The Church Teaches That God Is Everywhere – Unleashed

The Church teaches that God is Everywhere, but then they stop there! God is everywhere, AND He is in everyone!  God is a part of ALL of his Creation! This means that ANYONE can speak with God’s voice and by limiting ourselves to petty beliefs, we only limit our own potential! Christ himself knew thisContinue reading “The Church Teaches That God Is Everywhere – Unleashed”

God Who Is in All of Us – Unleashed

Written 9-5-20 God who is in all of us and nature itself, showed me something! He showed me Honesty He showed me Truth He showed me Trust He showed me Equality He showed me Compassion ….. and he showed me, and continues to do so regularly, that there are many ways, not just one, toContinue reading “God Who Is in All of Us – Unleashed”

Who Do You Trust – Unleashed

The common message today we are receiving through the media is to trust your government instead of your own neighbors! This is totally illogical since the government spends massive amounts of money and then leaves YOU to pay the bill! Your neighbors on the other hand are stuck dealing with the exact same realities thatContinue reading “Who Do You Trust – Unleashed”

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