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Billion Dollar Lawsuits That Would Benefit Americans, Just Waiting to Be Started Part-2 – Unleashed

(In each of the possible lawsuits being suggested, the corporations COULD NOT have done it alone!  They would have had to get help from the government itself for it to work out correctly.  There is always the possibility though that the corporations were coerced by our government into participation!  Something that wouldn’t surprise me at all.  The biggest problem with any lawsuit that involves the government is that they would take the money from taxpayers in order to pay for the court costs as well as any type of fines.)

Privatization of properties bought with the Americans Tax Dollars.  Then maximizing profits off of those properties as if they had bought those properties themselves.


Marble Falls, TX!  There is a river there that has been dammed up into a lake. The dam was under government control, which means that dam was either built or bought with taxpayers’ dollars.

There is also a lot of land along the lower river that had been made into fee-accessible parks.

The government then decided to privatize this land by selling it to a buddy or some associate of theirs.  Now it is private land that the taxpayers’ have no control or ownership over.  This privatized government seems to be an off-shoot of actual law-enforcement in that they can kick people off of or fine them if they want for those people even setting foot on that land.

This privatized government has also maximized profits on this land, as I found out when they wanted to charge me $25.00 per night just to pitch a tent.  Now I’m sure that if that dam is still providing power to surrounding communities, that they are now maximizing profits on that also.

What this means is that this ‘Privatization’ idea is simply stealing from the American people.

They are doing this ALL-OVER AMERICA!  Grabbing up all the land that they can at the taxpayers expense!


To be continued…

Have a Great Day!

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The Best Definition of Our Governments Leaders Ever – Unleashed

They spend their lives manipulating the masses, trying to find more ways to tax the masses, while convincing the masses that they care and are on the peoples (masses) side of everything, while being employed by the same entity that is destroying the masses lives!

They are the Best of Thieves!

They do all of this simply, so they don’t have to work themselves!

They are the Laziest of us!

They will send our kids into dangerous life-threatening situations, time after time, to get what they want, but they will never put their own life on the line for what they want!

They are the definition of ‘Cowards’!

They have to take from everyone else because they are not responsible enough to be independent!

They then destroy anyone else, who is trying to be responsible by becoming independent from the government itself!  Because if everyone else became independent then they would be screwed, because now, for the first time in their life, they would have to actually start working for their money like the rest of Americans have too!

They are the definition of ‘Leeches’!

And in order to do all of these things, they have to be very deceptive!

They will create the allusion of caring about kids, while at the same time destroying those kids entire futures through their irresponsible spending habits today!

They will go into other countries, trying to get their way, will get in arguments, will then escalate that argument, and then will bring in kids to fight to the death, on their behalf, and then will convince those kids parents that they died defending their country!

So, they are using our kids lives to get what they want, while at the same time irresponsibly spending so much money that they are destroying an entire countries economy, causing depression and massive suicides, while causing millions of families to end up homeless or living in trailers barely surviving, And they do it ALL for their own greed of money!  At least they don’t have to lose their luxurious living conditions!

Do I need to mention these people have no morals, and that as soon as they realize they are going to lose their dependent lifestyle on the taxpayers, that they will take down as many as they can, with themselves!  So, massive innocent lives would be lost by playing it their way!

I have a way to accomplish this that would have the least impact on innocent peoples lives!  Only the guilty would pay the price and those that are guilty would be given one final chance to back down, before they are taken out by shear force, literally.

With just 5,000 subscribers on this Blog, I could take down this entity very quickly!

But, who in this country cares about kids enough to share this on the possibility of gaining True Freedom from these people Forever?!

–I mean, why would we do the logical thing and get rid of these people that just cause us to argue with each other all the time?

–Why would we want to get rid of the people who are using us like disposable toys?

–Why would we want to get rid of the people that use our own media against us?

–Why would we get rid of people who trade our children’s lives for money?

So, we have to work our entire lives to support these freeloaders, while they cause animosity and division among us!  And then they are either getting our kids killed or they are destroying the rest of our kids lives through TOTALLY irresponsible spending habits!

And we are to scared to even push a button that might put an end to it all through simply spreading some information!

Does anyone get the feeling that they are being treated like fools and still don’t do anything about it?

