Difference between NT’s and Autistics – Unleashed

Here is a little bit more understanding on this subject!  (Please understand I am not referring to All) 1. – NT’s are a part of society!  That society has raised them (Indoctrination) to live on a lot of lies and unnatural ways of doing things!  (When you are living on lies and deceptive ideas yourContinue reading “Difference between NT’s and Autistics – Unleashed”

The Miracle Cure For Depression – Unleashed

Did you know that there are over 100 Big Pharma drugs for depression alone? That is simply ridiculous! Has society regressed so much that we have little to no control over our own thought processes? Because I can sum up the ‘Miracle Cure For Depression’ in just 4 words! And it doesn’t involve supporting BigContinue reading “The Miracle Cure For Depression – Unleashed”

Mostly White and NOT Proud of It – Unleashed

I’m sorry guys! This was a very long post and I had some information in it that I just found out to be incorrect! So, I have removed it until I have the chance to fix it! The incorrect information had to do with Native Americans as a whole and I respect them very much!Continue reading “Mostly White and NOT Proud of It – Unleashed”

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