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Indoctrinations We Are Living Today – Unleashed

Marriage is an Indoctrinating idea!

What it says is that we can only Love one other person! Most people, including myself, would think almost immediately that without marriage it would be one big orgy!

Associating Love with sex is also an indoctrination!

But I want to talk about Marriage in this writing!

It takes two to fight and 1 on each side will make it go on for a long time and even when the fight ends, you will probably hold something against the other person. You will still be thinking about your side of that fight long after the fight itself ended.

If you are not basing your Love on sex, then here is a form of Love that would beat any two person marriage!

If you have 3 people that Love each other, then the 3rd person would always be the ‘voice of reason’ to keep the other 2 from fighting. That 3rd person would never take sides of 2 different people that they Love. They would instead keep them from fighting and help them see each others sides of the fight which would ultimately result in increased intelligence thru their understanding of what had happened.

Any god that limits us to only loving 1 other might just be the god of war. This god certainly does not understand Love as I do because the more people you Love, the more you are going to make a Positive and lasting impact in the world we live on!

Any god that doesn’t understand this is either being Deceptive or is Very lacking in his own intelligence!

Have a Great Day!


The Truth About Honesty – Unleashed

Written 5-22-19

When you become honest with yourself,

You start to eliminate the contradictions in your own mind,

Which helps you to think clearer,

Which also increases your intelligence.

Through honesty you will become more aligned with nature itself,

Which causes a state of ‘Heaven’ in your mind.

You will become happier than you have ever been,

And your understanding of life itself will expand dramatically,

As nature itself starts to communicate with you!

People who lie to themselves can’t attain this state of mind,

So, they remain in their own ‘Hell’ through lack of understanding the truth.

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearerhttps://truth715870163.wordpress.com/

“Answers in life are simpler than most can imagine, Because it is our own imagination that causes us to not understand!” – Doug Chandler

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