Maybe if all the fools leave the building, we will be able to finally accomplish something, that will be the FIRST thing ever done in this country to Truly benefit the children!

Wouldn’t it be Great if we could go from destroying our children’s futures, to respecting their futures?

For I praise the children of tomorrow who will be more intelligent than us and will never participate in this stupidity of disrespecting their own kids and throwing those kids to the wolves just because it was the easier thing to do, like the parents of today are doing to their kids!

In an Honest world, our country would be banned from having children until we decided to GROW UP!

Please Wake me up when people become realistic in this country!

Do you know why we have been manipulated in this country into not sharing our True thoughts because we might offend someone or make them sad?

It is because the manipulators in our country understand that the Best way to get through to people and get them to start really thinking about something is to SIMPLY PISS THEM OFF!

You know what guys.  I had to edit out a bunch of this paper because of how raw I started getting because I am very compassionate about this topic!  The reason is this!

I’m 51 now and I have always wanted to have kids, but I never did because of how fukt up this country is!

Most people, when they decide to have children, never put a thought into the society they would have to raise that child in, but I did and the thought of raising a child of mine under this government that is simply indoctrinating children into a lifetime of enslavement to some job so that they could pay at least 50% of all they made to paying off what the government is spending today is friggin ridiculous!  And when I see all of these people that had kids for their own benefit, but didn’t think about the child’s future, it really pisses me off!

Ok, I’m done with this, otherwise I’m just going to go on and on about this.

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

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If you see all that is around you,

Then you can change anything!” – Doug Chandler

Companies That Suppress Technology Out of Greed – Unleashed

About 5 years ago I went online and bought a $20.00 LED flashlight from China or Japan!

This light came with its own rechargeable battery and the option of being able to replace that battery with 3 AAA batteries.

This light was extremely bright and was of better quality of any flashlight I could find on American shelves for under $80!

They also claimed that you could recharge this battery up to 500 times!

So, having been raised in America, where a claim like this would probably not be true, I decided to test this out!

2 years later I had almost reached 200 recharges when I lost the flashlight!

I hadn’t seen any diminishing quality in that battery with all those recharges!

I’ve bought several rechargeable LED flashlights in America, costing up to around $80.  None of them got over 20-30 charges before they were experiencing some kind of problems with the battery or light itself.

These are low-quality rechargeable products being sold in America on purpose to keep the technology suppressed here!  I will explain this in my next story.

Remember what our country stands for?  Greed.  And to see what companies will resort to for money might just make you a little sick.

About 40 years ago when I was around 10, I remember going into a store to buy some batteries for something.  I remember finding regular batteries and also rechargeable ones that cost about twice the price.

Obviously, that within the past 40 years technology in America hasn’t advanced enough to create a far superior rechargeable battery, like the ones being sold in many other countries in place of disposable batteries!

I guess all those other countries just have far superior technology than we have here in America.

There is actually a couple of reasons why those countries have thrown out disposable batteries for rechargeable ones.

  1. Those countries care more about the environment than we do.
  2. Those countries have far more responsible governments than we do.

So, 2 very unethical battery companies (The bunny b!tches and the copper crappers) and 1 very sleazy US Government had to work together for decades to make this work out right!

None of these 3 cares about the environment whatsoever and all 3 are accomplices in ripping off the American people for decades!

You see, with our government it is always about finding ways to get us to spend more so that they get that much more in taxes.

Using my flashlight as an example:

  • Taxes would have only been collected on the original $20 I spent for the flashlight.
  • Taxes would have been collected on up to $1,500 worth of disposable batteries.

Our government would have had to keep out the competitors, from other countries, off of American shelves because this competition would have crushed these 2 companies with far superior products.

The 2 companies would have had to suppress technology in America for rechargeable batteries so that they could keep selling ‘Mountains’ worth of disposable batteries!

So, for decades our government and these 2 companies have worked together to rip off the American people, year after year, in the name of money!

I’ll tell you this.  This is only a ‘drop in the bucket’ compared to all the other things they have been doing to take advantage of the American people!

I guess the only thing left to say here is, “How long are we going to let them keep trampling all over us before we decide to get up off our asses and do something about it?”

That question has remained unanswered for far too long!

Are we ready to start dismantling our thieving government?


-Doug Chandler