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Some People Think I’m a Smart Ass – Unleashed

I really do appreciate the compliment here! Although it really should be ‘Smarter Ass’! 🙂

“If anything I say pisses you off, that is OK.
This just means that you have taken it personally.
This is a good thing because I have got your mind in motion.
Now you are going to be thinking about it until you get a clue!”

Sorry for being so Honest!

Have a Thoughtful Day! 😛


Milkaholics Anonymous

Up until the age of about 12, I was raised as an extreme vegan which meant we wouldn’t even eat anything that came from an animal!

So, we had the typical ‘lovely foods’ like powdered milk, soy bacon and sausage, various fake dairy products, and vegetable scallops. The last of which I still love today amid being around $7.00 for a single can!

About the time I became a teenager I got the opportunity to go from powdered milk to REAL MILK! What an experience that was and from being deprived of it for the first dozen years of my life, I quickly became addicted to it!

Over almost 40 years I have been drinking whole milk at the rate of 1/2 – 1 gallon per day and it has caused me to almost be unbreakable! I did break a finger once but it took a lot of effort, repeatedly on my part, to actually break it! Society has passed along this idea that drinking to much milk is not that good for you! I think I have proven that one completely wrong… LOL 🙂

Years ago I was invited to host a Milkaholics Anonymous meeting! I took that offer and we all met in a secret location, well, at least we thought it was a secret!

Apparently some local cows found out about it!

During the middle of our meeting, while we were all admitting to each other our levels of addiction, the COWS ATTACKED!
To the casual passerby, all they witnessed, was a bunch of naked people, running for their lives across a field, carrying pitchers of milk, while being chased by a bunch of very pissed off skinny cows! And in the distance you could hear the calves cheering on their moms!

Too make a long story short, that was the last time we ever met! We scattered across the globe to avoid ever being pinned down again!

The 2 Truths to this story is that I really am a Milkaholic and I have only broken 1 bone in my body! The rest was for your entertainment!

But here is a very interesting Truth that few people know!

If you give (moderately) whole milk to a dog or cat, it will get them a little intoxicated! Yes, it is just like what alcohol does to us, without the bickering and fighting!

If you have a pet, try it sometime, and then watch them closely.. they actually love it! If you give them too much they will just end up throwing up from overconsumption! Milk does not hurt them though in moderation!

Have a Great Day!

Thinking for Ourselves – Unleashed

Written 5-19-19

I don’t think it is any secret that we are getting ‘dumber by the day’ because of our lack of ‘thinking for ourselves’!

We think we are all that and then some, but the fact remains that we allow computers nowadays to do most of the thinking for us and then we sit around watching TV blindly accepting anything we are told without actually thinking about it!

All they need to do nowadays is to add a Title to someone’s name or say that they are a professional in this or that category and we just assume that they must be, and so we listen with interest with whatever concepts they tell us to believe in, taking away the responsibility of ‘thinking for ourselves’!

Here is a perfect example that is pretty hilarious yet sad that people can be manipulated this easily:

My roommate was a Bigfoot junkie and was always watching these shows on trying to find Bigfoot!

On one of these episodes, they brought in a ‘Professional’ Bigfoot tracker that had been tracking Bigfoot for 20 years and therefore made him a professional on that subject! 

Everyone Ooo’d and Aww’d at this idea of having this ‘professional’ in their midst!  Yet in 20 years he had never actually found Bigfoot!

In Truth, this was like the ‘ultimate failure’ in career choice because in 20 years he still hadn’t succeeded!  Yet just because they added the title ‘Professional’ people were manipulated into an illogical idea with absolute amazement!  They never stopped to ‘Think About It’!

Up until a few years ago I was as ‘dumb as a rock’ because I didn’t think for myself!  Once I really started asking questions, even of my own beliefs, was when I was able to start thinking more clearly by eliminating a lot of the conflicting ideas I had been being taught!

Once you start eliminating these conflicting ideas out of your mind, your mind will become much clearer and your actual intelligent will start to sky-rocket!

I can tell you this, it is absolutely the MOST AMAZING experience I have ever experienced in my life and I am a thrill-seeking junkie, so I have a lot of life challenging thrills to compare it to!

Intelligence and knowledge are NOT the same thing!

People run around nowadays thinking they are gaining knowledge by reading or watching things when in fact they are simply memorizing mostly illogical ideas.  The amount of information we are bombarded with nowadays is actually causing us to lose our intelligence by confusing us!  So, this is just a downward spiral in our ‘thinking clearly’ process!

There is so much BS being passed around nowadays that if you are not intelligent enough to determine ‘fact from fiction’ on your own, then you will only progressively get dumber and you can see this happening in society as a whole!

In just a couple years I have become a leader on so many subjects that are based off of my personal life experiences that I often even amaze myself!  And it has made life so exciting to me that all I want to do is to help others to reach this level of potential that each of us have within ourselves to accomplish!

It makes EVERY Day better than the previous and has eliminated my fears that were once used against me by the media, government, church, corporations and all of their affiliates!

I am so FREE of their ‘mind control’ through fear, that they actually now fear me! LOL

I can’t wait until others start emerging like me because that is when the world is going to start changing for the Positive VERY quickly!

