A Long Time Ago (2.0 revised) – Unleashed

(This poem has been updated to remove some inaccurate information and correct wording)(Poems that evolve over time is a Unique idea that was created here) #Nonfiction #Poetry #Poems #EvolvingPoems (A world run by women is an idea you will find at the end of this poem) A long time ago,My government started a game withContinue reading “A Long Time Ago (2.0 revised) – Unleashed”

The God I Know – Unleashed

The God I know leads by example! The God I know respects us and the rest of nature equally! 1.  It respects us as if we were equals to it, providing an example of how we should respect the rest of its creation! The God I know doesn’t tell me what to do, but insteadContinue reading “The God I Know – Unleashed”

Poetry with A Message to False Gods – Unleashed

-The Flame- I’m like a burning bush,My flames are my desire,To find the Truth in all things.Pastors come around me,And try to beat down those flames,With deception and illogical ideas! They need a real flame of their own,To find the Truth in all things,Because this fake flame that they portray,Makes their deception that much moreContinue reading “Poetry with A Message to False Gods – Unleashed”

Why God Doesn’t Speak to The Church Anymore – Unleashed

I often hear Pastors say that God doesn’t speak to us anymore! And they are partially right! God doesn’t speak to THEM anymore because of how far they have gotten off track with their own illogical belief system! The church would say to this, “No, God doesn’t speak to anyone anymore!” And this is aContinue reading “Why God Doesn’t Speak to The Church Anymore – Unleashed”

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