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Clearing Unimportant Ideas Out of Your Mind – Mind Expansion

I want you to start putting all of your thoughts to a test!

This test is going to be you deciding on how important each of your thoughts are!

I’m going to show you an easy way to put those thoughts into perspective on whether or not they are Truly important!

I want you to ask yourself this on all of your thoughts, especially those thoughts that you are thinking about a lot!

If I was on my deathbed, would I look back at this thought as a defining moment in my life?”


If I was only minutes from death, would I be worrying about this thought I’m currently thinking about?”


Once you determine something isn’t ‘so’ important anymore for you to ‘waste away your life thinking about it’, then get rid of that thought out of your mind and move onto the next one.

At first this is going to be hard for you because your mind is full of ‘useless’ thoughts, just like everyone else’s.  It will work best if there isn’t anyone around you or people you can hear talking because as your trying to clear your head, you’ll be hearing other useless stuff from them that will be going right back into your head.

The best idea for doing this is to get away from all electronics and people so you aren’t being distracted in your thought process.

I recommend just going outside somewhere in nature to do this initial ‘cleansing of your thoughts’!  Because nature will never fill your head full of trash, only people do that.

What you don’t realize at this moment is how much of a difference this will make in your life through your own increased intelligence!  EVERYTIME you get just one more useless thought out of your head, it frees up space so your mind can work faster, and so every thought thrown out, increases your intelligence!

This idea of getting your head cleared is that once you do and other people come and try to fill it back up with useless info., you won’t as easily accept all that back and you will start questioning what people are telling you automatically without even thinking about it and you will simply start to recognize and then can ignore all the stuff you’ve already had to throw out once or twice.  I’m assuming that you have the ability to learn from your mistakes, because accepting all this info. Into your head was a mistake, but now you should be growing out of that and as I like to call it, “Perfecting yourself”.

Don’t ever be afraid or let anyone sway you away from trying to be more Perfect than you were, because that is also called ‘Self-Improvement’.

I spent a lot of time in church in the past and one of the things I heard quite a bit was this, “We are all sinners”, and all the people that said this were never improving in anything they did because they were using that line as an excuse to be completely irresponsible for themselves!  But that is what the church actually teaches, is irresponsibility!  Almost all of society is like that too, just in different ways.

If you are a ‘social junkie’, I will just let you know up front, that if you clear your head and then go right back to all that socializing, your head will just get filled right back up very quickly.

If you really wish to start becoming more intelligent than you currently are, you will need to upgrade your lifestyle a bit by getting away from those you used to hang out with because if you are trying to get away from their level of intelligence by increasing your own, going back to them will only bring you back down to their level again.

Increasing your Intelligence is highly underrated because of those in our society that DON’T WANT YOU to become more intelligent because once you reach a certain point, you will never have to go to an outside source for an education because you will start self-educating yourself BETTER than any school could!  It is extremely amazing once you FREE your mind of societies control!

You will actually start Loving to learn because your mind will just keep processing information faster and faster and it will start getting very exciting for you because you will start finding answers from within of all the problems you have ever had and then you’ll start solving other peoples problems as well and you will do this just to give your mind something to do because once you get that motor in gear and starting to move, it doesn’t want to ever slow down and you’ll be running around with a big Smile on your face because it simply makes you extremely happy!

Your intelligence just keeps skyrocketing up and anytime someone tries to bring you down with negative ideas, you will completely OWN them in that conversation, so much that they may never talk to you again!  I’ve had people start arguments with me that they very quickly regretted because I think at least 10 times as fast as they do, so it is very easy to beat them back down into the hole that they crawled out of with simple Truth!

I don’t lie to people nor do I need to because the Truth is far more powerful than any lie is!

So, anyways, that’s one way to clear your mind!

Have a Great Day!


First of its Kind Opportunity

My name is Doug Chandler and I am presenting a very unique opportunity for anyone who is interested in writing content that is all about improving the world in which we live on for all of nature, not just humanity!

You may write in any format you want and I give anyone who wishes to do so the permission to write in their own prefgerred fashion. (non-fiction preferred since it is the Truth, but fiction, short stories or whatever you want, are fine to since this is about getting honest information out to people of all kinds of interests)

You may also profit from any of it and all I ask is that you support me a little as you either start profiting or start realizing the magnitude of what you are really doing. I leave this open to anyone who wants to impact the world and create more positive change than has happened in the past 2,000 years.