I think the hardest part about conquering fears is just getting started, but once you do, you will discover something extremely amazing!  Fears limit us so much that just conquering a single one can really free up your mind a lot!  I Honestly can’t explain how much my life has changed by just doing the various things I’ve done to clear up my mind!  It literally only took me a few weeks until I was beyond anything I had been able to even imagine!

I can only write on about 10% of the innovative ideas and solutions to problems today because writing is such a slow way of communicating but the obvious advantage to it is that people can use it for reference, or re-read it, once they have forgotten what they read because of the massive amounts of information being thrown at them through technology.

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“Let’s laugh at life,

While we live to laugh,

So that each day,

Will bring a funnier tomorrow!”

– Doug Chandler

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A Long Time Ago (Version 1.0) – Unleashed

#Nonfiction #Poetry #Poems

A long time ago,
My government started a game with me,
And since this world is my playground,
And they are the biggest bully I know,
I’ve decided to start with them first,
And play that game they have always wanted.

So, I wrote a letter to Mr. Trump,
Warned him of his inefficiencies,
Told him he’d never sit in that chair again,
Then asked him if he wanted to play a game.
I am very efficient with my time,
Which is why I only wasted less than 40 hours,
To fulfill my promise in that letter,
And End the career of President Trump.

I understand that talk is cheap,
And mostly reserved for Politicians,
I’m too Honest to make promises,
That I know I’ll never keep,
I’ll leave those promises up to government leaders,
So that they can be efficient at something too!

I am the Truth, that’s what I am,
Not a politician, “I do not like them!…Sa..”
Oh hey Dr. Seuss, you’re looking a little sick.
“It’s from the green eggs and ham!”
Maybe you shouldn’t eat them,
Or any other chemicalized foods,
Constantly being ‘passed’ as safe for eating,
By our ‘friends?’ in the FDA!

At this rate I’ll be moving on,
To another playground within a year!
Because I am the Truth,
And unfortunately for them,
They started this game,
With the One that made them!

“Oops!”, They said,
But it’s a little late for that,
“It’s too bad!”, I thought,
That they never thought of ‘thinking’ first,
Because what they lack,
I have too much of,
And what I lack,
They will never get,
Because I didn’t come here to hand out Mercy,
Too a bunch of government goons!

Since most others are afraid to play,
I will use their intelligence also,
To put a swift end to this game!
But it won’t really be the end,
Because there is always another game to play,
Somewhere else on my wonderful planet!

So, I wish them lots of luck,
They are certainly going to need it,
As I show them the Power of One Autistic,
That put himself into that state,
An example to all and one,
Of what anyone could actually do,
If you ever decide to stop letting them,
Manipulate you and hold you down!

Ignore their whining and immature fighting,
And stand up for the God of Nature,
Because respecting the Real God has its benefits,
Like walking all over weak governments,
Because you can never build something strong,
While being deceptive and financially dependent,
On a country of people that are busy sleeping,
But are very slowly starting to wake up,
It’s really not becoming an option anymore,
As society starts crumbling all around them!

You’ve got to admit it is very amusing,
That one simple Truth spread around creatively,
Had the Power to Wipe out a Billionaire,
And it all happened for under $100!
They must find it very annoying,
That some broke guy keeps coming back,
After kicking that Billionaire to the curb,
To keep reminding them the Reality of it!

It’s really not about the money,
Although it is extremely funny,
How they waste millions to get there,
And then get kicked to the curb with a couple cents,
I guess that just shows the True value,
Of this worthless political system,
Along with the government itself,
That were both created by the church!

Because this broke guy is just getting started,
Kind of bored but passing the time,
While people are dying through their own judgement,
From the Power that originally created them.
No one can seem to do the math,
Why that little, tiny critter of Nature,
Only kills human adults and leaves those alone,
Who will not be held accountable for their actions.

If you people had learned at least a partial Truth in church,
You’d stop looking toward the church’s answers,
That are always beyond your reach,
And come back down to Earth where God has always been,
And for the first-time start thinking about,
Your own children and their futures,
Give them a crash course on ‘Respecting Nature’,
So, they won’t have to die just like you!

Those who respect Nature, should not fear it,
For those are the ones, who will be the last left,
Once Nature gets done with its selection process.
Those of you who drive fear into their own children,
Through their own fears of the Truth,
I’d suggest you stop doing that, so you aren’t killing your kids too.
Just look at it from a more realistic point of view,
Because it is going to kill the government too.

You should be happy to know the absolute Truth,
That your children will have the opportunity,
To grow up in a world Free from tyranny,
With REAL leaders that they can actually Trust,
Leaders that are here already but don’t get out or say much,
Society looks down on them as if it has that right,
They don’t really care much as they don’t feel it is worth it,
To let the dead bring them down with them.

But when they are really needed most,
They will silently come from out of their solitude,
And be the kindest people in the world,
To the children who have lost everything,
Their strengths are often seen as weaknesses,
By a society of self-focused inbreeds,
Not that this is that much of a problem,
Because I thought my cousin was hot too.

Now I have just one quick question,
Who the fuk got me started on this?
Just a couple of weeks ago,
Because now I’m having a blast,
Writing Poems that lack in rhyme,
If you want to call them Poems at all.
At least they are entertaining,
With a side of simple Truths.

  • Doug Chandler

Have a Great Day!

The Letter I wrote to President Trump can be found here –

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

Let’s laugh at life,
While we live to laugh,
So that each day,
Will bring a funnier tomorrow!
” – Doug Chandler