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The Value of Your Goals – Unleashed

Written 5-23-19

In society today they talk about setting personal goals which suggest that you should set goals that really only effect you!  This is an indoctrinating idea to keep you from thinking much bigger!

If you set goals to only change your own life, or only the lives of your immediate family, then you are effectively just being selfish!  Almost everything that bombards us every day in advertisements is about what YOU want, and this is why people are constantly buying things because we have become a society of selfish people!

You can actually measure your future success by the goals you have set out for yourself!

The world measures success as a financial accomplishment when in fact it should be by the positive impact you create on the world around you and beyond!

If your main focus is on a monetary success, then you will do very little to successfully change the world!  None of those in our history books, that made major changes in the world, focused on finances as their main goal in life!  NONE OF THEM!  So, if you want to Truly change the world for the better, then stop thinking like everyone else!

Try focusing on using ‘Your personal’ experiences in life to improve ‘the entire’ world!

If your long-term goals are focused on just changing 1 life, then this is the actual value of your goals!

If your long-term goals are focused on changing 7,000,000,000 lives, then this is the value of your goals!

By setting goals that don’t limit your own potential, your own mind will start to work towards those goals!  If you focus only on you, then you will accomplish nothing great!  But if you focus on changing the entire world, then you will become GREAT as well as happier than you have ever been because you are actually doing something that is worthwhile!

This is the basis for how I think!  This is the basis for how nature thinks, or God that is in ALL of nature!  By setting Honorable goals like this you are aligning yourself more with God himself and through becoming closer to Him, He will provide you with more information constantly helping you to become more brilliant than the previous day!

Happiness is based off of your positive changes and goals for what you can accomplish for everyone else!  Once you start this process, YOU WILL NEVER TURN BACK, and your own name will become a memorable one in the history books!

I don’t seek so much to be remembered as I seek to make positive changes and because I ask myself DAILY what I can do to change the world for the better.  God provides me with a never-ending barrage of ways to do it!  My alignment with God is attainable by anyone who wants it!  And most who really want to create positive changes in the world will be far greater than myself or even my predecessors!

Have a Great Day!

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“-We define our own limits! –

If all you see in a reflection is YOU,

Then that is all you can change.

If you see all that is around you,

Then you can change anything!” – Doug Chandler

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The Power of Belief – Unleashed

Written 5-19-19

The Power of Belief is often used against us in everyday life in order to profit huge corporations and to Control us!

A study was done quite a few years back where roughly 50% of the people being admitted into hospitals didn’t actually have anything wrong with them, but it was because of their ‘Belief’ that something was wrong with them that they started to take on the attributes of what they were believing in!

Getting people to be selfish in their thoughts is a very easy thing to do nowadays with all of the advertising that is focused on you getting what you want!

But when you self-focus, you are just wasting your own minds ability to actually create change in the world outside of your own life!  This is exactly what they want you to do!  By limiting your thought process to only think of yourself, they are keeping you from actually doing something of Greatness which we ALL have the Potential to do if we stop focusing on just ourselves or just the few people in our immediate family!

If you believe what they want you to believe, then they have Won you over to a life of accomplishing nothing great!

But if you believe that you can ‘Change the World for The Better’ then that is exactly what you will do!

Because we ALL have an UNLIMITED POTENTIAL if that is what we choose to believe!

We place our own limits on ourselves, often with the help of others that want to hold us down!  Once you understand this Truth, YOU will STOP limiting Yourself and then YOU will Win your own mind back from those who are Controlling the masses!

The power of belief is so strong that once you start believing in something, your entire life will start to focus on that belief!

If it is a Positive Belief, then you will create positive results!

If it is a negative belief, then you will create negative results!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“Let’s laugh at life,

While we live to laugh,

So that each day,

Will bring a funnier tomorrow!” – Doug Chandler

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