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My name is Doug Chandler and I have been Autistic for over 30 years, a state that I accidently put myself in about the age of 17.

My name is Doug Chandler and I have been Autistic for 30+ years.  I recently did some things that caused my intelligence to simply skyrocket and I would like to help other Autistics to understand that Autism itself is a form of evolution on how we use our minds and the reason this information has so far been suppressed is because those, who have caused this to happen, have a lot to lose.

You’ve probably heard before how Autistics have occasionally come out of their shell and were absolute geniuses but then it stops there, and they don’t explain why or how that happened because either they don’t want us to know or they simply don’t have a clue.  I am going to explain this and also the hidden truths behind bi-polar (disorder) and Alzheimer’s.

My mind is simply exploding with information on all kinds of subjects and I am not a very good writer and also very slow at it.  I am also very disorganized.  So sometime soon I will probably be looking for some good writers that can help me through finding better ways to be more efficient because currently I’m only able to write down about 10% of the truths I am discovering.

I am also living proof that our educational system is pretty much worthless because I am a 10th grade dropout with no further education, except from myself, and I am learning more from myself than any school could ever teach me.  I also will explain how this works.

I will explain how Autism is actually a strength in increasing our intelligence and how many of tomorrow’s leaders will be some of the best leaders this world has ever known, and I don’t mean leaders like our government or political leaders, I mean REAL leaders that will be respected because they are actually honest and are not trying to use their own leadership position to gain power over others.  Leaders that will actually deserve the title ‘Leader’ because they aren’t frauds like the rest of them.

The world is about to change a lot and I would like other Autistics to understand why because they have the increased intelligence already to understand truths about our society that many other people simply can’t comprehend.  All of these truths come with explanations that make sense, but I think a lot of people don’t want to admit how badly we have been indoctrinated into a ton of bad ideas.

Most of that indoctrination is from a very popular belief system that is actually causing most of the problems in the world today.  I was a part of that belief system for 47 years and it wasn’t until I completely got away from it, including the ideas from the government that they had created, that my intelligence started expanding exponentially.  They were holding me down with too many illogical ideas.

I worked for about 35 years going in that endless circle of insanity we call work, wrapping my entire life around making money!

A couple of years ago I lost my job and decided to try something completely New!  I wanted to reset my life and start all over!

So I started giving everything I had away!  I handed out food, clothes, and blankets to the homeless in Seattle.  Then I gave away all my electronics, tools, and furniture!  I even gave away my truck!

Then only having left the clothes on my back and a daypack with pretty much nothing useful in it for the adventure I was about to go on!

Up to this point my whole life had been wrapped up in greed, pride, and self-focus!  I simply didn’t care about anyone else!

This act of giving everything away caused me to lose my greed as well as my pride!

I wanted to get away from civilization, so I hiked into the woods, found a river, and literally hiked up the river itself while thinking of that saying, ‘taking the road less traveled’!  I hadn’t brought any food with me so I ended up living on berries for two weeks straight!

What I learned about nature in those two weeks was absolutely amazing and I was struck with awe at the sheer complexity of nature itself!  I was guided from within to go to various spots that I never would have found on my own!  Each of these spots showed me ‘behind the scenes’ destruction that we as humanity have been causing for decades without any care for everything we have been destroying along the way!

I started realizing that each species of animal has a specific purpose and that many animals have different senses that we can’t even conceive of!  Like the ability of dogs to see someone’s intentions as if it is a physical object!

I discovered a map feature built into nature itself that showed me trails ahead, which way they went, and where they angled off to!  There were certain stopping points to see what was ahead and it was the limbs of certain trees that gave the layout ahead!  I also noticed this mapping system was available to all different size creatures.

I know that sounds almost like a fairy tale, but I was completely sober through all of this!  Think about it this way.  If you believe at all in a higher power having created everything like talked about in the Bible, then that creation was basically perfect, and there is nowhere in the Bible that suggests that nature has changed at all since it was created.  Only humanity has changed by screwing up somehow and it wasn’t about eating an apple… lol.  That was simply a parable for something else.

At the same time, evolution is partly true in the fact that nature is constantly creating new species to replace ones that we are killing off!  But we are killing off nature faster than it can replenish itself which is a problem within itself because if nature can’t replenish itself because of our destructive ways then it will find other ways to deal with us.  Hence, one of the newest species of life on earth that we are referring to as the virus.  Here is a new species of life that we can’t even see with the naked eye that is kicking our ass like no other!  It’s called ‘accountability for our actions’ and nature is going to make sure that we are held accountable for our actions, whether we like it or not!  This is why it doesn’t affect animals, because they are innocent in all this, and children, because they are too young to be held accountable for their actions, not to mention that it isn’t their actions anyway that is destroying everything.

So, anyways, getting out in nature like I did is what caused me to come out of hiding from within myself!

What I started to realize then was that my entire life was almost a replica of Jesus Christs life and I had eliminated greed, pride, hate, and self-loathing while having questioned everything about my own life and how I was raised to find out what was or wasn’t true.  I found out that roughly 80% of the beliefs I was raised on was based on lies.

They say the best way to understand someone is to imitate their lifestyle.  I had somehow gone a bit further and imitated his entire life!  I had walked in Christs shoes and when I had given all of my stuff away I had started walking in Buddha’s shoes also.  I would have never known this had I not been guided, for no apparent reason, to look up Buddha to discover who he was!

After a little research, I discovered that what the church had told me about him was absolute lies and that him and Jesus Christ were actually teaching the same thing, just from different perspectives and cultures. So, Buddha was teaching the same thing as Christ, 500 years before Christ existed!  He was also teaching the same thing as the Bible, before the Bible was even written, for the most part!


We can do anything we want if we do it together! #ActuallyAutistic

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