There are many writers out there that are interested in writing about the Truth! One of my mentors/brothers often referred to himself as the Truth and I will sometimes do the same since I am putting their teachings into todays wording while expanding where they left off!

I am a knowledge base of Truths that is constantly expanding at an exponential rate. I am too slow of a writer to slow myself down to my own writing speed. So, it makes more sense for me to just do videos and let others write down what they are most interested in.

The reason I say ‘what you are most interested in’ because you can take my very logical explanations and then associate them (think for yourself) with things you have experienced or observed yourself and realize a more complete set of Truths! You will have to have an open mind for this because we have been indoctrinated into a bunch of twisted truths and lies for the past several thousand years.

By building this foundation of Truths in your mind, you can then build out from that into more Truths through ‘thinking for yourself’!

By doing this your own intelligence will start to explode! Your life will become very positive and you will start to understand that you have the ability also to change the world in very Positive ways like I am doing.

For a very long time we have been told what to believe and then were allowed to somewhat think for ourselves along those lines of indoctrination. This causes our minds to get clogged up with unnatural thoughts and ideas that were never intended for us in the first place.

Our educational system is meant to make everyone think the same thing and causes us to get dumber over time. This is completely backwards and it is holding each of us back from unlimited potentials.

Intelligence is the speed at which we process information and that speed slows down as we get older. I am proving this system to be completely wrong by doing almost the exact opposite and my own intelligence is increasing on a daily basis.

You will very quickly come to realize that the Nature all around us is so much more advanced than all of our technology combined worldwide that it makes all of humanities accomplishments look like a cheap McDonalds toy. Our computers and technological networks are a very vheap knockoff of a ‘Living Network’ that we can all access anytime we want once we start to undersytand it.

Anyways, Here are a few of the Truths I am Unleashing onto the world:

–The Truth about Autism. I’m the first known person to put himself into an Autistis state about 35 years ago.

–The Truth about Alzheimer’s and how I am using it to increase my own Intelligence!

–The Truth about Bi-polar (disorder) and how it has improved my life! I will also explain the connection between all 3 of these.

–I’ve developed several New ways to reduse stress, have peace of mind, and expand your mind, all at the same time, that you can do anytime you want ‘on the fly’ and they are more efficient than meditation, yoga, etc.

–Because I have walked so efficiently inn Christ’s moldy sandals (LOL), I can explain most of his original teachings because I have expereinced the same as him. The church ignores these teachings because they don’t have a clue as to what they mean or they simply deny them because Christ was actually against the church’s philosophies. Also, clearly understanding the time frame in which he lived creates an understanding of him that the church doesn’t want anyone to know!

–I’ve tested a New educational system that is different for each student that just blows our current one away! I did a 10 day test of this on an 11 year old suicidal boy and it just blew people away! After just 10 days he shined to all that saw or ingteracted with him! His entire mentality took a 180 turn!

–I also come up with quite a bit of completely original humor as I laugh at how I used to think just like eveyone else does. The humor is great because most of the time it makes people start to think about reality while giving them something to laugh at! I try to keep to clean humor (kids humor) but sometimes will wander into stuff you’d only find in a nightclub. I try not to tear people down in my humor unless it is someone who is putting themselves out there anyways like our Presidents. They deserve the Truth about themselves through humor anyways!

If you decide to work with me on any of these or many other Truths as I keep expanding my own thought process, I will start to Inspire and Empower you to have no limits and to even pass me up because I know you can with the right motivations. You will keep challenging your own mind and you will soon realize how you can teach/guide others in this positive direction as well!

Imagine what it is like to have complete peace at will, To be Truly Happy with yourself, and to be able to wake up each morning and each day is more exciting than the previous! It is Awesome!!!

You will get so creative that you will have all different options you will work out in your own mind on how you are going to start making your own positive changes in the world! You will never doubt your ability to make these changes.

You will start to be able to see very far off the results of your actions before you even do them. This means you will be processing information so fast that you will be able to run simulations in your own mind of outcomes of possible actions. You will teach yourself psychology very quickly through reflecting on your own interactions with others.
And so much more……

So if you have an interest in this opportunity, please just say so in the comments and I weill get back to you!

Have a Great Day!