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Writing Truths – Unleashed

Written 5-25-19

I write on Truths Daily, and these Truths are based on my own observations of the lies we are presented with daily through society!

I don’t expect you to simply accept whatever I am presenting you with, but to instead ‘Think for Yourself!’.  This is an idea that the church, our government, etc. don’t want you to do and they try very effectively to keep people from ‘thinking for themselves’ for this exact reason!

Because through ‘Thinking for yourself’, you will start discovering Truths that they are trying to hide from you!  The amount of lies we are currently living today is astronomical!

Since I write in Truth to my best ability, I can connect with your ‘personal version of God’ because you recognize through ‘logical thinking’ that what I am saying is True.

God is in every one of us and the church has been trying to convince people that God is only in a select few in order to maintain Control over the masses!

I am so closely connected with God that I am able to write non-stop on tons of different topics and present Truths in every one of them!  My only real problem is that I do not like writing!   So, the sooner people start getting it in gear and doing away with some of these monstrosities, the sooner I’ll get to go do something more exciting!

This is also why I write in short ‘essay type form’ as I change focus regularly, roughly every 30 minutes or so!  This keeps my mind thinking on many different topics thereby making me far more intelligent than the average person!

The funny thing is that EVERY person has this capability to exceed the intelligence that is recognized or scaled in society today and blow their whole scaling system out of the water!

In other words, YOU can be far more intelligent than they currently have a scale to measure it with!

This was one of the messages presented by Christ and I am continuing in his teachings of ‘Inspiration of the Truth’!

If You can be this Intelligent, then what is stopping you from doing so?

Intelligence is the speed at which we process information!  The less conflicts you have in your own mind, the more intelligent you will become!

The sooner you realize your own unlimited potential, the sooner YOU will do something Great and Positive that will change the world we live in!  Don’t limit yourself!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer https://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“Two that are Honest with each other,

Can build a lifetime friendship,

That two who are dishonest with each other,

Will NEVER be able to build!

And if you don’t know if you are Truly being Honest,

Then how can you possibly build,

A Lifelong relationship with another,

If you don’t know what Honesty is?”

-Doug Chandler

Passing on Positivity – Unleashed

A couple of years ago I had made up some business cards that simply said on one side ‘Give Someone a Hug today” and on the other side it said, “Pass It On”!

I lived in North Bend, WA at the time and figured this was a good way to bring a little positivity to the area I lived in!

So, I took a walk and placed a few of these cards in various places along a bike trail, then walked a couple miles into town.

About 3 hours later I was walking across a QFC parking lot when a kid, about 10 years old, approached me on a bike!

Too my utter disbelief, he handed me one of these cards he had found about 2 miles away!  I was speechless and as I smiled gratefully and was about to turn and walk away, he said “Aren’t you forgetting something!”

So, with this big smile, he gave me a hug before letting me go on my way!

I was almost in tears because of how happy this moment made me!  It blew me away and created a very positive memory for me that I can share with others!

You see, I had found a positive way to make an impact on the surrounding neighborhood but I myself didn’t have the courage to just walk (or ride) up to a complete stranger, hand them a card, and give them a hug, because in my fears through indoctrination, I would worry about what the other person thought of what I was doing!

Kids on the other hand will take a positive idea like this and will simply ‘do it’ not caring about what other people think!  It is the Purity of who they are and the fact they haven’t yet been indoctrinated into fearing everything!  And when a child sees a positive idea, they will simply take off with that idea and create a better world for all of us to live in through their actions, providing they are given the opportunity too.

Oftentimes kids are more responsible than adults!  I’m not talking about them following ‘orders’ because telling kids what to do will usually not get the results that you want because it is ‘natural’ to rebel against someone who is trying to control you.  But if given a good idea, kids will usually go out immediately to try and get it done while adults will generally sit around and talk about it till the end of time.

One of the funny things I have experienced a few times is being around someone who is talking about doing something, going out and doing it myself, then coming back to hear them still talking about doing it.

In our society today, we start becoming more negative the older we get, mostly through our participation in a society that is mostly negative that is constantly pounding negative ideas into our minds!

We could learn a lot from kids and their Purer mindsets!

The church would disagree because they want us to believe that they need to teach good morals into kids when in fact they are doing the exact opposite by telling the children what to believe while the child is still young enough that they probably won’t question anything they are being told.  One of the reasons Christ was teaching us to question everything, was because of the church itself and how they tell people what to believe, preferably without people asking them any questions.  Because asking questions is what Jesus taught, not what the church teaches.

I’ll write another paper on how quickly and easily the church indoctrinates young children and a song that it all starts out with sometime soon.

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler