Thinking for Ourselves – Unleashed

Written 5-19-19 I don’t think it is any secret that we are getting ‘dumber by the day’ because of our lack of ‘thinking for ourselves’! We think we are all that and then some, but the fact remains that we allow computers nowadays to do most of the thinking for us and then we sitContinue reading “Thinking for Ourselves – Unleashed”

A Long Time Ago – Unleashed

#Nonfiction #Poetry #Poems A long time ago,My government started a game with me,And since this world is my playground,And they are the biggest bully I know,I’ve decided to start with them first,And play that game they have always wanted. So, I wrote a letter to Mr. Trump,Warned him of his inefficiencies,Told him he’d never sitContinue reading “A Long Time Ago – Unleashed”

Another Dead Sea Scroll Found – Unleashed

The title to the scroll was, “What was that guy on.. that was talking to the bush?“ —As I was wandering through the desert in search of a peyote plant, I came across a burning bush that spoke to me. I didn’t understand it because apparently it was speaking to me in Bushanese, a longContinue reading “Another Dead Sea Scroll Found – Unleashed”

Only in Our Illogical Society Is This Possible – Unleashed

About 5 years ago, living in North Bend, WA, sharing a house with 2 other people, I was walking though the living room and one of my roommates was watching a series that was based on trying to find Bigfoot! I normally don’t watch this stuff because if they were real, with the fact thatContinue reading “Only in Our Illogical Society Is This Possible – Unleashed”

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