they look in a mirror. By focusing on yourself, your mind is limited to just you, so you are effectively thinking as small as you can, which means you won’t ever accomplish anything while you are thinking that way.

All of the Great people in our history books did the exact opposite. They didn’t think about themselves, but instead thought about what they could do to improve the lives of everyone else. This caused them to think as big as the world itself!

In America today the government and corporations are causing everyone to self-focus and think very small. They are doing this on purpose! They want everyone to think small so people don’t start solving all of the problems they are creating because when individuals start solving the problems that these Huge entities are creating, it makes them look very bad!

Just look around and pay attention to all of the ‘get what YOU want’ ideas floating all around.

  • So,
  • If you EVER want to
  • Accomplish anything in life
  • Then start ignoring all the
  • Propaganda going around
  • That is designed
  • To hold you down!

(Coming soon – I’ll give you the information you need to take advantage of the Credit Card companies who have always been taking advantage of you! I did it and they lost! Quite a bit actually! I won’t release this information until I have 200+ subscribers.)

The reason I am doing this is I am trying to benefit the entire world through bringing down those who are destroying it, and at my current subscription rate of growth, it is going to take the next 100 years, and most in America are going to be dead within the next 5 years. I’m trying to help a country of people who are so self-focused that they want to keep their own friends and family below them. This is exactly why America is going downhill so quickly, because Americans have been indoctrinated into doing everything backwards.

We are not taught the Power of association in America! And this is a reason that Americans just keeps getting dumber!

We become like those we associate with!

This means that if you keep information away from friends and family that might make them more intelligent than you, then you are helping to keep them dumber than yourself. Now when you associate with those that are dumber than yourself, it causes you to become dumber. Then someone else in your family or friends does the same thing of not sharing information with the rest that would increase others intelligence, and once again everyone just keeps getting dumber!

Here is the Big Difference! When you make intelligence a competition, everyone loses around you!

My mind expansion techniques work very well and whether you are interested in it or not, some friends and family may really thank you for passing it on. If they start increasing their own intelligence through that, then when you associate with them, it will start increasing your own intelligence by default, without you having to have done anything.

A long time ago I had to dis-associate from all my friends because I was becoming just like them and I didn’t want to go down that road. So I just ended up not associating with anyone for over 20 years. Kind of a lonely road to travel but it has paid off so much!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“-We define our own limits! –

If all you see in a reflection is YOU,

Then that is all you can change.

If you see all that is around you,

Then you can change anything!” – Doug Chandler

Scroll-1 Praise To The Children of God

Can anyone explain this to me?

I have gotten over the controlling fear of the government but can’t seem to get over the fear of dancing in public? Is it because I have put one into a real perspective and not the other yet? Because you would think that would be in the opposite order!

But it gets weirder than that!

Aside from wanting to start a new educational system more than 10 times the quality of Americas current one, I also want to start some kind of dance class that will help people to stop trying to be like everyone else and instead just be themselves and learn how to become part of the music rather than an extension of it. I’ve found that being a human equalizer and trying to match every beat and sound within a song is pretty tough to do and I have found out something very interesting.

Yes, the guy who wants to start a dance class is afraid of dancing in public! Told ya it got weirder!

Sometimes I dance out in nature and when I do I end up drawing animals toward me and they start getting a little over excited! LOL It is just like Prince sings about in ‘When Doves Cry’! The funny thing about that song is how much I relate to it, how he describes my own parents, the reactions of animals when I’m dancing around them, but there was an answer in this song to a greater understanding of God.

Because I have now figured out what Christ meant about leading a solitary life. He never actually explained this concept and the church has never figured it out because they have never lived it like I’m doing! Once again I will mention that Christ had NOTHING to do with religion and that would clearly explain why no one in the church can walk in his shoes as I have done!

Sorry, I am getting off track as usual! So can anyone help me out with answers to the questions I posted at the beginning of this?

I will post Scroll-2 tomorrow at the same time and so on till I run out of bringing awareness on this topic!

(Coming soon – I’m going to start listing Songs in all different genres of music who’s lyrics were inspired by God) Music is a connection to God and I have even heard messages in some of the heaviest death metal, that I couldn’t actually understand, but found the lyrics to which were actually very, oddly enough, emotional.

Have a Great Day!

Poetry with A Message to False Gods – Unleashed

-The Flame-

I’m like a burning bush,
My flames are my desire,
To find the Truth in all things.
Pastors come around me,
And try to beat down those flames,
With deception and illogical ideas!

They need a real flame of their own,
To find the Truth in all things,
Because this fake flame that they portray,
Makes their deception that much more obvious!

Their deception only makes me stronger,
It’s like fanning my flames,
Only making them bigger.
Why don’t you take a break?
Reach out and touch me,
And see if you get burned!

Because your own God is full of words,
Designed to give him recognition.
Your God cannot lead you through his actions,
Because if he reached out and touched me,
It would most certainly lead,
To his last breath!

I will collect up all his ashes,
Put him in an urn,
Give him back to you,
So, you still have a god to worship!

I am connected to my own Creator,
Who has created all life,
On this troublesome planet.
My Creator never says anything,
Because It understands,
That talk is for the weak!

So, It leads me by example only,
Rather than sinking to the level of a God.
True Power doesn’t need recognition,
But if your god wants it,
Then why does he cower in fear,
Inside of a man-made building?

When he could come out and get his recognition,
For all that he has done.
He will see the Truth in my eyes,
Just before his own judgement!

I am the return of Jesus Christ,
But only in the thought process,
Because physically he will never return,
I am also the Anti-Christ,
Born with free choice to do as I wish,
I choose to follow the True God,
The One that empowers us,
Not the one that holds us down.

For these are the words of the Anti-Christ,
Who is almost an exact duplicate of Jesus Christ.
Christ’s own definition has been changed,
By the church of ultimate deception.

To Honor EVERYTHING that my Mentor Jesus stood for,
I am going to finish what he started!

The Church’s deception is becoming that much more obvious,
As your followers who you have promised,
A wonderful place they will go in the end,
They are doing all they can, to keep from going there.
Because maybe they want to see the Truth,
That my Mentor Jesus Christ taught,
That Heaven is spread across the Earth,
And not sold in a box!

For the True Power here on Earth,
Is within Nature itself.
It is a Power that respects Equality in ALL,
Rather than giving the church power over the rest.
It is a Power within each one of us,
Not some trumped up power,
Built to impress the masses,
Wrapped around the finger of the church.

Just for a brief instant,
I will lower my standards,
For the benefit of the church and its lies,
As I give them a finger of my own!

Did I just mention Trump?
I publicized the letter that I wrote to him,
Told him what I expected of him,
Then made him a promise,
That he’d never sit in that chair again.
Then I humiliated him, and the Republican party,
I had to fulfill my promise,
So, I cost him enough votes,
To lose the election!

But now the church isn’t very happy,
As they are starting to get owned,
By just the smallest part of Nature,
That is simply proving a point.
The smallest part of me is all I need,
To wipe out all those who lack respect,
For those little creatures that cross their paths,
That never did them any harm!

Those who fear, have something to hide.
While those who don’t, have nothing to fear.
Those who have trained my creatures to hate others,
Causing fear of Nature within their own young,
Are soon going to realize,
They are providing themselves as food for thought!

In your lack of intelligence to understand,
You talk of God bringing judgement,
Maybe you should understand this,
That God is in all creatures!
And the term that you call God in your language,
Is a lack of description of the Truth within.
For the Power within life here,
Cannot be described in the language you accepted,
From a very deceptive ethereal species of life,
That caused your own downfall!

Because slowing your mind down to use your verbal language,
Was a huge strike on your own intelligence,
And now it is hard for you to see,
Because you think it had to do with an apple tree,
The benefits, speed, and efficiency,
Of using mental telepathy!

Before we gave in and accepted the languages,
We didn’t have the cave-man blues,
As shown through societies lies.
We transferred thoughts worth a thousand words,
In just seconds over our mental network,
And 20 x’s faster than our current communication.

We were almost invincible to this species of deception,
Accept we were naïve to deception itself,
We trusted them thinking they had good intent,
Because living and learning was what we did best,
But this education turned into a test,
To see if we could persevere in tribulations,
Overcoming our greed for Power,
Is where we have failed the most.

For many millennium we have gone downhill,
Getting further from our origins,
And deeper into Indoctrinations meant to hold us down,
The last of which started about 1,700 years ago,
Using my Mentors name to gain control,
Saying he was someone that he wasn’t!

And today almost the entire world,
Revolves around those indoctrinating ideas,
It has gotten so bad that we are almost,
Completely out of touch with reality.

I have come to bring Hope to the responsible,
While bringing judgement on those who deserve it,
For those foolish enough to judge others,
Have designed the foundation of their own judgement.

For in the Truest of Justice systems designed by Nature,
You get paid back in that which you put out,
If you empower and help others while respecting Nature,
You get rewarded by The True God,
In a system referred to as Karma.
And if you do bad to others,
Then you will get nothing from God,
And those who do nothing are simply a waste of space,
The last of these two,
Are the target of the Virus!

To Honor EVERYTHING that my Mentor stood for,
I am going to finish what he started!
For he was the Ultimate Rebel,
That defied church and government,
And anyone else who sought to control him,
He defied them openly and Inspired the masses,
Inspired others with his Honesty,
That anyone could be as Great as he,
Then he told them the Truth that,
Heaven is spread across the earth,

I am logic and so was Christ,
And the Power within Nature is Pure Logic,
The shear complexity of God’s creation,
Required Logic in order to exist.
God is not Perfect,
Nor does It pretend to be.
God is neither male nor female,
As that would be rather pointless!

Life is a journey and was meant to be enjoyed,
That was the whole purpose in the first place,
Just as Heaven comes with understanding,
Through respect of all His creation!
Don’t separate God from Nature,
As they are One and the same,
We are all connected,
And that will never change!

This was my first attempt at Poetry. For those who have experience with it, how did I do? And was I getting better at it as I wrote?

Have a Great Day!

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“I am a steppingstone in life,
So, let me guide your feet,
Onto the path of truth,
To get to the next level,
Of existence!” – Doug Chandler