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God is Awesome – Unleashed


The Best Stories in Life Part-1 – Unleashed

Did you know that the Best stories in life are told by people who use themselves as the bad example within the story itself?

What this means is that the person telling the story has grown maturely (person growth or self-improvement) beyond who they used to be!

And oftentimes they use themselves, in that bad example, for a humorous outlook on life!

Because if the person hadn’t grown out of that bad example, then they wouldn’t be telling the story, as it would just make them look foolish, once they made that mistake again!

Sometimes I mention that God will humor us when we are feeling down!

This doesn’t mean that God starts telling us jokes!

What I mean by that is this:  When I’m feeling down or getting depressed, God will guide my mind towards my own memories of things I’ve done in the past that I have now personally grown beyond or have self-improved from.  So, God is just guiding me back into my own stupidity so that I will see the difference of how I perceive things now!

This always gets me laughing almost uncontrollably because I have done so many stupid things in my life that it is simply ridiculous!  And I have had times that God helped me see many things back-to-back that got me laughing so hard that I would start crying, and my face would simply hurt because I’m not used to that kind of exercise!

It is the Best exercise in life, too bad we don’t get it more!

And in God helping me to ‘laugh at myself’, I would very quickly forget what I was stressed about because it obviously wasn’t as important as I thought it was!

I like to tell True stories about myself that are not only to the point but are very short as well….

To be continued in part-2……

Have a Great Day!

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