Writing Truths – Unleashed

Written 5-25-19 I write on Truths Daily, and these Truths are based on my own observations of the lies we are presented with daily through society! I don’t expect you to simply accept whatever I am presenting you with, but to instead ‘Think for Yourself!’.  This is an idea that the church, our government, etc.Continue reading “Writing Truths – Unleashed”

The Church Teaches That God Is Everywhere – Unleashed

The Church teaches that God is Everywhere, but then they stop there! God is everywhere, AND He is in everyone!  God is a part of ALL of his Creation! This means that ANYONE can speak with God’s voice and by limiting ourselves to petty beliefs, we only limit our own potential! Christ himself knew thisContinue reading “The Church Teaches That God Is Everywhere – Unleashed”

The Power of Belief – Unleashed

Written 5-19-19 The Power of Belief is often used against us in everyday life in order to profit huge corporations and to Control us! A study was done quite a few years back where roughly 50% of the people being admitted into hospitals didn’t actually have anything wrong with them, but it was because ofContinue reading “The Power of Belief – Unleashed”

Who Was Jesus Really – Unleashed

There is something that Jesus said on many occasions, recorded in and out of the Bible, that proves Jesus was not who the church said he was! Jesus said, “Anyone can be greater than me!” The whole ‘died on the cross for our sins’ campaign doesn’t even make sense! If the churches God is perfectContinue reading “Who Was Jesus Really – Unleashed”

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